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429700 tn?1308011423 Hi Deb, Is the problem ADD (attention deficit (with out) hyperactivity disorder) or CAPD ( central auditory processing disorder) the reason behind the question is that sx can seemingly overlap, though there is a distinct difference but ADD and ADHD is more widely known.
Avatar n tn You sound like a very caring teacher and the short answer is yes. Because you are a teacher and not a doctor I'm sure you know you can only report symptoms. Tell the mom it doesn't look like the ADD you have seen in other kids but it looks like he just zones out. DO NOT bring up the surgery. Moms, in general, feel guilty enough already "blaming" her will not change anything.
Avatar n tn Dear Ms. Voisine, Symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (the correct name for the condition) cluster in three areas: inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Some children display symptoms in all three clusters, some children in two of the three clusters, and some children display symptoms in only one of the clusters. So, the range of possible symptoms can vary greatly.
Avatar n tn Aguilar, Aggressive behavior is not a feature of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is not to say that your daughter does not display ADHD, but only to point out that ADHD does not account for her aggressive posture. Even if your daughter displays ADHD (and she is really too young to be concluding such a diagnosis), her aggression needs to be managed.
429700 tn?1308011423 I was wondering--have any of you been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD)? I was quite surprised when my neuro diagnosed me with this last week. I think it's related to my MS, but not sure (dummy me didn't think to ask). He told me that Provigil actually helps with this problem and raised my dosage a bit. The cognitive stuff has improved greatly since taking Provigil, but if it would go away completely, I don't think I'd mind one bit!
1472248 tn?1292614695 From the symptoms described this looks to be attention deficit hyperactivity disorder rather than anything related to the previous episode of rolandic seizure. ADHD usually presents in early school years. The child can be either primarily inattentive, impulsive, hyperactive or emotionally unstable. The child often doesn’t seem to listen, is easily distracted, cant sit still and is fidgety, has angry outbursts, social loner, becomes very sensitive to criticism.
Avatar m tn Severe anemia, liver and kidney dysfunction causing brain fog, some mental disorders like schizophrenia could be the cause of your symptoms. You need proper assessment by a psychologist and a psychiatrist and if it is indeed attention deficit disorder, then proper treatment for this. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Take care!
Avatar n tn Last night I explained what ADD was, and she started to cry, said she did not want to be ADD because she was not "stupid". I beleive she is very smart, just needs to focus. Any tips or advice with no medications? I dont want her to feel like a failure or stupid but I dont want her to loose it and become depressed. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn This may well indicate Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (the correct name for the condition). Arrange an evaluation with a pediatric menatl health clinician (such as a child psychiatrist or clinical psychologist).
Avatar n tn Dear Lauren, You are correct in thinking that there is no test, per se, for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (technically, this is the correct name for the condition). However, there is definitely an accepted method or process for evaluating the presence of this condition.
Avatar n tn As you know, the stimulant medications (like Dexedrine) that are used as 'front-line' treatments for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder may potentiate the appearance of motor tics. Usually, once the medication has been discontinued, the tic will gradully diminish and even disappear. But this can take a little time, so be patient. If the behavior does not go away, a consult with a pediatric neurologist would be a sensible intervention.
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Avatar f tn Children mature at different rates. This sounds like a description of my child. He is in 1st grade now, we held him back from the second grade this year, and just from Aug-Dec of this school year he has made a lot of improvements. Just keep an eye on him, meet with his teacher and ask how he is doing with his milestones as far as eduction. As long as he is on track with his class, then he should be fine.
Avatar f tn Post a Comment » Read All Comments (50) » The pills boost focus and impulse control in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Although A.D.H.D is the diagnosis Dr. Anderson makes, he calls the disorder “made up” and “an excuse” to prescribe the pills to treat what he considers the children’s true ill — poor academic performance in inadequate schools. “I don’t have a whole lot of choice,” said Dr.
Avatar n tn Diagnosing Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults can be quite difficult, especially if that diagnosis was not made earlier before the age of 7 years. Signs of ADHD in adults include inability to concentrate, difficulty in organizing and completing tasks, easy distractibility, and sudden decision making without a thought of the consequences.
