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Avatar f tn hey! Recently I was very sick and was given azithromycin for five days. While I was on it, I had terrible stomach pain and diarrhea. Now, it is about three to four days after, and I've been noticing blood in my urine. I also have stomach pain every so often, lower back pain, and feel very tired during the day. This all started about three days into taking the medicine. I'm 19 years old and I'm a virgin so there is no chance of pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Hi Doc, I dont know if you remember me but I wrote to you about my incident at my China trip about two weeks ago. I tested for Hepatitis B&C, PCR(for syphiis), HTLV and HIV about 10 days ago, It all came back negative which was about 13 weeks(88-89days) after the possible exposure which you described as highly safe exposure.
Avatar m tn Chalmydia symptoms can sometimes take a while to resolve themselves and anti-biotics are a slow release medication, meaning they are still working to kill an infection for some time after you've swallowed your last pill. I had what I assumed was a drug-resistent case of chlamydia (which is essentially unheard of, from what I've been reading) because my symptoms persisted after a few different treatments.
Avatar m tn I had a refill on zpak and took it to give me some relief but I want to know is there a long term protocol for azithromycin? or would Levaquin be better? Doxycyline gives me a headache and dont think I could handle being on it any longer.
Avatar n tn A little over a week ago I began experiencing symptoms of a full bladder and some cramping. Naturally, I thought it was a bladder infection. I went to the doctor and gave urine. My test came back as low count bateria, blood and crystals. I was prescribed nitrofurantoin macro, 100mg, twice a day for 10 days.
Avatar f tn Seen my doctor after 2 weeks of possible exposure (I had the apt for other things before hand) with very few symptoms (abnormal discharge and pain in lower abdominal region). had a urine sample taken and he gave me 4 250mg tablets of azithromycin to take at once, and 1 400mg tablet of Suprax to take. only after I took the azithromycin did I notice pain in the bladder and burning when urinating.
Avatar m tn Get a urine examination as well as urine culture test done to rule out any UTI or urethritis. Also get repeat tests done to check for any persistent Chlamydia infection or for recurrent Chlmydia infection as it may be presenting silently without any symptoms. Lastly get your vitamin D levels, a complete hemogram and your thyroid profile test done for dizziness and mental tiredness and fatigue. E.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor and got tested and as a precaution he gave me a shot of rocephin and 2 pills 500 mg of azithromycin. In a week my symptoms were gone but my tests for infection came back negative so i slept with the girl again and the next day my symptoms all came back. I've taken doxicyclin (one week), ciproflaxin(one week) and azithromycin(one week) with very little success. My symptoms seem to have went down a little with the azithromycin but have not left me.
Avatar m tn Did Zithromax, did Doxicycline and Cefixme a couple of times but it always seemed to come back again, was put on Cipro for 10 days. The next time it seemed to come back, Doctor gave me a prostate exam but didnt feel it was overly enlarged/swollen, and put me on 6 weeks of Septra DS. During this time, I had a small acne outbreak on forehead, but resolved in a week or so.
Avatar m tn Ok, Im a 19 year old male who on july 17th gave and recieved oral and made out with another guy, about 2 or three days later I noticed frequent urination, pain in bladder, slight pain in genitals, and occasional redness on the genitals. I have not had any discharge or full on blisters.
Avatar n tn I dont know if its a Yeast Infection or Genital Herpes outbreak! I got tested for Genital herpes which came out negative, but I have been looking online and alot of people say that many people get a misdiagonosis of Herpes as a Yeast infection. That is when I was diagonosed with a yeast infection (Papsmear and they found alittle Yeast). I've been lost ever since the Middle of November because this is when it seems to have been happening!
Avatar m tn Hi, The specific treatment for trichomoniasis includes a drug called metronidazole (Flagyl) and/ or Azithromycin (Zithromax). Treatment for a fungal infection(suspected candidiasis) would still warrant tests, such as culture, for isolating the organism. Diflucan is used routinely in male patients affected with candidiasis, most commonly oral thrush. It is difficult to deal with a disorder when you feel it is not being given due weightage by the physician you have consulted.
Avatar n tn About 2 months ago, I had unprotected sex with a co-worker. 3 weeks later I began noticing discharge and also experienced flu-like symptoms. Results came back positive for chlamydia. I saw a physician, was given a shot and azithromyacin.I felt better for a while and the problem seemed to clear up but I noticed minimal discharge about a week to 10 days later. I went back to doctor for retest and results were "equivocal". He put me on doxycyclin for 10 days.
Avatar m tn Most often, people with HSV 2 genital infection DO have symptoms, they just aren't recognized as herpes. And most often, with new infection, for someone who is observing closely, they do pick up some symptoms. The person least likely to notice symptoms is the person who is also HSV 1 positive. If definitely seen pain with urination as a symptoms (dysuria) but frequent urination, rarely. Interstitial cystitis is a disease state of its own.
242516 tn?1368227505 If your doctor is worried that you might have pneumonia, a chest x-ray can look to see if there's an infection, especially for those who have coughed for more than 3 weeks. With a viral bronchitis, you should avoid antibiotics especially zpacks (Zithromax / azithromycin) which are overprescribed for these symptoms , and can lead to side effects and adverse drug reaction such as rash, antibiotic drug resistance and yeast infections.
