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Avatar n tn I am considering filing a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company to atleast pay for a hair transplant because there was NO way I would've used the drug if I knew hair loss was a possible side effect. I say we come together, exchange stories and try to figure out how to get FAIRLY compensated for this (No here is looking for millions in damages) Please email me at ***@**** and share your story. I am consulting a lawyer now to see if I have a legitimate case.
Avatar n tn they get their on employees to post good messgaes on the same sites. If you would like to join my class-action lawsuit please write me at feedincorporated at hotmail. Do not use Monistat ! or any monistat product.
Avatar n tn - I've been on antibiotics on and off for several months. One round of Augmentin seemed to help dramatically, but not 100%, and then symptoms gradually got worse again. - Several rounds of steroids. Seem to help while I'm on them, but useless long-term. - Zyrtec (allergy med): no effect. My best guess right now: I think there's a fair chance that what I have is a very stubborn sinus infection.