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Avatar n tn Yesterday (Monday) it was the same and I applied vaseline lip therapy which is in a tube. Monday nght i went to sleep and today I woke up (Tuesday) to real chapped and dry lips. Like it stung and it hurt to even move my lips. I washed my face and applied protreloum jelly. It sorta help with the stinging but it didn't. I went online and got freaked out by most of the things and I steralized my tooth brush and then exfoliated my lips.
Avatar n tn hey i have this problem too and the only thing that has ever worked for me to get rid of it is a aveeno baby lotion, its called Aveeno baby daily moisture lotion.
Avatar n tn I can't stand it anymore,,,,I have an itchy rash on neck, my lower lip and a leaky crusty itchy clogged left ear...what is happening....i've always had eczema on my has..but this is ruinging my life...i've been to 8 doctors and tons of antibiotics and steriods but nothing is working....what is wrong with my body???
Avatar n tn ) - have tried the baby soap and have been not wearing makeup, washed all my makeup brushes, changed pillow case more often and nothing is helping. However, Aveeno HAND cream does help with the dryness and itching a bit, but it does not cure it. I am going to keep coming back to see if any of you find the answer. It is awful and sure doesn't look nice!
Avatar n tn Get the type of Progesterone Cream in a pump as the type in a jar deteriorates in the presence of oxygen. Use the cream (not oral tabs) that contains around 500mg per ounce. Good Luck. I have felt so sorry for so many of these members because I also suffered so greatly. Don't let anyone tell you that there is not an answer or to wait it out. What I am doing may not help you, but there is an answer. God Bless.
Avatar n tn Sorry to hear your suffering as well. You just struck something with the menopausal age and hormones though and I'm wondering if this could be part of my problem. When I was younger I was on every type of birth control possible and was unable to be on any of the pills, my hormones fluctuated so much and I suffered from severe migraines, and all made me physically ill with what I could only describe as morning sickness, without being pregnant.
Avatar n tn just use Aveeno Skin Relif moisturizing lotion with cooling menthol. It seems to do the trick for him with almost instant relief, but I still have no answer as to what is causing it. If anyone has any clue on what this is please let me know!!!
Avatar n tn There's also something called Egyptian Magic that they were saying worked like a charm, but it's $36 a jar so I am going to start with Neem Oil, and Neem soap. The only problem is, I don't want a quickk fix. I hope this isn't something I will have to continue to do, I am REALLY searching for a permanent solution, but I will take what I can get for now. I will let you all know how the neem oil works out. Anybody else out there find anything out yet that can help?
Avatar n tn It was also painful for me to walk. My OB Dr said to soak in a tub with Aveeno and baking soda. There's not much that can be done being as though I'm pregnant. I'm still swollen but the irritation and swelling has gone down throughout the day.
Avatar n tn i had the same thing, was never diagnosed with anything and i used a topical cream aveeno anti itch. I assume mine is ecxsema (spelling) But i also have psoriasis on my scalp. Good luck to all those itching!! haha.. its very uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn and punched a hole the size of an eraser in my labia and put the sample in a jar. She is sending to the lab and I will find out the results on August 1st. My doc said she doesn't want to prescribe me anything until she knows what exactly she's dealing with...Let me know if any of you have had a biopsy done PLEASE!!
Avatar n tn The one item that appears to have promise, but it sounds like you will need a doctor familiar with CIU / IACU is immunosuppresive therapy. Dr. Greaves specifically mentions Cyclosporine, and there is another therapy with a new drug called Plaquenil. Good luck, and please continue to share ideas and helpful treatments.