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Avatar n tn my son is 18 months old and has a sever sinus infection and has been on augmentin for almost 4 weeks at which time in the first 4 days he had sever diarrehea so his allergist stopped the meds for 48 hours and had me give him proaddopholis which cleared it up and he went back on the meds but sense then he has had diahrea non stop for the last week its been so bad on fri the doc took him off the meds he has refused to eat for 3 days but hes drinking lots and making wet diapers but my question is t
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone else has taken Augmentin. I was prescribed it for a double ear infection. Originally I was given acetic acid drops but they aren't working. I plan on calling my OB in the morning to double check. They are pregnancy category B. Although they are thought to be safe not many studies have been done on them. I'm nervous about everything. This is my first pregnancy and I am only 18. Thank you!!
Avatar n tn By the 3rd day I was having stomach cramping and diarrea with alot of residual diarrea seeping out which resulted in itchy, sore and red anal area. Diarrea was gone after I stopped the ABX but intense redness, itchy and a yellow foul smelling sticky liquid still hanging around. I had a cbc and stool sample sent to lab and it was normal. Actually I couldnt present the lab with stool at the time but I gave them some of the viscous yellow discharge in the cup to test.
Avatar f tn Can these two interact and cause problems? Within 20 minutes of taking famotidine I felt dizzy, nauseous, and my temperature went up a full degree to 99.7. My cough went away, though. I felt sick and nauseous for an hour or so, when it went away and hasn't returned. My temperature went down soon after and hasn't come back up. I haven't had any other stomach problems during this illness, just a little diarrhea from the augmentin but that's usual for me.
Avatar n tn My sister is having stomach problems that are making it hard for her to do daily task. They are a reaction to Keflex and augmentin. From what i can tell if you are allergic to one you will be allergic to the other. Why are they making her pay for medication and doctor visits that they should know will not help her. is there other medications she can ask her doctor about??
Avatar f tn Your dentist can try another antibiotic such as clindamycin but its very strong and can cause stomach problems such as diarrhea, stomach pains, etc but clindamycin is great at killing oral bacteria. Omnicef can be used too if you're concerned about the clindamycin's side effects. Omnicef, like all other antibiotics, can have similar side effects since it kills both good and bad bacteria though.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed augmentin for a sinus infection and I had no side effects while taking it. I finished it 4 days ago. Starting yesterday afternoon I had clay colored stool. I thought it would pass, but it hasn't. I have very slight stomach cramps. Is this normal and my body is just recovering from the antibiotic or should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn 4 days on augmentin 825 for a chronic dental infection (now a bone infection), I started having major swelling in my hands. This is new, I've never had swelling like this. Yesterday my one hand looked freakishly red and swollen. It was so swollen, that when I straightened out my hand (which was difficult), everything turned white, inbetween the redness. Anyway, I tried going off the augmentin (I'm taking it in conjunction with clindamycin), and today I feel much less swollen.
Avatar n tn I've been having those symptoms,and my doctor has told me it was an ulcer.It can cause your stomach to burn.Does your stomach burn after you eat?Or is the burning relieved by eating?Do you feel nauseated at times?You should go to the doctor(preferably a gastroenterologist)and have them check you out.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am 29 years old Male, I have semi protected sex(Some Changes of Fluid Exchange due to condom slippage) with a sex-worker. Post 2 Weeks, Pain started from left lower stomach to left testicle & lot of discomfort, Post 4 weeks of exposure I went for STD screening where tests came negative for Chlamydia, Gonorhea, HPV, HIV - But found enterococcus faecalis bacteria in urine, I was given an antibiotic Augmentin 1g for 2 Weeks, but is not working. Can you please help.
Avatar m tn For the past few months, if I go out first thing in the morning with an empty stomach and run 5.5 miles up and down a fairly steep slope, then swim for half an hour, my stomach will churn for hours afterward. If I drink a quart of water beforehand and 20 ounces of water toward the end of the run, I am usually OK. What bothers me is that I have been doing my exercise routine for more than 5 years without this ever happening before.
Avatar n tn for the past two weeks I have been taking augmentin and now I'm on a new antibiotic. I still have discomfort in my shaft, pain in my stomach. the pain through my entire groin area.
Avatar m tn I have been told it was just a cold going though system and was given augmentin [1000mg 2x/day], the 2nd doctor asked if I was depressed and if I would like an anti-anxiety medication This has been going on for about 6 months. Please direct me as to what my next step is. I have cancer and heart disease in my family.
Avatar m tn One night ate a large steak and Sharp pain started in my upper left side just below my rib cage and now has spread to the right side. I am bloated like never before extreme beltching, burping, nothing I take helps the list is, laxatives- they work but still bloated. Asprin, gas-ex, tums, mylanta, vitamin b-complex, rest, multi vitamin, alca seltzer, sprite the drink, and drinking plenty of water. I took a UTI test -negative. I have had gerd problems but nexium helped.
