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Avatar m tn I have SVT and occasional afib. My pharmacist and cardiologist advised me not to take azithromycin anymore, which for me, is kinda a big deal since I'm allergic to penicillin and bactrim. But it can definitely cause problems. I would not anticipate any long lasting problems though..when it's out of your system you should go back to normal.
Avatar m tn If someone here who has used azithromycin to battle Lyme and Bart could help comfort me in my decision to continue with the azithromycin therapy that would be great. Below are my concerns: I am still confused as to whether or not I am experiencing adverse drug effects or a 'herx.' It is difficult to know because this disease has literally affected every tissue in my body. However, there are a couple things that make me suspicious of a drug allergy/adverse effect. 1.
4451049 tn?1387157037 -- Patients with certain risk factors may be subject to life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias when taking azithromycin (Zithromax, Zmax), the FDA said Tuesday. Existing QT prolongation, bradycardia, and low blood levels of magnesium or potassium are among the risk factors associated with the threat, according to an FDA drug safety communication posted on the agency's website.
Avatar m tn Dizziness is unlikely to be caused by high blood pressure unless it is excessively high and/or associated with blood pressure fluctuation between high blood pressure and low blood pressure. On the other hand, if you have never had high blood pressure in the past a complete evaluation, including testing for unusual causes of high blood pressure should be performed, even if you did not have dizziness.
Avatar n tn It is scary to have the dizziness. I'm 41 and I have slightly elevated blood pressure and live a quite stressful life at times. I went to the doctors again today and they are putting me on atenolol for preventing migraines and also if it is linked to highblood pressure. (the top number of my blood pressure has never been higher than in the 130's, but today it was 156/???
Avatar n tn They did bloodwork that came back normal. Since that time I have had daily head pressure and tinnitus. The tinnitus comes and goes and can be really loud and annoying. Visited another doctor in Sep who thought it might be an allergic reaction and was given zyrtec for a month. No change with the head pressure. Saw an ENT in Oct who feels that it just a left-over from whatever made me ill in Jun and thinks it will get better with time. Have had this for 5 months.
Avatar n tn I then went to a more progressive ENT in 2005 who did an ethmoidectomy (removed the sinuses from between my eyes)and I really thought my problems were over. My pain and pressure were completely gone and I felt great. Until.....the beginning of the year I started having sinus infection problems with dizzyness and feeling totally lousey. A week and a half ago I was on my 3rd sinus infection when I finally went to a friend who is a Nurse Practitioner and had her culture my sinuses.
Avatar m tn I take Metoprolol Succ ER 50 MG a day. I sometimes suffer Panic attacks and take Lorazapam .5 MG I suffer PVCS & Panic Related Blood Pressure. I recently have air way infection and was prescribed azithromycin and ProAir Albuterol Sulfate. My question is is this combination safe together and with my PVC"S ?
Avatar f tn The next morning I took 1 zithro along with my blood pressure meds chlorthalidone shortly thereafter my heart rate was 113 but no other problems I called my dr he told me try and relax later that night heart rate went to normal visited my new dr did blood wk everything normal except thyroid overactive wondering if the meds the steroid,zpack,and blood press meds could have caused this reaction
Avatar n tn And this is with an aspirin a day. I wonder now what. My cholesterol and blood pressure are fine (with medication). My doctor seems uncertain about what now and had no particular suggestions. So, if your're going to get one of these tests I suggest that you learn what the next steps are if it comes back high, especially if things otherwise seem ok.
Avatar m tn I would be happy w/ these result, except yesterday evening- six days post the event- my bladder started to feel like there was pressure on it and a frequent need to urinate. This ordeal, however, has caused me a great deal of stress because I'm usually not one to take sexual risks and I do wonder if my symptoms are psychosomatic or the result of drinking a lot of water to make myself urinate- given the results of tests came out negative- or if I actually have an NGU infection.
Avatar n tn I became concered about STD's and had a stange feeling in my uretra and what seems to be my uterers and pressure in my kidneys. 5 to 6 days after exposure I was tested at a STD clinic for gonnorea, chlamidya etc and all came back negative. The doctor also gave me 1 dose of azithromyacin, just in case. After the Azithro all symptoms dissapeared for about a week, and after that sypmtoms came back, a dull urethral pain, but no discharge. Pain was mainly near the tip and NOT during urination.
1551963 tn?1302296332 I have taken prilosec on and off for 17 years. I have never had high blood pressure withit. Palpitations is a side effect of zantac and I have that problem when I'm taken zantac. I've never had any problems with the prilosce though. My prilosec has been doubled to 40 mg also. So??? Can't help with that question. Everyone reacts differently to different meds. I've taken prilosec and zantac for years. Acid reflux got really bad and switdhed to prevacid. Began itching a few days after taking. So...
Avatar m tn Hello, im a 37 male who had unprotected sex almost 3 weeks ago,with a girl who's status is unkown and I have symptoms which are not clear,it seemed that i had symptoms right away with burning sensation while urinating, from mild to medium pain, i had a swab test done 2 weeks after exposure, and that really hurt and was very painful for 48 hours near the penis tip ,plus a took a blood test . went to another clinic two days later becuase the pain from the swab test was a concern.
Avatar m tn I complained of tingling in the tip of my urethra one year ago, i went to the dr got tested for the usual stds and all were negative and i was referred to the urologist and he stuck is finger up my but and said i had high PSA for prostitis, given cipro and most but not all symptoms went away.
