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Avatar m tn I did some research and it says that azithromycin can last in your system for up to 3 days or so. I still have a mild fever here and there and swollen lymph nodes in the groin area. Other symptoms such as body aches and burning sensation during urinating are absent. I just want some reassuring because I am dead worried about it. It's my first time having an STD. Thank you for your insight.
Avatar n tn I've had a fever between 100.5-101.8 over the last two days, burning urination, blood in urine, slight fatigue at night, and no other symptoms. I just began taking an unused Z-pak I've had. I know this could be chlamydia, gonorrhea, and or UTI. 1) Will Z-pak help? 2) What other drug/dosage is commonly prescribed for UTIs? I cannot afford to visit a clinic/doctor right now at all, so telling me to ask my doctor, consult my care provider, etc, though understandable, will be of absolutely no help.
Avatar n tn That said, your apparent lymphadenopathy came on a bit late for ARS, and ARS almost always is accompanied by fever. I have never heard of azithromycin causing acute lymph node inflammation (lymphadenopathy), but any drug can rarely cause atypical allergic reactions, so I can't say azithromycin isn't the cause - and the timing is right. In response to your direct question, you should have an HIV test. I don't expect it to be positive, but better safe than sorry.
Avatar n tn 1- Sore throat that never healed for more than 2 months 2- Flue shot with fever 3- Pain in my pennies 4- Diarrhea (watery) 3 times within the period of 3 months 5- My wife sore throat for long time (she doesn
Avatar n tn I have a fever on and off for 2 weeks and 3 days now, i had a cdc blood test(normal) and hiv antibody blood test(negative). i have taken antibiotics (azithromycin) this week. The doctor did some diagnostic; for example hearing the back of my lungs, my heart. and they said it was the cold/ or flu. I haven't been sneezing, sinus, or running nose. I had a check my temperature few times in the doctor's and it's normal, the highest i got was 99.3 degrees farenheit.
Avatar f tn hey! Recently I was very sick and was given azithromycin for five days. While I was on it, I had terrible stomach pain and diarrhea. Now, it is about three to four days after, and I've been noticing blood in my urine. I also have stomach pain every so often, lower back pain, and feel very tired during the day. This all started about three days into taking the medicine. I'm 19 years old and I'm a virgin so there is no chance of pregnancy.
Avatar n tn But he said i had a fever, and gave me some eye drops, some mucinex, and some antibiotics (Azithromycin). He didnt tell me exactly what for, but i figured it would help with whatever was going on in my body?? Now, the pharmacist just gave me the medicine, and i went home to take it...but i didnt realize that there was instructions on how to take the pills?? I was not feeling good at all, so i just took one of the pills. Didnt look at the back of the pill to see that it said Day 5???
Avatar f tn Antibiotics were started (emperically, starting with doxycycline, for 5 days, followed by azithromycin for 3 days then cefpodoxime) Now, an unproductive cough appeared, which at the end of the week turned productive. I was on cefpodoxime at the time. The sputum examination was positive for AFB. ESR was 115mm, chest x ray showed a small consolidation in left upper zone. I started 4 drug therapy (Rifampicin 450 mg+INH 300mg+Ethambutol 1000mg +Pyrazinamide1200mg).
Avatar f tn He has been running a fever for 4 weeks, has joint pain, and overall lameness now. He needs help putting on his socks and shoes.
Avatar f tn Dear Doctor,my son is two years old. He always gets a fever(37.5-38.5).I took him to the hospital and did some tests. The result reveal that Zice is deficiency (65《75-150)and The IgE is too high ,as well as the mycoplasma infection(1:40).So I gave him the Azithromycin according to the doctor's suggestion. But one week later,he get a fever again (today)with 37.7. He have no Symptom except the Anaphylaxis,skin irritation!Only one piece.
Avatar m tn , 68 kg. last 2 months i have been suffering from fever and cough. i caught fever and cough after visiting Europe---as there were cold in Europe so my doctor gave me some medicine of cough and antibiotic. but after using this the situation is unchanged. then my doctor gave some high antibiotic-- cephradine.but the same condition is prevailing. then i had blood test and x-ray. the result is WBC-9.5/ RBC-6.40/ HGB-168/ HCT-66.2%/ MCV-103.5/ MCHC-253/ RDW_sd--32.5/ MPV-11.6 and malaria positive.
Avatar f tn We took him to the doctor and he diagnosed Scarlet fever. He priscribed Amoxicillin for 10 days. He started taking it and 3rd day his fever was gone, rash was gone. I sent him to day care for one day as I had to go to office and he came back with minor fever again. We thought his antibiotics is still not finished may be he will be fine. Next morning his legs badly hurt. Then I notice he was starting pink eye.
Avatar n tn i had been suffering from fever and caugh and cold and was prescribed azithromycin drug(aziswift 250).but after intake..i have been suffering from diarrhea.i have been asked to stop aziswift intake and given vibact capsules 1 daily but i am still suffering from diarrhea.i ws den suggested to take norflox tz tabs twice a day .wat do u suggest should i hs been good 8 days but still itv refuses to go.hv i been suggested a prper course of medication.
