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4451049 tn?1387157037 I could be wrong, so I'm not sure if I should stop the Azithromycin or continue. Has anyone had any experience with this drug? Thanks!
Avatar m tn This is a good question and the answer is that this is almost certainly effective therapy for chlamydial infection, HOWEVER, treatment of chlamydia with azithromycin has not been formally studied using this dosing schedule. Soon after azithromycin was released, it was shown that taking a Z-pack, consisting of 500 mg on day one, followed by several days of 250 mg per day was slightly less effective than a single 1.0 gram dose.
Avatar f tn fwiw a "Z-Pak" is a dosing protocol for azithromycin: Six 250-mg tablets, [sometimes/often] taken 2 on the first day and then one each day after that. I've seen them in blister-packs, I think.
387056 tn?1200447377 I am VERY VERY drug sensitive at this point (tylenol raises my heart rate 30% after one dose), but I also want to make sure I am taking the most effective drug to knock out the infection. What would you recommend? I am leaning toward the Z pack because I have taken it before without side effects, but if it is less effective...
Avatar n tn It was essentially zero risk for any STD. Clarithromycin is essentially the same antibiotic as azithromycin (Z-pack) -- different dosing etc, but bioloigically identical in its activity against various bacteria. It protected you against all the STDs you mention, especially in the realtively high dose you are taking.
1084115 tn?1385232189 I thought he was looking for antibiotics that are safe for people with liver damage. I have cirrhosis, my doctor just gave me a z pack. I know Rex is very anxious and was trying to help him.
Avatar n tn My primary care physician changed my dosing and now has me on Rifampin and the Sulfamethoxazole/tri. She assured me I could go to work....but I think I will take another day, since tomorrow is Friday. I'm worried I may be contagious.... but she said I shouldn't be. I don't wish this on anyone else and would feel just horrible if someone got it from me. Although, if there were a contagious stage, it was probably already past....and was unknowingly contaminating people. I hope not.
530191 tn?1214166411 Currently Xyzal and Zantac combined at off label dosing is working pretty well, some wheels every day, but manageable. I guess my family and I just really had our hopes up that there would be a tangible cause and a resolution treatment. From reading some of the other blogs, it seems I may have to expect maintenance at best?? Is this right? I may need to be on these meds indefinitely?