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4461995 tn?1357958708 Hi and thanks in advance. I got financial assistance from Tysabri, but after having 3 infusions, finally got an invoice for the first infusion. My responsibility is over $350. No way can I afford that every month. Avonex cost me around $25 a month. I was on that for 14 years. Not so sure about this whole thing yet. Does anyone have any ideas about the best way to get financial assistance: from the hospital where I get my infusions or directly from Tysabri?
Avatar n tn If Shared Solutions thinks you won't qualify for any kind of assistance, I'm not sure what to tell you. They have two kinds of financial assistance - partially funded and completely funded assistance. I'm on the 100% assistance plan, but then, I'm broke!
649926 tn?1297661380 The folks over at MS Active Source have different programs for financial assistance and are very helpful at finding it for people that need it, so don’t let the cost dissuade you from considering it as a viable treatment. I have a great neurologist and I’m sure he’s got some ideas on what to do next, even if I can’t start Avonex because of my liver enzymes being high.
Avatar n tn How can I get assistance with my avonex shot each each week? I am on medicare but have to pay out of pocket $147,00 weekly.
Avatar m tn Biogen, the makers of Avonex, offers financial aid for those who cannot afford the drug. Call them at 800-456-2255. The other DMD drug makers offer aid as well. So a site with discount coupons shouldn't even be necessary for a DMD, and I would be wary of it for anything else. I'm curious what the site is, and why they wouldn't answer your questions.
Avatar n tn Shared Solutions has various financial assistance programs available, including copy assistance for anyone who is insured but has a copy over $35 per month (I use that one myself). If she has no insurance at all, a call to the National MS Society may help her find some assistance from private sources. I imagine the other DMD's have similar programs, so she might even be able to look into switching to Avonex or Rebif or some other DMD if she needs to so that she can stay optimally protected.
648910 tn?1290666683 org The following pharmaceutical companies offer patient programs to provide information, instruction, and resources for advocacy and financial assistance. MS Lifelines (Rebif) 877-788-1467 or mslifelines.com Shared Solutions (Copaxone) 800-887-8100 or sharedsolutions.com MS pathways (Betaseron) 800-788-1467 or mspathways.com MS ActiveSource (Avonex) 800-456-2255 or avonex.com MS Lifelines (Novantrone) 877-447-3243 or novantrone.com Tysabri 800-456-2255 I hope this helps someone.
2047903 tn?1330191149 Many of the drug companies have financial assistance, some more than others. Then, unfortunately, there are people who don't take anything either because they don't want to or can't afford to. MS is not a cheap date, for sure but can be a demanding one. Wish I could have given you better news!
288459 tn?1201294929 You don't need to have a prescription for AVONEX to call us. If you have limited financial resources, you may be eligible for assistance. For more information, call 1.800.456.2255. Most insurance plans currently provide coverage for AVONEX. The percentage of cost paid by your insurance company will depend on your individual benefits. You should review your individual insurance coverage for a better understanding of what, if any, limitations there may be on your particular insurance policy.
Avatar f tn The company that makes it has a great program with people to talk to and help with financial assistance, a nurse to ask questions of, and so much more. They were able to send me thinner needles than were sent with my starter package, which made the injections much easier. I'm "lucky" enough to have so little income that I qualify for Extra Help from the State of Oregon. I'm on Social Security Disability, and pay for a blue cross MedAdvantage plan.
Avatar n tn If you do not have insurance or if you need help paying for Copaxone, Shared Solutions can refer you to other financial assistance programs. To speak with someone at Shared Solutions, call 1-800-887-8100.Your doctor's office or the local chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society should also be able to assist you in determining financial options for affording treatment. More Information: Copaxone is made by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
462771 tn?1358359443 All of the mfgs. provide financial assistance in one form or another.
Avatar n tn The injectible MS meds, as well as the new oral meds, are very, very expensive, but most do have good financial assistance, if you qualify (and each pharma company has different rules for assistance). So, there's lots of homework to do. Good luck. Ask if you have more questions.
Avatar f tn Did you have to pay more for the auto injector? I qualified for the financial assistance and pay just 10.00 a month so I don't know that they would let me do the auto-injector but it does sound more managable. I'm glad you are feeling more comfortable with the whole thing and hope that I will get to that point also. I've always prided myself on being independent and being able to take care of myself and now I feel like a blubbering baby....and he feels like I don't trust him.