Avatar f tn my husband gets very high fever around 103F every evening for the past 10 days. No cold. Stomachis hot. Headaches. Sore throat is better but no change with respect to fever. It is as high as the first day. Initially doctor prescribed Azithromycin for 5 days. It didn't help. Then he has changd the prescription to Levaquin 500 for 10 days. It is the 4th day, bu there is no change. Actually the temprature shoots up after taking these medicines( both azi and leva). Please help..
Avatar n tn Hello, and thanks in advance for any input. I am a 23 y.o. healthy male who had drunken unprotected sex with a girl who is known to get around on Friday night. I remember we had oral sex, it is possible we may have had intercourse too but my memory is too fuzzy. Sunday night (~48 hours later) I suddenly start having a mild fever (~100.7) and achy body similar to the flu. I have no urethral pain, no discharge, nothing else so far just the fever.
Avatar f tn Do you have a high fever/ He is probably just treating for a variety of bacteria. Yes if you haven't cleared the sore throat and ear infection (which could also be viral. You should really get cultures done if it hasn't cleared or clarify if he thinks it is viral but is treating empircally to make sure you don't get a secondary infection such as pneumonia. However, since you have green drainage it would be best for them to just take cultures.
Avatar n tn He started out with bronchitis and was put on Azithromycin for 3 days. Once he was off he had high fever and still coughing. We took him back to his doctor and had x-rays taken. He then had pneumonia in his right lower lobe and was put on Cleocin for 10 days. Once he was off the Cleocin he started having fever again and still had his cough. Took him back to his doctor and had more x-rays. He had pneumonia again, but in his left lower lobe. He was put back on Cleocin.
Avatar f tn My husband developed what we thought was Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (rickettsial bacteria carried by dog ticks)in early June and was very sick for 3 weeks. He was a textbook case...fever, then a spotted rash that started on extremities and went all over including palms and soles of feet, muscle pain, joint pain, headache, loss of appetite, swelling of hands, feet, face, symptoms of meningitis.
Avatar f tn About a week later I started experiencing strange neurological problems including a lot of tingling and numbness in arms, legs and face. I also have had a low grade fever, highest being 100 degrees for about five months. I've had some head pressure, stiff jaw and electric like feeling in my body. I ended up getting an IgeneX blood test and came up with these results: IGM: 39 IND, 41++, 45+, 58+ and on IGG I had 39 IND and 41+.
Avatar m tn I am 25 years old male. Almost 16 days ago, I felt severe pain in my left abdominal. It lasted for more than 2 hours until doctor gave me a pain killer. Then, I got some tests including X-ray, blood and Ultrasonograph. The tests showed blood in urine and increase in total WBC count. Nothing came in X-ray. So I was told that I had severe ureter infection. He prescribed me to take 750mg (generic name: Cefuroxime) IV after every 10 hours. So I started taking it.
Avatar m tn around the outside of the white. The scabs/sores did not really heal over the next days.Tuesday - Had a fever and started to feel ill with a sore throat and just generally tired with achey knees. No congestion, runny nose, or coughing.Wednesday - Felt pretty terrible, achey all over, tired, fever, sore throat, swollen tonsils, etc. Went to doctor and rapid strep test came back negative. The doctor believed it to be viral but still prescribed Zythromax, which I began taking daily.
Avatar f tn Is allergic to amoxicillin so doctor gave azithromycin for 5 days. Day 6 woke up with reddish crust running out of ear to side of face. How effective is this med for ear info. Drainage ok or should I have her rechecked? No more fever still in pain says bubbles are in there.
1431138 tn?1294570494 one of them says its excreted in breast milk so not to take while breast feeding (which im not it just freaked me out) the main one that i really need to take is the antibiotic Azithromycin but this one says it can affect your heartbeat so i really dont want to take it cause im afraid of what it will do to the baby. silly i know if a dr gave to it me. but i was wondering if any of you have taken this or know anything about it? help!
Avatar n tn Keep your self well hydrated with warm fluids like soup, warm lemonade, herbal tea, chicken broth etc. Take an anti-fever medication for fever. Consult a doctor if fever des not subside in 2-3 days or any of the above mentioned symptoms appear. Take care!
Avatar f tn After that I felt as tho I flushed the treatment out because my symptoms came back I went for another checkup and this time they gave me azithromycin. I took it and I felt fine and agiain on the 3rd day I decided to drink and felt really sick. For the next few days it all went down hill I started out with severe back pain dizziness cloudiness heart palpitations I was extremely thirsty no matter how much water I drank , I couldn't sleep, nervousness.
Avatar f tn Hey thanks for your response so i have no pus and no fever, i didnt test for strep but penecillin failed and azythromyacin as well! ... Im stuck i dont have any other symptoms than a sore throat and a swollen tonsil... I imagine it is... Gerd? Esophagitis?
Avatar n tn Pls forgive me for poor english. At the begining, let me make it very clear dat i m 26, male, and till now i m not involved in any kind of sexual act not even kissing. But i m scared of accidental HIV infection as i keep travlling in various parts of the country meet lots of people and always eat outside (exposed food). Exacltly 29 days before i had following flu like symptoms.
Avatar n tn Thanks again for your help, I am trying to resolve some major anxiety as I am 45 and been married for 20 years.
Avatar n tn Who is the best professional to see for TMJ diagnosis? Neurologist? Dentist? I've had a chronic headache for nearly a decade, and TMJ may be the cause (jaw and temples are tight; pulling sensation on the roof of mouth; etc.). Of course, I must be certain.