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Avatar f tn Post a Comment » Read All Comments (50) » The pills boost focus and impulse control in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Although A.D.H.D is the diagnosis Dr. Anderson makes, he calls the disorder “made up” and “an excuse” to prescribe the pills to treat what he considers the children’s true ill — poor academic performance in inadequate schools. “I don’t have a whole lot of choice,” said Dr.
Avatar m tn However I will try to provide you with some useful information. Attention deficit disorder has many symptoms including, but not limited to, forgetful of daily activities, losing things, not listening, easily distractible, making careless mistakes, fidgets, hyperactive, talking excessively, interrupts others, and avoids activities that require mental function. Many people may not know that they have this condition until it is noticed in school or work.
Avatar m tn My son has a developmental delay called sensory integration disorder. Basically a part of his brain doesn't function correctly and it affects his nervous system. His nervous system affects everything from motor planning (speech and fine motor and really EVERYTHING else), to how he understands where he is in space, to regulation of mood, to sensitivity to touch, sensitivity to noise, sensitivity to light, etc. On the mild end, some of the things that you mention are symptoms.
Avatar f tn Many of us have experienced IIADD (Interferon Induced Attention Deficit disorder -and yes, the is a real medical term) in varying degrees while enduring treatment. It is my personal belief that the hemolytic anemia (when the drugs began to rip your red blood cells apart faster than you can make them) is the biggest culprit as the fewer the red blood cells you have to carry oxygen, the more difficult your thinking process become. You will have "signs" of onset...
Avatar f tn Frontal lobe volume is smaller in persons with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There have been studies proving that brain regions involved in self-regulation show difference with those of controls. Smaller frontal lobe white matter volumes are also seen in depressed adolescents. Frontal lobes are involved in motor function, problem solving, memory, language, social and sexual behavior and are very vulnerable to injury.
Avatar f tn Finally, certain people live into adulthood with thinking troubles that are later diagnosed as learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder (ADD). Many people think of this as a childhood disorder but it can start in childhood and not be diagnosed into adulthood. Given the history you provided about neurofibromatosis (?type I or II) and nasopharyngeal cancer, you may have symptoms if there is a structural lesions in the brain (such as an astrocytoma or other brain mass).
Avatar m tn Finally, certain people live into adulthood with thinking troubles that are later diagnosed as learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder (ADD). Many people think of this as a childhood disorder but it can start in childhood and not be diagnosed into adulthood. There are several potentially treatable causes to your symptoms. I strongly suggest you share your concerns with your physician.
Avatar f tn Mental and emotional disorders related to copper imbalance include spaciness, depression, mood swings, fears, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, violence, autism, schizophrenia, and attention deficit disorder. Copper deficiency is associated with aneurysms, gout, anemia and osteoporosis. Interestingly, the symptoms of premenstrual tension are identical to the symptoms of copper imbalance U did mention high copper levels- this should be looked at more closley.
195469 tn?1388326488 SID is its own diagnosis, but it can also be linked to other neurological conditions, including ASDs, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, Developmental Dyspraxia, Tourette syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and speech delays, among many others. Diagnosis is increasing by developmental pediatricians, pediatric neurologists, and child psychologists.
Avatar f tn Hello, Is there anyone, I mean anyone, out there that has rhythmic movement disorder? I have been violently thrashing my body and head, laterally while asleep or mostly somewhat asleep since I can remember. I am 30 now. It use to consume maybe an hour or two a night but now it is getting drastically worse. I find myself doing it or am told that I, "rock", 4-5 hours a night.
Avatar m tn (a) Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), (b) Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or conduct disorder, but it is difficult to disentangle those features from those of BPD. I certainly exhibited episodes of hyperactivity-impulsivity or just impulsivity, but I cannot find any detailed information about these early years since everyone who knew me then is now dead or not contactable. 2.7.1.
Avatar f tn Jo, When patients were given T3 in place of antidepressants most recovered on T3 alone. Also, I caution people that some AD contain fluoride a toxic poison that Hitler gave to the Jews in Nazi concentration camps to kill them and later given to people with overactive thyroids to slow their thyroids down. So an AD could well be causing additional problems to one’s health.
Avatar n tn One possibility is that it is symptomatic of an aspect of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Another possibility is that it represents a mild deficit in what are called executive functions. These are skills involved in mastering everyday tasks by inhibiting impulsive actions and sustaining goal-oriented behaviors, learning and otherwise. The various skills, organization being one of them, develop as the pre-frontal section of the frontal lobe of the brain develops.
Avatar f tn Namaste, People with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have difficulty sustaining attention and concentration. They typically exhibit inappropriate levels of activity, distractibility, and impulsivity. While ADD and ADHD are usually diagnosed in childhood, they can last (often undetected) throughout adolescence into adulthood.