Avatar m tn If your partner had HSV (you do not know that she did and most likely she did not), the risk for infection from a single encounter is somewhere between 1 in 1,000 and 1 in 10,000. The risk of a false positve test is far, far higher. If you do not develop symptoms within two weeks of exposure you should be confident that you did not get herpes. I hope these comments are helpful.
Avatar m tn I've been tested for all STDs at least once and all have been negative including any UTI or bladder infection. I've been treated with Suprax, Azithromycin and a 14 day course of Cipro all of which seemed to have no effects.
Avatar m tn They tested me and I still showed no signs of infection. The doctor told me to not masturbate for three weeks. At this point i hadnt masturbated for a week already. Unfortunately I'm finding it quite hard to masturbate after a week or so and I masturbated this morning. The pain to the touch on my urethra is dying down, but it still burns when I urinate and it seems like ejaculation has probably aggravated the burning feeling somewhat. I'm really just looking for reassurance.
Avatar n tn If the cranial nerve damage happens ,which is typical with Lyme-every ER MD should think Lyme for Bell's Palsy symptoms, a cranial nerve issue, then your nerves (neuropathy), and ciliary function (moving mucus and infection out) creates the perfect environment for repeated infection and scarring, dysfunction. I have left ear, neck muscle, arm and hand numbness, and a negative MRI. Lyme disease is an epidemic people. Ask why. Read the book, LAB 257, by attorney Michael Carrol.
Avatar f tn I went to see the urologist again and he said it is NSU and gave me urogesic,cipro for 30 days and lyrica for 10 days. My bladder is in good condition with NO IC as per the pictures,my prostate is in good shape and size (thru DRE),I have done PPMT last week,there was no bacteria in prostate also. I am certain that it all started with bacterial infection thru hand massage with vaginal fluid on the hand of masseuse.
Avatar m tn Thus the nurse told me it could be another bacteria and advised me to consult a doctor to look for bladder or kidney infections. I also noticed, sometimes, prostatic pain when urinating or defecating. So my questions are: What can it be? What is causing those symptoms which made the nurse think I got NGU, and are those causes dangerous? Is Prostatitis a possible cause? Can I resume unprotected sex with my partner?
Avatar n tn The nurse said that epididymitis was frequent in STDs and after checking found none, no discharge, and no other signs of anything aside from burning/discomfort in the urethra and opening of the penis and feeling an urgent need to urinate almost constantly even though sometimes no urine at all would come out. They only did two urine tests (one for bladder infection and one for STDs) the bladder came back fine, don't know about the STD one.
Avatar n tn (If 'quick urinary test' means only an office exam, without lab testing for those STDs, shame on your doctor!) Garden variety urinary tract infection ('bladder infection') is rare in men, and in any case doesn't cause discharge. The 2 week delay in symptoms suggests chlamydia, but gonorrhea also was possible. Or you could have had nonchlamydial, nongonococcal urethritis (NGU); or if you had anal sex, perhaps infection with fecal bacteria.
Avatar m tn Gentamycin one dose per day for 2 days Tab Norfloxacin 400mg twice a day for 6days Tab Doxy 100mg twice a day for 14days Tab Levoday 500mg once a day for 30days Tab Urimax 0.4mg once a day for 30days Inj One Dose of Long acting Pencilin felt better but tingling inside urethra continued after 7 days leg muscles pains which do no go away pain killers returned Tab Cefuroxime 500mg twice a day for 10days Inj.
Avatar n tn discharge at different times of the months (particularly a week before you period) will change and become irritating for some. This is often mistaken for a yeast infection by the women, and when cultured, comes back normal. I tried switching pills, but I sufferered for years. I even tried depoprovera and got some relief, but that had other side effects. I got fed up and decided to try a non-hormonal method of birth control. It worked!
Avatar f tn So 6 weeks ago I tested positive for chlamidya infection, I took the azithromycin 4 tablets, abstained from sex and my boyfriend did the same... Yet here i am 6 weeks later and i've just retested positive again??! I'm really upset and worried about why the treatment didn't work for me the first time. I'm still getting symtoms of bladder discomfort and more frequent peeing. I'm on doxycline and had one more azithro treatment, will this defo work??
Avatar m tn I am feeling so helpless and worried. Is it for any stone? Or for taking too much high power antibiotics? Or for infection? But the second urine test came pretty much clean. What about the stone and its size? Please help me. What should I do?
Avatar m tn Gentamycin one dose per day for 2 days Tab Norfloxacin 400mg twice a day for 6days Tab Doxy 100mg twice a day for 14days Tab Levoday 500mg once a day for 30days Tab Urimax 0.4mg once a day for 30days Inj One Dose of Long acting Pencilin felt better but tingling inside urethra continued after 7 days leg muscles pains which do no go away pain killers returned Tab Cefuroxime 500mg twice a day for 10days Inj.
Avatar m tn Gentamycin one dose per day for 2 days Tab Norfloxacin 400mg twice a day for 6days Tab Doxy 100mg twice a day for 14days Tab Levoday 500mg once a day for 30days Tab Urimax 0.4mg once a day for 30days Tab Cefuroxime 500mg twice a day for 10days Inj.
Avatar m tn I have a doctors appointment tomorrow where i'll ask for either another course of Doxycycillin or Azithromycin as i've read that this can treat NSU when Doxycycillin has failed. Has anyone else has success with Azithromycin where Doxycycillin has failed or has anyone else found a good solution for chronic NSU??