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Avatar n tn But, given the overall picture, it would make sense to arrange for an evaluation by a pediatric mental health professional (clinical psychologist, psychiatric social worker, psychiatric nurse, psychiatrist). Poosible conditions include anxiety disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and mood disorder (though the latter is not likely). If you are not sure how to proceed to obtain such an evaluation, check with your daughter's pediatrician for guidance.
Avatar m tn Helo frns, could u please help me,,, i want to knw abt Attention Deficit Disorder. I don't know what kind of disorder is this. But my girlfriend told me that she is having 39 percent of this. Plz let me know abt this disorder. And also if u knw if i have to deal with it with sum certain things or something......
Avatar n tn You sound like a very caring teacher and the short answer is yes. Because you are a teacher and not a doctor I'm sure you know you can only report symptoms. Tell the mom it doesn't look like the ADD you have seen in other kids but it looks like he just zones out. DO NOT bring up the surgery. Moms, in general, feel guilty enough already "blaming" her will not change anything.
Avatar m tn t been paying attention, a new government study claims that kids taking pharmaceuticals to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) score higher on math and reading tests at the elementary school level. The study is thought to validate all of the claims that drugs like Ritalin and Adderall are reigning in and focusing the minds of the younger generation. I'm sorry, but I'm still not buying it. I've long been critical of the very concept of ADHD.
250155 tn?1485295939 um part of mood swings. when you have bipolar disorder you change from extreme happiness to being depressed frequently. you can experience irritability when you are leading towards the depressed side. irritabilty can be a sign of maybe differnt things and doesnt have to mean anything other than stress.
1016791 tn?1252613377 I started the day with an excellent mood, I made it to play with my cousin, study for my exam , but towards the end, I'm really impulsive, irritated and nervous. Reason? ... I guess nothing!
Avatar m tn However, some people have problems learning due to attention deficit disorder. Stimulant medications have been shown to be effective for reducing symptoms of ADHD such as distractability and impulsivity. Sometimes mood and thought disorders interfere with learning as well, and these conditions can also respond to medical interventions. A psychiatrist is the right professional to visit to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for psychotropic medications.
Avatar f tn Lol let me know when you figure that out! I'm not at moody this time as I was last time (even though my husband told me he thought I was pref cuz I've been bitchy!) I guess I just try and talk to him a lot. Pay attention to his behavior. If he's distant I know my mood is pry bad. I tell him sorry. Try to give him personal attention and not take about our daughter or baby on the way. Make him feel important.
Avatar f tn what I am wondering is moderate to sever mood swings a known symptom of anxiety? I will find myself gettting overly upset about minor things sometimes. I also have been a hyper person my whole life I tend to talk fast sometimes. Also I will get antsy sometimes and tap my foot. I sometimes wonder if I have add because sometimes I find it hard to focus. I dont usually feel really depressed although sometimes I do feel sad but I wouldnt say its frequent.
7581744 tn?1393535329 I have Bipolar I Disorder and have been having extreme mood swings. Is it possible to go from manic to depressed in a matter of hours?
712961 tn?1229534251 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Authors Full Name Dieter Baeyens,* Herbert Roeyers, Piet Hoebeke, Inge Antrop, Rainer Mauel and Johan Vande Walle Institution Department of Psychology, Developmental Disorders, Ghent University (DB, HR, IA) and Pediatric Uro/Nephrological Center, Ghent University Hospital (DB, PH, RM, JVW), Ghent, Belgium Title The Impact of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders on Brainstem Dysfunct
Avatar n tn None of his friends know that he was diagnosed with a disorder. He goes through many mood swings....very elated to very agitated. Most of the time he will blurt out useless information or comments while watching television. When we ask him what he is talking about, he becomes very defensive and agitated.
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Avatar f tn I am 19 and have been told a few too many times that I have abrupt mood swings, I dont notice until a few minutes after I have them. Usually ten or longer. I can be completely happy and all sunshiney, but out of no where something will **** me off (usually) and I end up VERY angry. Most of the time it is too anger, but often I end up sad as well. They are abrupt and happen constantly. Is there anything that I can do?
Avatar f tn It is important to look for other disorders which may be present; such as, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder) and anxiety disorders. It may be difficult to improve the symptoms of ODD without treating the coexisting disorder." In the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley, she states that 33% of the kids with ADHD also have ODD.
1723823 tn?1317425962 I get really bad mood swings. I can be happy and cheerful one mintue and the next mad for no reason, then it goes to depression the back to happy. I dont understand it really, I just dont want to be so moody. What can i do to make it bettter?
Avatar n tn In my opinion your son could have a serious condition such as attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, anger management issues, something could be bothering him or bullying at school, or he could even (God forbid) be acting out in response to some sort of molestation at school, church, etc. Good luck with this. A good therapist and/or doctor should be able to diagnose and treat your son.
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4642801 tn?1364034108 I've been having trouble keeping myself sane lately, but I've been doing my very best to keep happy, weather that be taking 5 htp, doing exercise, or just jiggling to music. There's one thing that winds me up though. WARCRAFT! The bf gets hooked on it, won't move and it even gets to the point where I'm not acknowledged, and he gets annoyed if I try and pay him attention... in all means it should be him paying me attention though!!
Avatar n tn This can occur with mood disorders ( depression, bipolar disorder), ADD (attention deficit disorder) , drug abuse and several others. Personality disorders play a significant role in interpersonal relationships. It would be helpful to consider evaluation by a trained Mental Health Professional to rule out any psychiatric conditions. I wish you Good Luck. Sincerely HFHS-M.D.