535822 tn?1443980380 About 29 million prescriptions were written last year in the United States for Ritalin and similar drugs to treat attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, 23 million of them for children. While kids around the country are popping them like candy, few parents know the very real risks associated with these psychotropic medications such as: A 2005 study showed that Ritalin and other stimulant drugs given to children might increase their risk of cancer later in life.
Avatar f tn As you may already be aware, Cogmed Working Memory Training has a solid track record (documented by many stringent alayses conducted by respected universities and research institutions, not by the company) in the improvement of working memory, a cognitive function strongly associated with disorders of attention. To the extent that your child's language processing problem is a function of working memory deficit, the five-week program might well be of benefit.
948349 tn?1294383837 * Alleviate behavioral problems. Hyperactivity associated with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), improved attention span, decreased aggression, improved learning ability, and sometimes increased intelligence. * Increase attention span. After 6 weeks of DMAE supplementation, students showed improved concentration at lectures and during examinations. * Improve learning, memory, creativity, and verbal fluency.
4190741 tn?1370181432 Trigeminal nerve stimulation may also be an option for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Dr. Cook said. Earlier this month, at the American Psychiatric Association's 2013 Annual Meeting, he presented the results of a small pilot trial that showed good results with TNS as stand-alone therapy in treatment-naïve patients aged 7 to 14 years with ADHD.
Avatar n tn There are a number of things to be sorted out in your case such as finding out what specific type or types of memory are abnormal, history of head trauma or meningitis, labor and delivery/perinatal/childhood history, any concomitant behavioral or psychiatric disorder such as attention deficit disorder or mood disorder, and any history of seizures.
Avatar f tn He had me try Provigil, then Ritalin, and now I'm taking Strattera. The last two are ADD (attention-deficit disorder) drugs, and Strattera works like a charm on the fog. My concentration and attention (and memory) are NORMAL again even though I still have the woozy-head feeling. It has been an absolute godsend for me!! I would suggest talking to a neurologist about your problem--especially, if possible, one who specializes in dizziness/inner ear. Check the list at www.robbmd.
Avatar f tn Certain people live into adulthood with thinking troubles that are later diagnosed as learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder (ADD). Many people think of this as a childhood disorder but it can start in childhood and not be diagnosed into adulthood. Finally, traumatic brain injury can lead to cognitive trouble depending on the location of lesions. Also, TBI is a risk factor in developing epilepsy.
Avatar m tn As many as 50%–80% of children with Tourette's disorder have some symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), including a short attention span, restlessness, poor concentration, and diminished impulse control. On average, ADHD will manifest two and a half years before the tics appear. A dual diagnosis of ADHD and tic disorder is associated with more severe tics and greater social impairment than for tic disorder by itself.
Avatar dr m tn As the new school year begins, it’s only natural that there’s more awareness about learning and behavior issues. One of the most controversial topics that came up frequently is ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It’s thought that 2-4% of children have this condition, and a shocking 50% of children with this condition are on some form of prescription medication. Not only is it seen in children, but adults can have it as well.
1831414 tn?1318862548 Finally, certain people live into adulthood with thinking troubles that are later diagnosed as learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder (ADD). Many people think of this as a childhood disorder but it can start in childhood and not be diagnosed into adulthood. There are several potentially treatable causes to your daughter’s symptoms. I strongly suggest you continue to share your concerns with her physician.
Avatar f tn Could this be responsible for causing reduced executive function? 3. Could this be an indication of Attention Deficit Disorder? 4. Could this be an indication of brain damage causing my early coordination/speech problems? 5. What happens within the subcortical white matter and pons?
Avatar n tn this possibility. Further, his angry reactivity requires a systematic behavior management plan, of the sort that you can see described in Lynn Clark's book SOS Help for Parents. When he is being evaluated re: ADHD, it would be prudent to call the clinician's attention to his problematic angry behavior as well. The clinician can offer guidance and support to his parents.
Avatar f tn My motto is that if you wouldn’t eat the product don’t put it on your hair, face or skin. Attention deficit disorder is now one of the fastest growing diseases in our society and it can be traced to these toxins and nutrient deficiencies as well as a disconnected life from nature and spirit. According to Dr.
Avatar m tn Fish oil has also been proposed for attention deficit disorder, borderline personality disorder, dyslexia and cognitive impairment, but supporting evidence for these uses remains preliminary. Pregnancy: DHA is important for normal development and functioning of the brain and retina in the fetus and in infants. For this reason, it is thought that pregnant or nursing mothers may benefit from supplementation.