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212161 tn?1599427282 Hello... I have asthma and take Flovent 2xday and used to take Combivent as needed. My Dr switched me from Combivent to Atrovent. With Atrovent, I find that it doesn't cause my heart to race as much as it did when using the Combivent.
7748835 tn?1393868668 Hello. I'm 16, 5'6 and 118lbs. I've had asthma since I was little and I just got a diagnosis that it was moderate persistent asthma but has worsened since I've had that diagnosis so I'm sure it's severe now. I'm on Advair 250/20 as a preventor and I have Ventolin HFA as a rescue inhaler. I take Advair twice a day, but sometimes forget to take it. I don't believe it helps prevent any symptoms or attacks whatsoever.
Avatar m tn I am 62 and have Emphysema, I exercise and take Atrovent HFA and do OK. My question is that I would like to move to Florida, I have been there during moderate humidity and had no real problem. I have seen other posts with statements like Florida would be OK or that you should avoid humidity I am looking for a definitive answer if posible.
Avatar n tn ve lived in the same town my whole life and no change in living conditions. My doctor prescribed me Pro Air HFA. Immediately I was using it more than the recommended amounts. It makes me very jittery and makes my hands shake. When I came in I was told to keep using it and then prescribed Qvar. The Qvar gave me debilitating headaches. I've since stopped taking both but the headaches and shaking still continue.
920032 tn?1550680156 lately my overnight breathing is causing me problems. i asked my gp for singulair but she prescribed atrovent. it does get mucus up but i am waking to cough it up. i have excersize induced asthma. it was on this site that i heard about singulair.
Avatar f tn In my own case with AS, I tell people I have a brilliant mind with lousy PR and that I am stuck somewhere between Rainman and Spock at the social level. At 63, there is no such thing as an actual diagnosis for me, but saying I have HFA (rather than trying to explain AS) typically results in people saying I do not appear autistic. If you have never visited ****.net, maybe have a look.
Avatar m tn It is often treated with a drying nasal spray (like Atrovent) and antihistamines like chlorpheniramine and loratadine are effective. Nasal decongestant drops too relieve congestion. Please consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. Regards.
Avatar f tn I am taking atrovent for asthma and i was wondering if i should be spitting out phlem after i take a treatment or does it just break the phlem up and i spit it out whenever?
920032 tn?1550680156 I don very well with the HFA versions. If you were on a dry powder, you might have been having problems with the milk by products in them keeping your peak flow down. My guess would be that your current phlegm problem is from the inflammation and asthma even though your peak flows are improving. If you aren't working with your dr to reduce your steroid use, you should really see your asthma doctor to make sure that your asthma is not flaring.
Avatar n tn You are correct in wanting to wait until you have achieved optimum benefit from the AdvairĀ® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Aerosol, before any consideration of oxygen use. The AdvairĀ® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Aerosol may raise your saturation, to a degree that will make oxygen use unnecessary.
Avatar f tn I have had seasonal allergies along with dust, cat and dog allergies too since 30 years ago. I finally had 5 years of allegy shot ending aroung 2005, This year has been so bad with all the pollen I feel like I'm right back to day one. My eyes are itchy, my nose runs and my palate is so itchy. I take Atrovent for post nasal drip, aerius for the allergies and I'm also on Advair 250 discuss. Why is this happening after all these years? Will it go away or am I supposed to get shots again.
Avatar f tn He prescribed me atrovent but from what I understand it is usually a substitute for ventolin not steroids. He directed me to take both atrovent and ventolin 2 times a day for a month but I don't really have a long term treatment plan. The doctor seemed a bit stumped as to what else to do. I am suffering from some symptoms almost all the time and regularly have fairly bad attacts. I am very glad to have the ventolin but I'm hoping to find long term treatment for the underlying problem.
Avatar n tn I decided it was my atrovent neb (an anticholinergic like Spiriva). My allergist thought it was my Dulera (inhaled combination med like Advair). I eliminated the atrovent and reduced my Dulera and the laryngitis healed. She needs to discus any changes in dosage with her doctor before making changes. I had already been discussing the changes with my doctor as my asthma had become much better controlled. I just pushed up the timeline on one and she made the other. God bless.
Avatar f tn My son has suffered that for years. We finally went to a university hospital where they did all the typical GERD related test and as soon as they discovered he actually had GERD, it seemed like they concentrated on that as being the source of his cough, and stopped listening to what he was telling them, that the cough would start as soon as he ate food. It didn't have enough time to get to his stomach and then start to regurge.
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