572651 tn?1333939396 My neurologist was furious at the cavalier attitude with the county attending physician, but suggested that Shared Solutions may have a financial assistance program. I am going to go on Feb. 11th in Los Angles to see if I can get some help. This last week I have been experiencing an exacerbation that is affecting my balance...I keep falling to the right and my legs are very weak. The fatigue is overwhelming. I am hopeful that this will help my overall health.
559187 tn?1330786456 I've thought about quite often and wondered how the avonex is working for you. I honestly thought that my doctor was going to suggest avonex, but he surprised me with the gilenya. Is your walking/balance/vertigo better? It been more than a year on the avonex right?
Avatar n tn A lot of the prescription companies have financial assistance plans that can help. Rebif had one to lower your copay or give you the drug free for a year. I know that Copaxone has a form of financial assistance that you can apply for. I'm applying now to see if it'll help (no income or medical insurance here, yay). If that doesn't help, I'd talk to the doctor or his/her office to see if they know of any programs or call the MS Society. There are tons of programs out there.
1967803 tn?1325683073 I personally take avonex and the company was extemely helpful was easy to apply for. It's there financial assistance program I would inquire with the neurologist office. Let them know you can't afford it. My neuro was extremely helpful in aligning me with the financial assistance and wrote a letter for me. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Copaxone is indeed one of my options (others being Rebif, Avonex, and Betaferon). Fingolimod doesn't yet have European approval (a likelihood in summer or spring). I'm not indicated for Tysabri at this facility as they reserve that treatment (in light of certain risks) for those who don't seem to respond to the interferons.
572651 tn?1333939396 Since my insurer requires use/failure with Gilyena first; I'm qualified for Biogen's financial assistance. Hopefully by the time my year rolls around, my insurer will approve with no contengencies. I love Tecfidera and do not want to change............
645390 tn?1338558977 Shared Solutions called me today for all my info. She said she will call me early next week to give me the cost. She then said they offer financial assistance. So, I asked "roughly" what does she think will be my cost with my insurance. She said "typically" with my insurance, my part would be $2500.00-------PER MONTH!! Does this sound right? That will be a problem, to say the least.
Avatar f tn He gave me a support kit for Avonex which will be a once a week injection. They said its expensive but they have financial assistance that can help with cost. A nurse will come over and show me how to give myself the injections. (scary!) Does anyone else have experience with this medication? I also wondered if anyone knows since I have a definite diagnosis if I might qualify for Medicare or Medicaid or anything that might help with cost. My husband and I both have full times job.
Avatar f tn ladies, if you are paying a copay for the cellcept, be sure to see their website for financial assistance. They have a card you use at the pharmacy good for $100 a month on your copay. http://www.cellceptforliving.com/ I tried to read more about cellcept but have run out of time for now. Hopefully someone with experience will come along and help. about those warnings - absolutely everything these days come with lengthy, scarey warnings.
Avatar f tn Okay, these might sound like stupid questions but I am so worried about the financial ramifications of this disease. 1. When I get my DMDs will I get them filled at a regular pharmacy? 2. Do insurance companies usually fight with you on trying to pay for them since they are so expensive? 3. What is usually the cost of these meds? ( I am considering trying Rebif or Avonex) I have heard they run about $1500/month.
Avatar n tn What, if any, help is out there with programs or financial assistance? I'm sure this could be big list, but even if you or someone could point me in some good, legit directions, that would be great. Thank you in advance, I appreciate it.
5485096 tn?1375577835 All of the drug companies provide free training and supplies when applicable, and they all have financial assistance programs. If you give one a chance, you can always switch. Just give yourself time to acclimate (at least a few months, unless it's outright dangerous like Gilenya was for me), before you give up on it. Check out this page for further guidance: http://www.nationalmssociety.org/about-multiple-sclerosis/what-we-know-about-ms/treatments/index.aspx Ask questions anytime!
147426 tn?1317269232 Let us know what the neuro says - I just got back on it, with full financial assistance and the applause of my neuro.
1323278 tn?1298126088 It's an unpredictable disease after all and if it fully develops, I want to have options to protect myself and my family from financial troubles. twopack, I agree with you. Being away from home is hard when facing these issues. But home to me is a politically unstable country in Latin America that I love deeply, but where my wife (and future kids?