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Avatar n tn I had things under control till i was 12 wks pregnant, I got a chest infection around Sep. and still have it now. I've taken 8 lots of antibiotic's over this time. I am breast feeding and just don't know where to go from here. It would be great if you could help me. Thanks Kate.
Avatar m tn Hi please I need help I have been coughing for like 2 weeks no fever just like tickle in my troath, I start feeling like a weird sound in my right lung every time I take deep breath, I went to the doctor and he said It was bronchitis I started an azithromycin cycle 6 tablets , I finished taking it 2 days ago ... I still coughing and still felling that weird sensation in my back every time I take a deep breath , what can this be, how long this can last?
Avatar f tn So recently i was diagnosed with bronchitis by my doctor and he prescribed me azithromycin to help me get better and thats all fine and dandy im on my second day of treatment now and my chest pains are getting really really bad. I can hardly swallow at some points. And once i take my azithromycin it only gets worse. It keeps me awake and wants me not to eat food. Should i call my doctor and ask for another prescription to help? If so what should i ask for? Pain killer or what?
354236 tn?1196905787 steroid for non - inflammatory and to revive immune system azithromycin antibiotic to eliminate bacteria possibly causing bronchitis prescription cough syrup to STOP the coughing which causes the severe chest pain inhaler for symptoms similar to asthma GOOD LUCK
Avatar m tn If it is in fact viral, the doctor wants to use azithromycin now to prevent possible respiratory infection or bronchitis. I have found a substantial amount of literature online that discusses how using azithromycin with QT prolonging drugs or other rhythm regulators can increase the QT interval and cause dysrhythmia. This relative was in the hospital before and after surgery due to rhythm problems. It took a while to adjust exercise and meds to balance everything out.
Avatar m tn I was exposed to Chlamdyia on the 13th of October and then treated for bronchitis with a z-pack (500mg the first day, then an additional 250mg for four days) on the 22nd of October. Would this be effective against the chlamydia as well, or should I seek additional treatment? I can't afford the azithromycin again, so I'd have to use doxycycline if that were the case. I'm a 20 year old male and have absolutely no symptoms of chlamydia.
Avatar m tn He was diagnosed with bronchiolitis. He was given breathing treatments for 1 week and Azithromycin. He started having stomach issues (upset stomach) at the time of taking Azithromycin. That was 6-7 weeks ago. He has continued to have these same issues. We've been to his pediatrician, had blood tests run (nothing abnormal). He was on Zantac for 1 week with no changes. We've had him on a probiotic for 4 weeks approximately with no changes.
Avatar f tn I have bronchitis this week and the doc put me on antibiotics. I feel like sh*t, coughing up green **** and my chest hurts and my head is all stuffed up -- but on the other hand, I have to laugh about it! hahaha As bad as the bronchitis is -- it's a piece of cake compared to what the bipolar puts me through on a daily basis.
8184612 tn?1397529944 and the test can be positive due to past infections with chlamydia-like bacteria that cause colds and bronchitis. For these reasons, STD experts in the US and most industrialized countries never use these tests. Weakly positive results like yours are especially meaningless. I doubt you were infected with chlamydia at all. Do you know why you had a blood test and not a test of your urine or a urethral swab?
Avatar m tn I thought I had chlamydia. By Friday the symptoms were more obvious and I had some azithromycin that I had been prescribed a few months before for bronchitis but had never taken any because I got better on my own. So I took 4 pills 250 mg pills on a Friday night thinking it was chlamydia even before I got the results back. Turns out I find out Monday afternoon it was gonorrhea and chlamydia came back negative. I had had chlamydia before in my life, but never gonorrhea so wasn't educated on it..
Avatar m tn The doctor said that I developed asthmatic bronchitis and acute environmental asthma- was around a lot of 2nd hand smoke and smoked a little. I've had recurring infections almost 1 a week last year- I was in the ER with an abscess on my back requiring draining. sometimes the symbicort/proventil doesn't seem to work and I don't feel normal- I have trouble breathing and low cortisol, chronic fatigue. I also have sleep apnea and am maybe 20-30 pounds overweight.
Avatar m tn finally my doctor put me on amoxicillin/Clav 875mg and that helped a little. and the bronchitis seemed to have cleared. then a week later my ears begin to hurt. the pain was pretty bad. i thought it would go away on its own but after a week it seemed to be getting worse. so back to the doctor yet again. he again gave a me a shot in the but of antibiotics and then same antibiotic again amoxicillin/clav 875 mg. after a few days the pain lessened but it is still there.
Avatar f tn I am on birth control and have been regularly for almost 5 years. I have bronchitis and was prescribed azithromycin. I had unprotected sex last night and want to make sure I'm safe to start the zpack today. I'm in the last week of pills and started my period this morning. Thanks!
242516 tn?1368227505 With a viral bronchitis, you should avoid antibiotics especially zpacks (Zithromax / azithromycin) which are overprescribed for these symptoms , and can lead to side effects and adverse drug reaction such as rash, antibiotic drug resistance and yeast infections. Instead, helpful treatments include cough suppressants, bronchodilators (albuterol inhalers), and antihistamine-decongestants.
