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Avatar m tn I have consulted a neurologist and after examination he suggested that I have hemicrania continua in left Brain and he had asked me to go for MRI I wanted to ask do I have Attention Deficit Disorder as I am not able to concentrate in my classe when someone speaks I remain in day dreaming of something or the other and there the pain starts.
Avatar n tn Dear Alaine, Some people promote the herbal remedy Pycnogenol (from the bark of a particular type of pine tree) as appropriate for the treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. However, I have seen no documentation supporting its effectiveness in any clinical trials comapring it with the standard prescrition drugs. Even if it produces some benefit, this would occur in a subtle fashion, over time. You would not expect any dramatic change.
Avatar n tn He is currently in his second year of immunotherapy maintenance (monthly shots) for his allergies and has responded well to this treatment. My son also was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) in the fall of last year 2008. While my son has received therapy for controlling his emotions and anger, I further have discussed moving him off Advair and back to Flovent over the next month out of concern for side effects of the drug.
Avatar n tn //************.com/lib/treatment-for-attention-deficit-disorder-adhd. Perhaps the insurance company is not up to date with new regulations? Or can his doctor petition the insurance company for an exception? But other things that you can do. I highly recommend getting the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. It will answer many of your questions about ADHD for the next decade or so. Also check out these two links from the childbehavior site.
Avatar m tn My symptoms are almost gone completely about 15 minutes after I have taken Adderall which I had previously been prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder. Even my vision goes back to normal. Of course all of this is short lived and I revert back to my previous state in about an hour but the change is so dramatic that I think it is worth a mention. Does this mean that I am deficient in a certain hormone? 2. My skin.
Avatar m tn An Australian study suggests daily dose of fish oil helps calm children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Children in the study were given a commercially available dietary supplement containing a combination of fish oil and evening primrose oil, in a ratio of four to one. They were given just under a gram of fish oil a day. The results showed that children on the active fish oil capsules, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, had improvements in attention, behaviour and vocabulary.
363110 tn?1340924019 (There's no evidence so far, however, that marijuana use during pregnancy causes attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). One study even found that young children whose mothers smoked marijuana during pregnancy had a higher risk of leukemia than those whose mothers did not. What's more, there's no way to know if the pot you're smoking has been laced with other drugs (such as PCP) or contaminated with pesticides, which would put your baby at even higher risk.
Avatar n tn I have tryed both benadryl and sudafed on a daily basis for 5 months and no changes!!! Even been going to a homeopathic doctor 2 times a the way our bill is up to $10 000, and still no solution. Went to ENT today and he said that it is a mucus problem in the eustation tube, and no meds will help just time. Well it has been over a year!!!!give me a break!!!
Avatar n tn He was a little concerned about some of the symptoms I labeled as neurological, and he suggested strongly that a thorough assessment include tests that we hoped would rule out of e assessed for a demylinating disorder (such as multiple sclerosis). When I read AppleJac's comments, I thought for what must be the umpteenth time since becoming part of this forum, "Well, what do you know?" Dropping things a lot has been one of my most common symptoms.
Avatar f tn your bladder. I had surgery to relieve the numbness and burning and now have a motor deficit in my right arm. Be careful ask questions, get second opinions, ask about alternatives and most importantly find out all the risks for each. Please note nerve damage can irreversable from being pinched for a long period leaving you with the burn and pain,numness ect.
Avatar n tn I just had blood work done by my GYN (no other Dr. suggested it) so it'll be 2 weeks before I know any results from that. I also have panic being like this for so long has caused that to kick in even more and I'm taking more Xanax. I'm thinking something's just weird this year....and whatever it was, I got it! I've heard of a lot of people being like this this year. I don't have a deviated septum and Dr. said I didn't need surgery...but if it would help me I would try it!
288415 tn?1231634102 Dr's seem to think I cause this problem by itching which causes infection which causes itchiness. HELP please? I am open to homeopathic suggestions as mainstream medicine just seems to temporarily relieve the symptoms and not cure the cause.
Avatar n tn Do you correlate with the initiation of these episodes with any particular event? You might be having a rhythmic movement disorder, which more or less resembles the symptoms or even age related. Has your doctor done a sleep study? You need to continue the medication for couple of weeks as advised by your doctor and try to avoid trigger factors like alcohol, smoking and stress. It is better to consult a neurologist and get evaluated. Take care and updated on your thoughts and progress.
Avatar n tn Probably, I have some type of seronegative arthritis such as a.s. I also have an ai blood disorder. I'm glad I'm SVR and I'll do what I need to do to treat these autoimmune issues as well. In my view, the ai problems are still better than the alternative.
Avatar f tn sometimes it drives me nuts, other times if im not really paying attention I don't notice it much. nerves are a crazy thing. I read where some one who had this problem got some one to punch him in the mouth just so he could get his lip stitched and possibly given something that would help, and of course it didn't. but its probably true that 85% of people who had this issue NEVER recover while the 15% recover in 6 months to a year.
Avatar n tn Maybe if your doc gets something in the mail from them they might pay a little more attention to this matter and get to the bottom of this for us.
162948 tn?1205256292 I recently had my IUD removed, and started to get discouraged after several negative tests. I did a little bit of research, since my doctor never told me what to expect afterwards. It is normal to bleed heavy clumps after it is removed. The IUD works a couple different ways. It does reduce your uterine lining, blocking fertilized eggs from implanting on the uterus, or by creating a mild inflammation which prevents sperm from fertilizing eggs.