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Avatar n tn ) The lack of response to azithromycin is atypical for NGU - although you don't say how long it has been. It often takes a few days for the discharge to clear up. The foul odor suggests overgrowth of normal bacteria, and I suspect you are uncircumcized; if so, just foreskin retraction and soap and water 2-3 times daily probably is all you need.
220917 tn?1309788081 Thanks for the title, but I really am just a plain 'ol MS'er that shares what she knows to anyone who wants to listen! :) 1. Does Lyme follow a relapsing-remitting pattern? YES! In my non medical opinion,,,people that are classified PPMS ( to borrow the term that one of my neuros helped coin,btw) would see a rapid decline in symptoms. Then people like me -RRMS as my neuro said I am; have an immune system that for whatever reason kept this bacteria at a tolerable level.
Avatar n tn For example I only needed (4) 250mg tablets of azithromycin for 9.5 months of MP treatment! Ironically, I had so much bacteria that I could not tolerate that amount of bacterial killing - due to immuno-pathology (herxing) and toxins released from the bacteria's death. I know this is not a lyme thread - but all disease is related. My Endo has been shocked at how quickly she has had to lower my thryroid supplementation!
Avatar f tn (Of course my fall allergies are picking up so congesition could be contributing.) He decided to try a couple herbals for Babesia to see what happens. I just got my Enula and Mora, both from Nutramedix. Anybody tried these for Babesia? What might happen if I do react? Does Babesia cause herxes when treated? I took Enula and CryptoPlus the first couple months I was treated for Lyme. I didn't notice much of anything. Then I took Artemisinin for a couple months. Didn't notice anything.
Avatar n tn Personally, I don’t think there are so many of us who have wondered that or what other chemicals reside in our drinking water, and yet the taste is so good… An Associated Press team wanted to answer these questions for us when investigating the water supplies of at least 41 million Americans. The results were more than surprising and not in a good way.... http://tinyurl.
Avatar n tn If not he will be sending me to an ENT for scoping and a CT scan. I am in the Tampa, FL area for those who are asking.
1446708 tn?1284567369 Thanks for you's an update: I went to the doctor last Monday and they told me the chlamydia was gone but they couldnt explain why I still have a discharge, itching, and oder....this is driving me crazy....what's wrong with me?
Avatar m tn The doctor gave me ceftriaxone injection and 1000mg of azithromycin to treat for gonorrhea and chlamydia, along with a urine test. I was not past the incubation period for syphilis and hiv so I'm waiting until January to get tested for them. The results of the urine test came back today and I was negative for both gonorrhea and chlamydia. My symptoms has also disappeared within 24h of receiving the ceftriaxone and azithromycin.
Avatar m tn I previously caught trichomoniasis, and I had a 7 day metronidazole (twice/day) treatment. Prior to taking the latter, I was advised to take 1gram of Azithromycin, so Im guessing that rids me of gonorrhea. Once again, I had unprotected sex and I noticed a foul smelling odor similar to a rotten fish from the lady I was with. I did not notice any discharge from her, and I was only made aware of the smell when I wiped my penis after sex.
Avatar f tn It's currently 10 days since I took 1 gram of Azithromycin for what seemed like Chlamydia. My lab results aren't in yet but I was prescribed and took Azithromycin the same day I went to the clinic for the testing. The symptoms I had at the time were painful urination and the tip of the penis was red/swollen. Later on the same day I took Azithromycin I started noticing cloudy/clear discharge (stained yellow) for the first time and this lasted for about 3 or 4 days.
Avatar f tn I have got pimples since the age of 12. I m 21 now. I have taken several courses of vibromycine and twice hv taken courses of azithromycin. Acne gets much better when I m using medicine but then relapses occur, usually when my workload is increased due to any reason e.g. exams. My skin type is oily. I drink abt 8 glasses of water a day. I also apply Retinoin regularly but tht doesn't control the problem. 2. Blackheads. I have got a lot of them on nose and adjacent skin.
Avatar n tn Over the years I have tried oral antibiotics (which I only took for a few weeks as they made me vomit), countless topical creams such as Zineryt, Differin, Retin-A, which have either temporarily helped only for the acne to return, or the side-effects (Retin-A) of peeling did not calm down, even after 8 weeks of using it.
Avatar n tn and can you name the food i have to give to her?she has royal canin indoor 7 ,royal canin for cats after 12 years old(wet),fish from can,boiled chicken breast...and how about the omega 3,6,9 vitamins or selenium plus A,C,E CAUSE i bought her today...i have read that fight with cancer cells...have you heard about essiac tea?does he help ?
Avatar n tn I've been on Azithromycin for 2 months, rifampin for another month, ceftin for another half month and I have not improved (I tested negative for lyme at my family doc with the CDC criteria and I'm beginning to think the IGENEX test have a tendency for false positives). My Neurologist said this is a "migraine variant" but I have 2 problems with it. 1. the medication has done nothing (he even gave me a tapered dose of prednisone starting at 80 mg but the problem did not go away). 2.
1211949 tn?1271719770 I was put on azithromycin and told my past partners who got treated and my current partner got treated the same day I did. When I had it, my symptoms were pain during ejaculation, a little burning when peeing and yellow stains on my boxers from a discharge probably. I waited hte right amount of time and did not have unprotected sex with my gf til 7 days after. Symptoms were gone and we went home for xmas break. When we got back, we had sex once.