Avatar f tn I am on birth control and have been regularly for almost 5 years. I have bronchitis and was prescribed azithromycin. I had unprotected sex last night and want to make sure I'm safe to start the zpack today. I'm in the last week of pills and started my period this morning. Thanks!
Avatar f tn im 8 weeks pregnant and was giving a perscription for azithromycin for a bacterial infection is this harmful to my baby? when i take it each day i get really sick and tired what shouuld i do to make sure me and the baby are both healthy?
Avatar f tn Mine was out of control and no amount of meds helped me until I started taking azithromycin course as mentioned on this website and now it has been 6 weeks with good relief!!! Anxiety and breathing problems go hand in hand . Order this book The revolutionary 5 day breathing exercise program for Asthma. See the reviews! I know the techniques helped me...
Avatar n tn I just went to the doctor for bronchitis today and he prescribed azithromycin. in looking up the side effects, they talk about prolonged QT waves and ventricle tachycardia. The doctor had me go to get an keg on my way out...for a baseline? Should I be worried about being on this medicine? Thank you.
1092325 tn?1256984749 i have been coughing persistently with stuffy nose (mucus and phlegm) for the last 3 months or so and have been diagnosed with bronchitis and/or asthma. i was aksed to take "Proventil HFA" and aziththromycin 259mg tab. For how long will i be taking these medicines? Is there an alternative way to cure my ailments?
Avatar m tn I recently got over a bad case of bronchitis so bad I went to the ER. And now I am left with what seems like post nasal drip but does not really make sense. We thought laryngitis but it has not reacted like it would it has been going on for over 3 weeks. Below is the latest idea I had on the cause of this if anyone could help with it I would be grateful. And would the z-pack be effective if this from the huge hole in my tooth that food gets stuck in. It is an upper tooth.
Avatar m tn than next month I had another bronchitis and received a treatment with klacid again and the doctor told me I had a beginning of sinusitis and gave azithromycin..on the end of november I saw little bumps at the base of my penis..after I had shaved than it spread to about 20-25 pieces on the groin...I went to doctor and he said that I had molluscum but I do not know I got it because my girlfriend did not have any lesions on her..after 95 days (12 weeks)later from my last sexual relation.
392548 tn?1216614379 hi, i am a 16 yr old female and i swim for half the year and play water polo for half the year so im it relativly good asthma usually flairs up around once every two weeks during practice but its usually only bad once a year. i take albuturol (i cant sp it) and it usually goes away... well lately i have been waking up with a mild cough and almost like an itchy feeling inside my chest (it feels like its on my lungs) about once a month.
Avatar f tn ), I do feel better from my coughing and bronchitis and plan on drinking tonight cause it's my wedding anniversary! I don't think it would hurt but I guess if you're concerned call a pharmacy or doctor.
1084197 tn?1258497490 Now though, I am suffering this intolerable itching of my lungs and really sticky congestion that just refuses to come up. I'm on azithromycin and prednisone. I have advair and ibuteral that I am taking after my prednison treatment. I hope my breathing betters, my congestion and itching relieves. This is horrible. Does any one have an idea of what this may be....infection, asthma, bronchitis..? I have made an appointment with an allergist/pulmonolgist. I hope I get some answers.
Avatar m tn As soon as I found out I started looking up treatments and came across an antibiotic azithromycin. Last week I was diagnosed with bronchitis and my doctor prescribed me to take that same antibiotic that I took for 5 days, 250mg a day. Now will that antibiotic have cleared up both the bronchitis and chlamydia at the same time or do I need to get another dosage of another antibiotic?
Avatar f tn I'm having the exact same thing happening to me too. Diagnosed with acute bronchitis about a month ago and about 4 days ago, started with the violent coughing again. Started a Z-pack 2 days ago and now I have the same pimple-ike sores all over my neck and upper chest/back area. Not painful, not itchy. I can pop the sores just like a pimple but what's different is that I can pop the same sore and get more pus out of it in less than an hour for a period of -/+ 2 days.
Avatar n tn I had that result from something too, however before having chlamydia I had had glandular fever and bronchitis which the doctor told me would have raised the levels.
Avatar n tn The lump on my gums stayed swollen, so the Dentist took two additional x-rays of my mouth 2 and 3 weeks later and said the other teeth were fine and he wasn't sure what to make of it. He wanted me to wait and see if the swelling resided. Now, I developed a sinus infection and bronchitis (It's going around)A few days into my cold, my cheek swelled up like it did 5 weeks ago, and also developed a cold sore on that side.
Avatar n tn It is usually not the drug of choice for UTI but is mostly used in otitis media (infection of the middle ear), tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinusitis. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn Monday i got very sick so i went to the doctor's and was told i had bronchitis, I took my z-pack as directed. He asked if i would allow him to do blood work to test me for lupus and other things. Also the hsv1 and hsv2 was tested at accurate diagnostics labs which i dont know which hsv test they do. I know the herpes select test is done by quest and is very accurate. Ive never heard of accurate labs. So what my question is 1.