Avatar n tn This can occur with mood disorders ( depression, bipolar disorder), ADD (attention deficit disorder) , drug abuse and several others. Personality disorders play a significant role in interpersonal relationships. It would be helpful to consider evaluation by a trained Mental Health Professional to rule out any psychiatric conditions. I wish you Good Luck. Sincerely HFHS-M.D.
Avatar m tn Has anyone ever been misdiagnosed as bipolar or with anxiety when in reality they have attention deficit disorder, maybe with a combination of depression. I feel like I might be ADD rather than bipolar. I took a test online and it said I score high for likely ADD. Anyone have any thoughts?
Avatar n tn Embrace Your Differences and Transform Your Life" by Sari Solden (interestingly, Hallowell and Ratey, the authors of Driven to Distraction, both wrote a forward in her book). This book focuses on females with AD/HD because the disorder often manifests itself differently in females and males. Also, I am so interested in the topic of females with AD/HD, that I wrote my Master's Thesis on the topic.
Avatar f tn org/medical-information/show/2157/Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder-ADHD?page=1#sec_3761. and see how familiar the symptoms sound. At your age - at that time in elementary/high school - females were really being overlooked (especially if they had ADD). Studies have shown a very high link to depression and ADHD/ADD so its worth checking out. It might be worth your time to find a psychiatrist that specializes in ADHD/ADD and make an appointment - it can't hurt!
Avatar n tn ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder If you do a search of this site, you can get several relevant articles with much information. Best wishes to you in your search for answers.
118225 tn?1278658540 Sometimes learning difficulties can be attributed to what "seems" like an attention deficit disorder, when the root of the problem is actually that the child is having difficulty processing oral and written commands and accessing written print (as well as printing it). It is good that you are getting it checked out. The other thing is too, his medication might have some side effects that you want to discuss with your doctor.
Avatar f tn What to do after you just say NO to Ritalin when a child has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or some other learning disability. And even if you don’t, ADD is a growing problem that you should be aware of some estimate that as many as one in five U.S. children are on Ritalin that’s 6 million kids.
Avatar f tn My son just turned 17 and in the past 7 weeks he has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder- inattentive type and Dysgraphia. Also, his neuropsych testing revealed that his "cognitive processing" falls into the "significantly impaired" less than 1% range and his "working memory" also falls into the "significantly impaired" less than 1% range.
1116472 tn?1260078652 // If, after reading this and other material on ADHD, you feel that it is a possibility you have it, then you need to find a good psychologist or psychiatrist. Not sure I would trust your general MD for something this important.
Avatar n tn Your child is one of the many children who suffer from Tourette's syndrome with co-existing conditions such as attention deficit disorder and seizures. There have been debates for ages about what could possibly be a common cause. No one has ever been able to give a satisfactory explanation. A recent researcher (Grimaldi) has hypothesized that Magnesium deficiency ma play a central role in all the three diseases.
Avatar n tn I did some research both online and from texts, including taking the WHO adult self-report scale for attention deficit disorder. I told my psychiatrist my situation and asked to be put on Strattera. It has had a marginal effect overall; we've slowly moved up the doses to the current 80mg. I understand that this is still only a moderate dose for this medication, but my hope for it having any lasting effect has faded.
Avatar f tn org/medical-information/show/2157/Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder-ADHD?page=1#sec_3761 - for symptoms or just google it. Another source which I think that you will find very interesting is this Utube video by a young lady with ADD in which she describes her situation and symptoms. Personally, I have found that frustration was a key factor in helping to identify a person with ADD.
Avatar n tn I am healthy, 37 years old, and have always been an athlete (competitive swimmer growing up, have run several marathons, etc.). I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder 3+ years ago and in the last 6 months, I notice a huge fluctuation in my heart rate when running. It seems to "get stuck" at about 84 beats per minute and then "stuck" over 190. For each, if I stop running, it jolts my heart back to normal pretty quickly.