Avatar n tn About 4 or 5 day before I started breaking out I took this medication called Azithromycin. I was wondering if that could have caused it. I've also been under an extreem amount of stress, but I've never broken out this bad from stress before. Do I have anything to worry about? What could have caused such a bad break out?
Avatar n tn I am being concious of staying hydrated and for the past few days have also had an appetite. We did not eat any fish or undercooked food. I did have some tomato, cucumber salad that was served very cold. We were also careful to drink bottled water too. Do you think this could be traveller's diarrhea or something I need to get concerned about? I am a healthy 33 yr old female.
Avatar f tn But two and half months back I was having diarrhea for two weeks which was followed by loose stool for 1 week. The diarrhea was back again with loose, soft and sometimes watery stool and continued for 1 month with no sign of getting back to my normal bowel system. I was having cramps in my stomach and abdomen, sometimes felt very urgency to go to the toilet. Then I went to a gastroenterologist and he prescribed me some drugs. I also had my stool checked and they found pus cell I guess.
Avatar m tn Anyway the azithromycin eye drops (AzaSite) helps to clear my vision for a few hours and then it is cloudy again. I honestly told my doctor he was fishing to help me and he agreed which did not make me feel good. He was not sure how long I would be on AzaSite or what the consequences of long term antibiotic use were. Has anyone been on this antibiotic and are there side effects other than the usual resistance, infection etc. How is this antibiotic helping my dry eyes?
Avatar m tn The ******* overall time was 5 minutes, im circumsized, no scratches or bruises, i got really really concerned when this girl ( who was naked ) placed my hands on her vagina and i realized her vagina had a fowl smell like dead fish wish make me think immediately that she might have an std or some kind of illness producing such a discusting odor. I left the place feeling so bad and discusted with myself, but thats a different topic. Im so afraid of an STD by receving oral!
Avatar m tn would like to do, or what I should do next to try to help relieve the ongoing symptoms. The Dr. states would like me to go in for a CT Scan of my chest to check for possible Pulmonary Embolism. I am kind of iffy about going for it, wondering if it is something else just being thrown at me to go do. Understanding Pulmonary Embolisms, if it WERE one, then why, when they test my blood oxygen reading, I am always at 98%? Wouldnt my oxygen level be decreased?
Avatar m tn 25 yo, married, white, married female here. Married 2y, with husband 4y. History of 15-20 sexual partners, most boyfriends/friends, never strangers. None minorities, none gay. Never tested prior to this situation. Sexually active at 14, annual gyn visits & birth control starting then. Irregular paps in 2004 caused by HPV. Early stage cervical displaysia, cone biopsy & leep cauterization.
Avatar m tn Should I get tested for food allergies? 3. Should I add anything to the Sinus Rinse bottle to prevent or stop infection? H2O2? Antiseptic? Xylitol? Plant extracts? Anti-fungal? Colloidal silver? Double salt packets? 4. Should I get a blood test for immune function? Stress hormones? CRP? Anything else? 6. I’ve also tried vitamin C, fish oil, and reducing alcohol and exercise. Anything else? 7. Should I try Sinus Dynamics before considering endoscopic sinus surgery?
Avatar n tn I was recently prescribed a 1000mg Z-Pak for a sinus infection. At the same time, I was also worried I might have gotten something from receiveing oral sex from a woman, as I had more than usual clear liquid come out of the head of my penis when mentally or physically aroused. It began to smell a bit like fish sometimes. Since my first dose (the 2-250mg) first day dosage, there is no more odor and the occasional cloudiness in my urine is gone. Is it possible the azithromycin cleared this up?
Avatar n tn The nurse practitioner said it was unlikely that I had an STD and only tested me for bacterial vaginosis since that was the most probable issue and the cheapest to test for. I was positive for BV and received treatment for it. I had asked guy B if he was tested recently for STDs. he said he was tested when he entered boot camp for the marines and would have told me if they found anything. I never had sex with him again after that one instance.
Avatar n tn I had been on tetracycline for 5 months for acne, and for the past month or two had burning, tingling scalp off an on every day and noticed I was losing hair. A week ago I stopped the antibiotic (it was prescribed for acne), started taking probiotics to restore the good intestinal bacteria, started taking 3000 to 5000 mcg of biotin a day, fish oil, calcium, magnesium and zinc, and vitamin D daily, along with daily multivitmins.
1566277 tn?1295312575 It is heightened in enclosed surroundings with air conditioning in offices or cars etc... I have this nasal odor problem for several years now and every time I am in enclosed surroundings amongst people or on a one on one discussion in a room with someone... I see a reaction after a few minutes the person slides their chair back almost every single time. It is become a dreaded problem and seems to be progressively getting worse.
Avatar m tn appearance) * somewhat increased urinary urgency and frequency - first void of the day seems especially, unusually urgent * mild dysuria (not always) * some days, a stinging sensation in meatus / urethra which persists for 10-20 minutes after urination * discomfort often flares just after a shower * stinging sensation immediately upon entering a swimming pool * looking inside urethra at any time, I can see some clear moisture deep inside - even some time after urination * symptom duration for o
Avatar m tn Diagnosed with epididymitis and urethritis – clear discharge and testicular pain (unilateral pain on left testicle).