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Avatar n tn hi sassy i have a 10 yr old son who also self mutilates he has been diagnosed as having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder not all adhd kids mutilate i also have a 6 yr old that suffers from the same condition that would perfer to hurt some one else have u considered that he may have adhd
118225 tn?1278658540 Sometimes learning difficulties can be attributed to what "seems" like an attention deficit disorder, when the root of the problem is actually that the child is having difficulty processing oral and written commands and accessing written print (as well as printing it). It is good that you are getting it checked out. The other thing is too, his medication might have some side effects that you want to discuss with your doctor.
Avatar m tn org/articles/add-adhd/attention-deficit-disorder-adhd-in-children.htm If it does wind up being ADHD, I have many more links to professional sources that can help you make decisions. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn What do you do with a child who takes no responsibility for actions, no self control, doesn't follow rules (home or otherwise), makes people mad on purpose, doesn't follow through with instructions for chores, ignores requests, cannot make friends because he annoys them, desires friendships but has none because they can't stand his behaviors, is rigid in thinking, argues everything, will not follow through with instruction,and this year he got so fixated on a disagreement over a violation of hi
Avatar m tn Only 400,000 people in the world have it and you have excessive eating, short stature, low muscle tone, light skin compared to family, the gonads (testies) don't form, you have very low IQ, infertility, Diabetis is type I not type II, small hands and feet, lack of sexual development, attention deficit, growth hormone deficiency, etc. Your symptoms are different. Unless you have all these things?
Avatar f tn Hello, Is there anyone, I mean anyone, out there that has rhythmic movement disorder? I have been violently thrashing my body and head, laterally while asleep or mostly somewhat asleep since I can remember. I am 30 now. It use to consume maybe an hour or two a night but now it is getting drastically worse. I find myself doing it or am told that I, "rock", 4-5 hours a night.
Avatar m tn (a) Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), (b) Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or conduct disorder, but it is difficult to disentangle those features from those of BPD. I certainly exhibited episodes of hyperactivity-impulsivity or just impulsivity, but I cannot find any detailed information about these early years since everyone who knew me then is now dead or not contactable. 2.7.1.
Avatar n tn We took him to a child psychiatrist recommended by his pediatrician and it turned out that he had ADD. Not ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), just ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) He was put on medication, once daily and his life changed completely. He could concentrate, focus, his grades went up, his mood changed AND the homework was being turned in - daily! Even the teacher called us on the phone and asked what in the world was going on. haha.
Avatar n tn Knight, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a legitimate neurobehavioral disorder. It absolutley has its origins in the central nervous system though, depending on the severity of the condition, may not require medical (i.e., pharmacological) treatment. Many mild-moderate cases of ADHD can be quite successfully treated via behavioral techniques and environmental modification. There is no test, so to speak, for ADHD, including blood tests.
Avatar f tn ive been through something similar and you will not believe this but my family member who was like that was 15 and he had attention deficit disorder and was given something called rittilin just a shot in the dark dont even know if the elderly can suffer from this
Avatar n tn occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, yoga and meditation techniques, music therapy, art therapy, drama therapy, psychiatrist, and psychologist. If you are prescribed to a medication I recommend from my experience that you also seek a outside support group or proffesional help that will also help guide you to further self-improvemnt and mental growth.
Avatar f tn the antipsychotic Risperdal, the antidepressant Prozac, two sleeping medicines and one for attention-deficit disorder. All by the time he was 3. He was sedated, drooling and overweight from the side effects of the antipsychotic medicine. Although his mother, Brandy Warren, had been at her “wit’s end” when she resorted to the drug treatment, she began to worry about Kyle’s altered personality. “All I had was a medicated little boy,” Ms. Warren said. “I didn’t have my son.
214255 tn?1205639236 In addition, clonidine has also be used for migraine headaches, hot flashes associated with menopause, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.[3][4] Clonidine is regularly prescribed to opiate addicts to help alleviate their withdrawal symptomology. It is mainly used to combat the sympathetic nervous system response to opiate withdrawal, namely tachycardia and hypertension, in the first couple days of withdrawals.
961762 tn?1265233311 I agree with jen, this is likely an "attentional" problem related to the cognitive probems that are famous in MS. In the case of staring aimlessly it would be the problem of keeping your mind on whatever task you are doing. In kids with Attention-Deficit, they have "daydreaming". When you ask them what they were "thinking" about they will honestly say "nothing.
