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Avatar m tn Nope Azithromycin for example AKA zithromax, is oral and ototoxic. But yes, the mycin drugs are known to be ototoxic, and streptomycin, injection only, is ototoxic, so your train of thought does have some accuracy.
Avatar m tn She told me to see her again in a week for a follow-up to make sure everything is okay. She also prescribed me some 500 mg vicodin. It's now about 9 hours after seeing my dentist and my left cheek below my eye feels like it swelled up. I still feel pain even though I've already take two vicodin!! Anyone have any ideas as to what's causing it and why I still have pain even with taking the vicodin? This pain is very frustrating. Thank you to anyone that can help.
Avatar m tn He seems to think I have a sinus infection but said it could also be start of shingles. He converted my dentist's perscriptions to vicodin, azithromycin, & MucinexD. Still much pain 12 hrs. later. Hope this stuff works. Your comments?
Avatar m tn 2 months later I was diagnosed with pneumonia in my right lung, treated with levoquin, azithromycin, tylenol, mucinex, ibuprofen, albuterol, and advair 250. After a 5 day stay in the hospital, I was discharged with a clean bill of health. However, a week after that I had a brief episode of syncope while running, which recurred again the next month. In addition, I have had headaches throughout the day, and a minor dry cough (usually at night).
1674308 tn?1304198977 I went and saw the dentist this last Monday, April 25th, and was put on 250mg Azithromycin Tablets and Hydrocodone/APAP 5mg/500mg Tabs.. Prior to seeing the dentist I had toothaches that caused migraines, loss of appetite, and an overall "ill" feeling.
232077 tn?1218426943 After all was said and done and the temp crown placed on he gave me a script of Clindomycin (which was later changed to Azithromycin due to stomach issues) and Vicodin and also told me to take Ibuprofen for the swelling. He said I will experience some slight throbbing because of the root canal but it will die down within a day or two. Well that night and the next day I was in bad pain. Throbbing and a dull ache all at once with occasional sharp shooting pain.
Avatar n tn They wouldn't give me an HIV test because I was being sent home. I was sent home with Vicodin for pain and told to make an appointment with my physician. The ER doctor asked me if it was possible I had an STD and I told him yes. He assured me I was tested for everything "major" that could kill me and my bloodwork was "super.
Avatar f tn Had an abscessed molar, took Amoxicillin for a week prior to extraction, and bone graft. Then was given Azithromycin for 5 days following that. My cheek, and gum were very painful, like an opened wound. I blamed the dental instruments to hold the corner of my mouth open. Started taking 2 mg Vicodin, alternating with Alieve caplet...just to sleep, and for ache during the day just Alieve.
Avatar f tn They discharged me with a shrug and a bottle of Vicodin (I could barely walk for the pain). I believe the LLMD I saw 2 weeks later saved my life. The little hard thing you found under your breast sounds very much like an embedded nymph tick. They love to hide in the groin, armpits, under breasts, behind ears, etc. The dark spot left behind in the skin is where the head remained. Ripping the body off the head pretty much guarantees that they'll transfer whatever infections they have.
Avatar n tn I also have an orange tongue that appeared after taking predinsone and azithromycin. I brush it off when I brush my teeth but it keeps coming back. It was real dark when it first appeared but I noticed it is getting lighter so hopefully it will disappear altogether. I thought it was an after affect of the medication.
Avatar n tn ) to take for the next ten days and a good dose of vicodin to help me with the pain. Tomorrow is my last day of taking the antibiotics. Thankfully the pain under my right cheekbone/teeth has receded (it is still there occasionally but it certainly isn’t as bad as it used to be!) but my symptoms (listed above) haven’t changed a bit. What can I do?!? I am at my wits end here! I am so frustrated and angry; I do not know what to do!! I am sick and tired of dealing with this.