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Avatar m tn I took the medication as prescribed, 1g of azithromycin (2 blue tablets) at once. I did not have unprotected sex with my ex gf who took the medication the same day. We had protected sex on day 5. We went away from each other for break and did not sleep together. We had sex last Tuesday, and i started noticing symptoms similar to when I was diagnosed in December. I went to the nurse today, got another dose of azithromycin (1g) and took a test to see what was going on.
Avatar f tn Ok so i was treated for Chlamydia [havent got results back yet] with the 4 pink pills called Azithromycin [one time dosage]. My symptoms were itchy penis and i had discharge coming from my penis. I was treated for Chlamydia and my symptoms pretty much went away i still have very mild discharge [only in the moring] its been almost a week since i was treated, is this normal? should it be complety gone already?
Avatar n tn For months and months I've had trouble with my water works, I've had numerous urine samples, an ultrasound on my kidneys, x rays and I am now waiting on a cystoscopy. I've never felt the need to have an STD test because I have always believed my boyfriend was completely honest about his previous sexual encounters. However, he had two red spots appear on the end of his penis which we thought was thrush that I had passed to him..
Avatar n tn 8 over the last two days, burning urination, blood in urine, slight fatigue at night, and no other symptoms. I just began taking an unused Z-pak I've had. I know this could be chlamydia, gonorrhea, and or UTI. 1) Will Z-pak help? 2) What other drug/dosage is commonly prescribed for UTIs? I cannot afford to visit a clinic/doctor right now at all, so telling me to ask my doctor, consult my care provider, etc, though understandable, will be of absolutely no help.
Avatar n tn I went to my doctor five days after the incident, he did a visual examination and then did some kind of urine test in office and said it's not gonnorhea - white blood was normal and the urine was clear he said... He suspected it was chlamydia if it was anything and diagnosed a 3-pack of azithromycin. I screwed up between his directions and the pharmacy and took one 500mg dose day one, and then a 1g dose the following day about 24 hours later.
Avatar m tn On day 6 I went in to an std clinic and gave a urine sample. The dr said I definitely don't have gonorea because she saw no drip from my penis. I insisted something was not right and told her about my symptoms and incident. I have been in a monogamous relationship for 12 years. She gave me a one dose of azithromycin. The next day during a bowel movement it discharge was thick and lumpy. I am waiting for my gonnorea chlamydia and syphlis test results. Q1. Can NGU show up that quickly Q2.
Avatar m tn Theres been no smell or discharge just pain and frequent urination. Cloudy urine at times.
Avatar n tn About 2 weeks after these visits I had mild irritation and on one morning a small amount of white material at the end of my penis. A MD prescribed 2 grams of azithromycin one time for this a week ago. I also have had a previous bout of prostatitis due to Proteus (years ago). My questions are 1. What was my risk of stds (gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, NGU could happen), 2. Would this medication address the STDs and 3. Do I need a "test of cure"?
Avatar n tn I was researching Trichomoniasis online and one website mentioned that Azithromycin is one treatment for it. Since I was given Azithromycin for the Chlamydia, would this have also cured the Trichomoniasis as well? If not, is there any way a doctor would prescribe me the Trichomoniasis medication without testing? I have read that a swab test is needed to diagnose Trichomoniasis, and I've heard swab testing is incredibly painful so I'd like to avoid that if possible.
Avatar m tn I should also note i'm not sexually active.
Avatar f tn Hi, I was treated yesterday night with 2 grams of azithromycin for gonorrhea (25 year old female). Didn't have any symptoms, but knew a sexual partner had it. Couldn't take the shot because of a bleeding problem I have. I have pain in my back today. Can this be associated with PID? I was exposed 10 days ago. Going for a follow up in 10 days to make sure the pills worked, should I worry before then? Or give the meds some time to work?
Avatar f tn Hi Thanks for keeping me posted! Normally you should only expect a urine analysis (routine and microscopic) and maybe a urine culture and sensitivity. This is usually enough for diagnosing a UTI. However if a stone or bladder and kidney infections are suspected after doing these tests then may be a sonogram may be ordered. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn So I tested positive for chlamydia. I took two pills as one dose of azithromycin. I haven't had any symptoms before so I do not have any now either. I have to get tested for all infectious diseases for a program I am doing and the test is scheduled for exactly 6 days after I took azithromycin. Will the test be negative or positive for Chlamydia? As in, after one week is the bacteria gone?
Avatar n tn I just called in for my urine results and it's chlomydia. i did websearches and ppl say a few days :s maybe i was squeezing too much heh...
Avatar m tn hey i had unprotected sex with my ex gf and aproximitly 3 days later i had this burning sensation on the tip of my penis, anyway, let a week go by and it didnt go away so i went to the doctors and he thinks i got chlamydia so he gave me 1g of azithromycin and did a urine and swab test (damn that hurt). anyway i took the antibiotic on thursday at 12 noon and on sunday night (1am) being the idiot i am i had sex with my ex again but this time protected with a condom.
Avatar n tn It also sometimes feels like there's a little urine being pushed up. Could this be Gonorrhea or some other STD? Regarding the burning sensation - I also began taking Zoloft around the same time, and I've read that it can cause that symptom. I've read that a 1-2g dose of Arithromycin is usually prescribed for these kinds of things. I have some 250mg Arithromycin pills. Should I take 4-8 of those as a single dose? Is it safe to take Arithromycin if I don't actually have an infection?
