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Avatar n tn Hi, Im pregnant with only 6 weeks, but Im really not enjoying my pregnancy because I have been with a very bad cold for the last 2 weeks, and worst with ear infection for the last 5 weeks, my ginecologyst gave a z-pack of antibiotics for 3 days 2 caplets each day, the pain stops but I still cant hear very good and I feel my ears inflamated, when is this going to stop? are antibiotics dangerous in pregnant women? should I go to an specialist and have some exams?
4451049 tn?1387157037 Azithomycin/Zithromax may be given for a week for an ear infection, but is given for months in the case of Lyme, because Lyme bacteria have a very slow reproductive cycle, compared to the usual bacteria involved in an ear infection. Failing to take the full dose for the full length of time prescribed risks treatment failure and creation of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria which were merely weakened rather than killed, allowing them to flourish rather than die.
Avatar n tn It does sound like you may have an infection and the provision of azithromycin seems appropriate. Inflammation of your eustachian tube is probably responsible for the "popping" and that should resolve as the treatment takes effect.
387056 tn?1200447377 I am still suffering from side effects of the overdose two weeks after stopping treatment (IBS, Involuntary tremors, moderate confusion, anxiety, high pulse) but developed an acute onset ear infection after a plane ride saturday afternoon (i had a slight cold before boarding the plane). (I've had significant pain, ear discharge, temp of 101.5, colored mucus and overall feel pretty bad.) My primary care physician says I must treat it to prevent the infection from crossing over into my brain.
Avatar n tn ) If it lingers for more than a few days, follow up with your doctor. You could have fluid in your ear from allergies or an ear infection or something.
Avatar n tn On Friday, June 11th, I was diagnosed with otitis media (middle ear infection) and placed on Augmentin and pain reliving drops. I am still experiencing pain as if someone is stabbing me in the ear, it is keeping me awake, and my ear is completely blocked with what feels like fluid. I stil feel awful and cannot get comfortable at all. Should I return to the doctor? My ear is hurting me a lot and I am having pain into my kneck and terrible headaches. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn The question i am asking is did i have chlamydia? as i was looking on the net for info on azithromycin to see what it us used to treat chlamydia and ear infections etc seemed to be the main ones.
Avatar n tn You probably will need one dose then clean everything as I think I mentioned then in a week I think you have to repeat it again meds and cleaning. I don't think so for the fungal infection either. Not for the anal area. I would see if they have some topical other than fluconazole for this. Or at least ask about what they have for that area other than fluconazole for the anal area.
Avatar n tn hi becks,azithromycin works for both sinusitis and broncitis(which i am not sure whether you are having it or not).Your cough might be due to post nasal drip.In case your condition does not improve in 3 days of starting azithromycin,i will suggest antral wash(drainage of sinuses) and a course of augmentin along with decongestants and antihistaminics.Get well soon!
Avatar f tn I have had a sore throat with drainage and bilateral ear pain for over a month. Dr's diagnosis: Double ear and sinus infection.I also had an intermittent cough which has not been present for a couple of days. I am allergic to PCN and Sulfa, true allergy with welps all over. I completed my first Z-pack (Azithromycin 250 mg qd, 6tabs) 5 days ago. Still sick. Dr has prescribed another Zpack.
Avatar m tn Do you think you burst your ear drum with the infection? That happens. I would finish your antibiotic and if you still have ear discomfort, schedule a recheck with your doctor. Hope you are all better soon!
Avatar m tn Amoxciline is used for Upper Respiratory infection such as ear infection and nose.. Amoxicline is good at that, but not the prostate.
Avatar m tn If it is a urinary tract infection it probably doesn't matter to wait but it may be uncomfortable for you for a few days so that is my opinion on it. If you have a fever you may be getting the dizziness and tiredness from that and/or fighting off the infection and/or from the antibiotics. Some species of E. coli and E. faecalis can be resistant too but usually they can find antibiotics to treat both of these at this point.
Avatar n tn Hello, Zithromax contains azithromycin and is mostly used for STD’s like non gonococcal urethritis and cervicitis due to Chlamydia trachomatis. It is usually not the drug of choice for UTI but is mostly used in otitis media (infection of the middle ear), tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinusitis. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
1353681 tn?1387087333 Had severe sore throat for 3 days, a week ago.. it turned into double ear infection in which six days ago I was put on azithromycin, an antibiotic. I have no pain, but still have a full feeling in both ears, diminished hearing, and a constant ringing. When will this antibiotic get rid of the infection completely? Started it 6 days ago...
Avatar m tn went to dr today he thinks i have sinus infection prescribed me cipro for 10 days is this good antibiotic for sinus infection?