Avatar n tn Within the first two months of our move he exhibited depressive behaviors and had lost over 10% of his body weight. Aside from these things we were dealing with at the time; he has attention deficit, hyperactivity and distraction issues that were always present since he was 3 years old. In Feb 2003 a psychiatrist placed him on risperdal and we worked our way up to 2mg dly.
Avatar n tn It's not something that is your fault or that you can necessarily change on your own. From your description, it sounds like you might also have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Some of your personality reminds me of my son, who has both ADHD and depression/anxiety disorder. He is in his 20's but with medication he's done OK, and is very smart and now working on a Master Degree.
Avatar m tn // Feel free to post back if you have any other questions.
Avatar f tn children has ADHD, a sizable increase from a few years earlier that researchers think might be explained by growing awareness and better screening. ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, makes it hard for kids to pay attention and control impulsive behavior. It's often treated with drugs, behavioral therapy, or both. The new study found that about two-thirds of the children who have ADHD are on medication.
Avatar f tn My motto is that if you wouldn’t eat the product don’t put it on your hair, face or skin. Attention deficit disorder is now one of the fastest growing diseases in our society and it can be traced to these toxins and nutrient deficiencies as well as a disconnected life from nature and spirit. According to Dr.
Avatar n tn Ted Hoffman, after discussing background and my personal diagnosis as a parent from the reading that I have done (Bipolar Disorder Type Two, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disabled, Anxiety, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder). Dr. Hoffman said that it was unfortunate that Brandon responded poorly to Abilify because the dopamine is what he needs for his condition, but since this caused a Dystonic Reaction he will have to work around this with different medications. Dr.
Avatar f tn // And this is another wonderful site. I just put bathroom into the search bar and came up with these. I think that you will find some of them very useful. You can search for almost any problem on this site and find answers. Hope this helps. Please post if you have any more questions.
Avatar m tn If someone finds it difficult to pay attention or feels somewhat hyperactive, “Attention-deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder” has those symptoms right there in its name. It’s an easy, catch-all phrase, which saves time for doctors to boot. But can we really lump all these people together? What if there are other things causing people to feel distracted? I don’t deny that we, as a population, are more distracted today than we ever were before.
Avatar n tn We have seen the psychologist who diagnosed him with an Inattentive Attention Deficit Disorder. We have opted to use behavioral therapy rather than pharmacological therapy at this time. Each day presents it's own sets of challenges, but we are determined to equip our son with the necessary tools so that he might succeed during these school years without a tarnished self esteem. I wish your family the best!
967168 tn?1477588089 Examples include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD has symptoms that overlap with bipolar disorder. For this reason, bipolar disorder can be difficult to differentiate from ADHD. Sometimes one is mistaken for the other. In some cases, a person may be diagnosed with both conditions. Addiction or substance abuse. Many people with bipolar disorder also have alcohol or drug problems.
Avatar m tn Running around with no purpose or direction doesn't hurt a child or anyone else, so that is not a good reason to be medicated, IMO. Being attention deficit at 3 and unable to play with other kids, also is not harming anyone. My son is 11 and can't read and has a hard time with other kids, but we never tried to make him fit in. Just this year, he has chosen to try and fit in. We encourage him to do what he wants to do.
1386425 tn?1280122758 Including Mood stabilizers and Adderall witch is a prescription medication that is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. which made me start my own scientific experiment, While i was taking the Medications prescribed to me i often had to up my dosages. I then decided to compared the side effects between my legal drugs and Marijuana. The Legal drugs have more symptoms then the Illegal Drug. such as Damage to liver, Manic Stages, Heart Attack, Depression EX.
Avatar n tn Dear Brandy, Nothing in the information you conveyed is suggestive of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivit Disorder as a primary condition. However, it can be comsidered as part of a more general evaluation of his medical, learning and social-emotional status.
Avatar f tn // Focus on the Inattention symptoms. On the ADD/ADHD forum where I post a lot, I have seen numerous parents saying similar things. By the way, it is not unusual for an intelligent girl to go unnoticed in school (well, at least till about middle school), while all the hyper little boys are noticed.
1393879 tn?1288729049 If you look outside western medicine, mainly in alternative and complementary medicine, there have been successes in nutritionally helping conditions, including Attention Deficit Disorder, mental conditions, and other conditions. George Eby is one example of how magnesium taurate cleared up his severe depression; it has helped many other people, too. There is a nutritional product: EMPowerPlus and similar, Quiet Minds, that have helped people with ADD, bipolar, depression, etc.