Avatar m tn Should I get another course of Azithromycin? It seems that I can get it without a prescription some places. Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn - 1 day before test results, doctor prescribed 400 mg of Suprax - The day the test results confirmed I had chlamydia and not gonorrhea, I was given 1500 mg of azithromycin. I took 1 gram the first day, and 500 mg the 2nd day. - 5 days later I still had symptoms, so I saw a urologist. He ran another test (which subsequently came back positive for chlamydia), and prescribed 100 mg of Doxycycline twice per day, for 14 days. I am now on day 12 of the Doxy, and I still have symptoms.
Avatar n tn (licking on clitoris for few seconds in 2 separate occasions) Anyhow, maybe I'm being too paranoid but I was just wondering if me taking 3 tablets of azithromycin at one time & Metrodinazol 500mg (3 times a day for 3 days) couple of weeks (2 1/2 weeks) prior to the testing has anything to do with delay of anbody development for HIV or with the test result. I also took some benedryl and air-borne. Do any medication have effect on these tests?
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced the symptom of not being able to hold your urine? This problem started suddenly on the day after I started Doxycycline and Biaxin in January 2012. Since then it has got progressively worse. I have to go to the toilet every 20 min even though I don't take any liquid. My skin feels like its drying up and I'm losing a lot of muscle and weight. Has anyone experience this with antibiotics? Do you think it is related to the abx or the Lyme or something else?
8184612 tn?1397529944 After being with my girlfriend for awhile I got tested on 3/5/14. In the past I got tested every year but only blood tests thinking I was being tested for everything. On 3/14/14 I found out I had Chlamydia with no signs/symptoms. I had Equivocal 0.99 for IGG but never had symptoms. I, all at once, took 4 out of 4 pills of Azithromycin 250mg tablets on 3/14 for the Chlamydia treatment and had diarrhea for a week.
Avatar m tn told me since I was on antibiotic I could'nt take a urine test. He asked me to finish the 7 day amoxicillin and after gave me 1g zithro and cipro for 14 days. On the 14 day I still have a few symptoms. My question is if it was chlamydia - gonorrhea would this have cured it? Please advise..
Avatar m tn if I walk into a planned parenthood, and explain the situation and that it's highly likely I was infected, would they be able to give me 1000 mg of Azithromycin, so that I can squash this thing before it flares up? Or do they have to see confirmation via an STD test before they are able to give this to me? Another question... How long after the intercourse until Azithromycin would be effective? Immediately? Thank you!
Avatar m tn (This was 50 days from the last time I had sex.) PCP gave the standard 1g of oral Azithromycin and a 250mg shot of Rocephin. Now, one week later, the symptoms should be gone but in fact they have strangely gotten much worse. Penile discharges now are pronounced, occurring multiple times per day, causing the need to use kleenex as an underwear liner.
Avatar n tn Most times you can only notice the mocus if I actually touch my urine with my fingers and examine the urine closely. Other times you can notice the mucus in the urine stream by sight. It can accur during first release or at the end of the movement. I have been to the doctor on three different occasions. Since I had unprotected sex (which occured 11 months ago) I was screened for STD's. A urine test was completed for Gonoreaha and clamidyia, as well as a blood test for HIVand others.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've have unprotected sex around 6 weeks ago and symptoms developed recently and I got tested for STD which I am waiting for the results. I took the 1 dose of Azithromycin given by the doctor and its been 2 days and i still feel a bit of the itchiness and uneasiness. So my question is how long does it usually take to cure and could there be only complications? What are the complications. Is it possible that I can get HIV because I am infected with STD? I have not had sex since.
Avatar n tn 00am with 2 x 500mg generic azithromycin. (I had bought 4 months ago from on-line generic meds store - it was shipped from India - called Azimay 500 manufactured by Akums Drugs and Pharma Ltd. Distributed by May & Baker Pharma Ltd. Mumbai. - Mfg Lic No. 5/UA/SC/P-2004 have an Exp date of 11/2009).
Avatar n tn Urinary tract infections cause burning sensation while passing urine, back pain, urethral discharge, fever, chills and blood in the urine. Diagnosis can be made by getting an urine examination done along with a urethral swab examination. What is your age? Testing for sexually transmitted diseases also need to be done. Ultrasound will reveal if any abnormality present in the appearence of kidneys, urinary tract and also for the presence of stones in them. Consult your urologist immidiately.
Avatar f tn i had the problem on and off since july and i noticed that my urine was cloudy from the white, milky discharge. the treatment worked but only for a short time. i got tested for std's that september and the tests came back fine. just recently i tested positive for chlamydia and i took 4 pills for it last week but funny thing: my urine is still cloudy!
Avatar m tn Hi, 3 months ago, I caught chlamydia from the girlfriend and was given 1 gram of azithromycin. A month later, the symptoms lessened but I still had discharge, thus I took 2 weeks of doxycycline prescribed by my girlfriend's ob/gyn. Another month has gone by and I still have the clear discharge. I have been to Kaiser 5 times now and also met with their urologist. I have done 2 urinalysis and also tested negative for ghonorrea, clamydia, and trichonomas.