Avatar m tn Seemed to think problem was other than tooth-- possible ear infection or sinus infection. He gave me two perscriptions. I then went to see my primary care Dr. who examined upper respiratory system. He seems to think I have a sinus infection but said it could also be start of shingles. He converted my dentist's perscriptions to vicodin, azithromycin, & MucinexD. Still much pain 12 hrs. later. Hope this stuff works. Your comments?
Avatar m tn Friday I go to the doctor and he prescribes me with a Prednisone 10mg anti-inflamitory/steroid, 3 pill 500mg z-pack (Azithromycin), and Butal/APAP/CAF 50/500/40 for my ear problem and to help with headaches. I also got a Fluticasone nasal spray 50mcg per spray for my sinuses. The antibiotic I have finished. The other two medications i am still working on finishing. Now an interesting thing happened last friday that I thought was kind of strange.
Avatar n tn Dr. I have been on a z pack of Azithromycin for 3 days now for a ear infection. I am taking 250mg tablets for 5 days. On the 3rd day of the treatment I had unprotected oral sex with someone I did not know. I noticed while I was performing oral sex on him that he had a small bump on his penis head. He told me that it was a scab from excesive masterbation from a couple of days before. i took him at his word but now I am concerned.
Avatar n tn Dr. I have been on a z pack of Azithromycin for 3 days now for a ear infection. I am taking 250mg tabletsfor 5 days. On the 3rd day of the treatment I had unprotected oral sex with someone I did not know. I noticed while I was performing oral sex on him that he had a small bump on his penis head. He told me that it was a scab from excesive masterbation from a couple of days before. i took him at his word but now I am concerned.
Avatar m tn Finally my family doctor sent me to a lung specialist and he told me I had a mycoplasma infection. I was on antibiotics for 2-3 weeks and I felt much better. Needless to say that has not been the end of it and I've never been the same since. I don't know if the long term mycoplasma infection did damage but anytime I get a cold or flu my body can't fight it off and I end up on a 2 week course of Biaxin (minimum). I met another older lady in a hospital clinic and we started talking.
Avatar f tn Please note, if you are taking any meds (other than the antibiotics), or under the care of a physician (other than for the ear infection), PLEASE be sure and talk to your doctor before trying anything, even over the counter meds - to make sure that they would not interfere either with your medical condition/s or your current meds.
Avatar n tn My first thought was- what the heck is going on- I have this bad sinus infection , on meds for that for 20 days- it never goes away- was told to take celexa- (which I took at the same time as the anti-biotic)- and then started having attacks, tingling in my fingers and toes, and then I am being sent to a pyschologists? for anxiety or panic disorder.??? I really hope you get better and I did go to chiropractor ( I have not been in a few months though)...maybe I should go back for a visit.
Avatar n tn did they check for ear infection--sounds like what I experience whenever I get one and they prescribe antibiotic ear drops usually clears up in ten days.
1431138 tn?1294570494 I believe the Azithromycin is the zpak. I took that about 2-3 weeks ago due to a severe ear infection. If you in fact have an infection, the benefit outweighs the risk. Infections can cause you to have a fever and your baby can not tolerate a fever very well at all, even a low grade one. I did not have any complications when I took the zpak a few weeks ago. The zpak is a grade b drug for pregnancy. It's a low dose and is only 5 days.
215234 tn?1305146561 Hi, I'm hoping for some help with the following problem, as having just finished a course of antibiotics ( Azithromycin 500) for a suspected "lymph node infection" which apparently is pressing on the Trigeminal nerve. I am still finding the pain unbearable, & feel its only subsided slightly.
Avatar m tn I had my 10yr old son in the doctors office on 6/10/13 for an earache and found that he had a middle ear infection. Since he's allergic to pennicillan they prescribed azithromycin. Stayed on the antibiotic all week as prescribed and now the earache is back. I called the doctor's office and the doctor wants to see him again. I asked if I would be charged again and was told yes. I feel like I'm getting screwed because I'm being charged again for the same problem that was never resolved.
Avatar f tn I'm in my fifth month of chronic headaches on my right side. In this time I've been treated for a chronic ear infection which did not respond to antibiotic. I've been told my ears look fine, but am still experiencing discomfort. With this, I have severe neck pain with swollen lymph nodes and ear pain. I've been to several doctors, including an ENT twice. He said my sinuses looked awful, but were not infected and did not make any correlation between them and my symptoms.
Avatar n tn Exact SAME thing. Pain started in left ear. Swore it was ear infection, ever doc who looks in my ear says its fine.. yada yada. Pain shooting down side of my neck, different areas different times.. not muscular.. nerves!!! Going to a new ENT tomorrow and I am going to beg. How did you ever resolve your problem???? ?/? The pain is getting worse, just like you said as my last Doc recommended trying sudafed.. thought I was getting better then I crashed worse than ever.