Avatar n tn Eye and stomach improved as well as my throat but my throat still remained slightly red and sore. Finally after 11 days I went and had a culture done of my throat and it came back positive for strep !!! Augmentin 875/125 now for 10 days...Throat is back to normal after 3 days on Augmentin but.....
Avatar n tn My doctor is puzzled because both breast are the same but he now has me on metronidazole and augmentin. I was on a different antibiotic before this but now he has changed to see if the results are different. I have been taking it for 5 days now and still don't seem to see any difference. My healing process seems to be good, just don't know if this burning sinsation is normal.( I have no fever) Can you help me with this...
Avatar m tn She has the same stomach upset issues, BM problems, and pain. We compared notes, and feel confident that we are both suffereing from the same illness. She has been to 4 different specialists and thus far has been given no diagnosis, she reports that they have completed every possible test, none have returned a conclusive answer. She is on medication to help with nausea and increase apetite, she says these help, but she still suffers.
Avatar n tn I can't lose weight because of low T and prednisone so I can't make the stomach and asthma symptoms better, and my biggest goal is to be taking less ranitidine too because I've read that can cause more mucus, but I need to be less heavy in order to have less reflux so I could take less than 600mg a day of the ranitidine. With all of these meds for allergies and everything else, I'm still going back toward a sinus infection once again, and I just don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn So the nodes that I would expect ot be large and painful for you would be all along under your jaw, down your neck, behind your ear and even down as far as the armpit on the worst side. Did he look at all the nodes?? The Augmentin may give you diarrhea and stomach upset. Try to take it anyway. Get some active culture yogurt and eat it a couple times a day. You might also go to the health food store (or section of your grocery) and buy some "LactobaccillusGG". It is a probiotic.
Avatar n tn Reason i ask is i had a toothace dentist prescribed antibiotics i told him make sure there liver friendly he said all antibiotics are.. then i got swimmers ear while vacationing and went to ear doc and she said same thing .Does anyone know of a site that discusses that i trid janis no luck Thanks ..
Avatar m tn While researching this I contacted other family members and learned that my Mothers sister is currently suffereing from almost the same symptoms as me. She has the same stomach upset issues, BM problems, and pain. We compared notes, and feel confident that we are both suffereing from the same illness. She has been to 4 different specialists and thus far has been given no diagnosis, she reports that they have completed every possible test, none have returned a conclusive answer.
Avatar f tn 1 year ago breast cancer masectomy had stage 2 and stage 1 ductal and lobular in 1 breast, she is 83, has COPD, diabetes, hypothyroidism, gout, stomach issues (hiatal hernia) and a goiter. She is on aridimex, glyburide, tagament, and levathroxin and takes vitamins. 3 weeks ago she had headaches and congestion sinus infection.
187666 tn?1331176945 I originally posted this on the Crohn's/Colitis board since there was no forum specifically for diverticulitis. One person helpfully recommended this forum. Here is what I said: Normally I have no digestive problems. Monday night I woke up with sharp cramps. Tuesday things only got worse. I ended up in ER with all the usual treatments. They did a CT scan and said I had diverticulitis. What a nasty little surprise.
Avatar m tn Therefore, I went back to an immediate care place versus my doctor and was prescribed Augmentin 875 2x day for 7 days. I took this antibiotic until 1/4/2011 (from 12/28/2010) and upon completion on 1/8/2011, while eating at Ryan's Steak House a few hours later I started to have diarrhea (about 9 times from 8 - 4am) w/chills for about two hours (I think...) Sunday and Monday it persisted and blood began to appear.
Avatar n tn I also developed a flu with an extremely bad and persistent cough, ear aches, sore throat that lasted 8 weeks. My wife also came down with the same flu symptoms and stomach cramps. Within a week her period returned. My friend offered to get tested and was positive for HSV1 (she had not had cold sores in more than a year), negative for HSV2, HIV, all of the HEPs and infections included in the PAP smear. I tested allowing 12 weeks to pass from my initial episode Herpesselect IGG positive (4.
Avatar m tn So yes, your anxiety could be caused by the antibiotic, although this wouldn't be the case for most people, and it definitely can cause stomach problems. This is why you should take probiotics from the refrigerated section of the best health food store in your area to try to keep as many beneficial organisms intact as possible while taking antibiotics, and particularly after you stop taking them.
Avatar f tn Its been about a little over a wek that I was on augmentin 875 2 pills a day for the tonsilitious and I believe swollen lympnodes. It seemed to work pretty well. I still have a little cough though and the nodes are a tiny bit still there. She explained to me about the IgM and the IgG but I honestly don't remeber. She showed me the papers, but I did not take them. I told her to check for everything that is why she checked and then the Lyme came out positive on both tests.
Avatar m tn Soon after (a week or so), she began feeling numbness and tingliness in her hands. It spread to her stomach. It became unbearable so she went the ER. They did an MRI a week later and today she was diagnosed with MS. Something seems off here to me... She has never had these symptoms of MS until after that antibiotic. She has had a cyst in that area in the past and they did surgically remove it. I feel like it was caused by the antibiotic. I just don't understand....