Avatar n tn Often my brain feels like it’s shaking inside my skull, odd as it sounds, and I feel like my head is pounding, as if I am suddenly VERY aware of the blood pumping through my head. This is usually the worst when I am relaxing or about to sleep. Sometimes I wake up suddenly and feel like my body is trembling but it’s not. It’s quite scary, not painful, just disconcerting.
392548 tn?1216614379 rather call it itchy feeling inside the lungs after coughing------ In broad we call this as eosinophilia...And is graded mild/moderate/severe according to your blood lab investigation... Not to fear about it...this prescription ll definitely help patients with so called Itchy lungs... By, DOCTOR.
Avatar m tn ) made his vomiting continuous for 4 days until he began also vomiting blood. We moved to a hospital with pediatric neurologists (Cook Childrens). They said the vomiting and pain meds was probably causing ulcerations in his stomach. They treated his stomach. He was treated for 5 days with azythromycin for the mycoplasma and also treated with DHE (dihydroergotamine) for several days for migraine. He was also give magnesium sulfate. In 3 days all symptoms were gone!
Avatar n tn ago i had my blood tested and my viral load was 191,000 and my alt was 30 and ast was 22,alk was 69 Since the last yr. or so I`v been taking blood pressure medication(diovan).since the last 3 mo. I`v been taking Herbal extracts(about 4 different kinds from the "Godsremedy" web site) after 3 mo. of this i had my blood checked again and my alt went up to 104,my alk to 99 and my ast to 39 and viral load up to 314,000 I`m still without symptoms.
Avatar n tn I went to the STD clinic and they tested me for chlamydia again which came to be positive (but it was false positive because I went to two other locations and retested negative right after AND i already had taken doxy and azithromycin) AND i never had any sexual encounter since day 1. day 120 (4 months after sexual encounter) - The penis head is still very red at times (especially when erect).
1464587 tn?1307495205 I also have intense pressure in my head..... intercranial pressure I guess its considered? and dizziness and intense muscle pain and tightness...... so bad in fact the pain is soooooo intense from the muscles being contracted that I cant even breath or move, even with muscle relaxers and muscle rub....... I was feeling much better on the generic Biaxin but yet again dont know if it was doing any good and maybe just letting the pathogen roam free???
Avatar n tn Have been suffering from dizziness, nausea, one-sided facial pressure, pressure on back of skull and occasional diarrhea and stomach upset since July 2007. Had thyroidectomy in September, saw GI doctor for intestinal problems after that; had upper and lower endoscopy done, which came back normal. Was put on Clidinium for the stomach problems, and they seemed to subside, but just came back recently. Started taking Clidinium again today.
Avatar m tn I am on the 2nd day of azithromycin and already i feel the urethral pain and pressure decreased.My doc told me im showing all the symtoms of prostatitis,possibly chronic because i had it 10 yrs,ago.Is it possible the azithromycin would help with prostatitis?im aware it is not commonly used for that,but ive researched it and it is absorbed extremley well into the prostate tissues and has great anti inflamatory affects like other macrolides,and also heard it can decrease size of enlarged prostate.
Avatar m tn To check to see if im going thru withdrawals of xanax after about 2 maybe 2 1/2 weeks use. I used very little and had days I didn't take any but with my pressure headache and loss of appetite, although I can eat because i know i need to, and slight spaciness maybe dizziness its what she i mean we decided was safe. Im still dealing with anxiety from either amoxicillin and azithromycin or both. I know the z pack for sure is a culprit. Its getting better.
Avatar f tn IGM: 39 IND, 41++, 45+, 58+ and on IGG I had 39 IND and 41+. I have been taking antibiotics for about five months and I still don't feel good. I'm starting to wonder if this is indeed lyme. Thinking back, I think I felt better a couple months ago and now seem to be getting worse again. Any suggestions on my test results? I am considered negative on paper, but I know that doesn't always mean much. Any advice, or similar experiences that one could share would be appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Levofloxacin (Levaquin) is excellent treatment against both gonorrhea and chlamydia--not the first choice, but that's only because it is much more expensive than single-dose treatment with the recommended drugs, cefixime, azithromycin, and a couple others. Yes, within a few days that treatment would make any test for those infections negative.
Avatar n tn Just like many of you, I went to the doctor about three weeks ago and the first thing she said also was Herpes.She took a blood test and a normal pap and I still haven't received any results yet.At first I was pretty sure it was going to end up being Herpes but when I read the first comment posted and it sounded identical to mine, that made me feel a lot better.
Avatar m tn I would say it's possible I imagined it all (with no discharge or elevated WBCs in urine) but the confirmed swollen lymph node, red blood in the urine and marked dysuria (and let's not forget the pink eye) would seem to indicate that at least originally something was there. Now it's a wait and see game. I hate this part.
Avatar f tn I mention this because I initially thought that I'd made the tear(s) - because I suspected at that point there were internal tears since I was still bleeding and quite sore - worse with so much pressure and pulling and sweat in the cuts. I went to the store and bought diaper rash cream to soothe the cut on the outside of my labia. Gradually, the pain got worse and worse and it become more uncomfortable to sit down.
Avatar m tn Very happy to find this board as I wanted to throw out a few questions to the informed group. I came down with a nasty sickness in early October and after a slew of blood tests including 3 different Western Blot Tests which all came back negative I decided to do a full panel with Igenex and it came back positive for Lyme and babesia. My doctor who is semi-lyme literate (says she studied under Dr. Horowitz in NY though for how long no idea) perscribed Zithromax and Mepron.