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627816 tn?1349241716 Autism and fragile X also have in common attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 70-90% of males and 30-50% of females will be affected by ADHD as well as sensory problems. Such as sensitivity to light, touch and sounds. Females have less mood instability, aggression and hyperactivity. More often shyness, and social anxiety causes withdrawal or even the reluctance to speak. Previous screening studies have shown that 2.5% to 6% of boys with autism have fragile X.
Avatar m tn During the past two decades, child psychiatry has already provoked three fads- a tripling of Attention Deficit Disorder, a more than twenty-times increase in Autistic Disorder, and a forty-times increase in childhood Bipolar Disorder. The field should have felt chastened by this sorry track record and should engage itself now in the crucial task of educating practitioners and the public about the difficulty of accurately diagnosing children and the risks of over- medicating them.
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Avatar m tn NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Oct 24 - Children who wet themselves are more than four times as likely as other kids to also have attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)". I mention that because it would also explain some of his other problems and why your punishments don't seem to be working. Its makes specialmoms question about how he is doing in school very important! So that is something you definitely want to discuss with his teacher.
Avatar n tn It would be reasonable to consider that your son's condition may warrant a diagnosis of Hyperactive/Impulsive-Type Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. If so, he may well respond favorably to stimulant medication. This could make a dramatic difference for the better, both in his classroom behavior and in his social interactions.
Avatar n tn We found out that is actually a big warning sign for ADD as they get older and realize they can't perform as well as their peers. He was diagnosed with moderate attention deficit, and mild to no hyperactivity. Many people think if the child isn't hyper, then they do not have ADD, but the two are not always together. I would suggest looking at some of the ADHD websites, especially, to see the symptoms and characteristics of ADHD.
Avatar n tn I have researched anxiety disorders, dyslexia, oppositional defiant disorder, autism and so on. Nothing seems to fit just right. So here is what we are currently facing... At home my son has improved tremendously. His hyperactivity has died down and he seems more like a typical 5 year old boy. He generally listens on the first try or at least by the second. If he is could take five times or more. He is sweet...caring...affectionate...thoughtful...very attentive...
Avatar m tn Only 400,000 people in the world have it and you have excessive eating, short stature, low muscle tone, light skin compared to family, the gonads (testies) don't form, you have very low IQ, infertility, Diabetis is type I not type II, small hands and feet, lack of sexual development, attention deficit, growth hormone deficiency, etc. Your symptoms are different. Unless you have all these things?
Avatar n tn I am a 34 year-old active, white female, average height, very healthy weight. I had an interior carotid dissection over a week ago, they think from a sports trauma (though I didn't do anything where I knowingly hurt myself). Luckily, I have 100% collateral blood flow, no brain damage, no shifting, possible outcome. Interestingly, in addition, I have tested positive for antiphospholipid antibodies (after testing false-positive for syphilis---common, who knew).