Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder teaching strategies

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Avatar f tn // Focus on the Inattention symptoms. On the ADD/ADHD forum where I post a lot, I have seen numerous parents saying similar things. By the way, it is not unusual for an intelligent girl to go unnoticed in school (well, at least till about middle school), while all the hyper little boys are noticed.
Avatar m tn Boy, I believe you when you said, "I have Googled and read and read and Googled until I just couldn't read anymore." The length of your original post shows how much you care. Hopefully, I can help. And I'm pretty sure I have a few sources on tap that you haven't found yet. I've got a lot to say and I doubt that I will get it in all tonight. And then I will be out of town for two days. I want to talk about the ADHD diagnosis. His age and place in school.
Avatar n tn The school counselor has tried implementing strategies in the classroom...none have been successful. BUT I implement similar strategies at home...and he is great...only difference...I can give my son more one on one direct attention.
627816 tn?1349241716 using mechanical devices or objects to restraint a person's movement (handcuffs as one example), using chemicals which have the effect of restraining movement (for example psychotropic medications), or having one or more other person prevent movementby holding another (often called physical restraint). All three types of restraint might occur in school settings.Mechanical devices have historically been used as assistive devices for children with disabilities.
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Avatar n tn ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) involves a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity and impulsivity. Usually children with ADHD are of school age before their parents seriously suspect that they may have a problem and have an evaluation done. However, children aged four years and older can be successfully tested and diagnosed for ADHD.
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