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Avatar f tn We finally went to a university hospital where they did all the typical GERD related test and as soon as they discovered he actually had GERD, it seemed like they concentrated on that as being the source of his cough, and stopped listening to what he was telling them, that the cough would start as soon as he ate food. It didn't have enough time to get to his stomach and then start to regurge. But anyway, I finally stumbled across the answer in our local newspaper's doctors column.
920032 tn?1550680156 lately my overnight breathing is causing me problems. i asked my gp for singulair but she prescribed atrovent. it does get mucus up but i am waking to cough it up. i have excersize induced asthma. it was on this site that i heard about singulair.
Avatar f tn I am taking atrovent for asthma and i was wondering if i should be spitting out phlem after i take a treatment or does it just break the phlem up and i spit it out whenever?
Avatar f tn This is similar to what happened with my "Asthma". Started bad and was diagnosed and given advair - worked like a charm and was awesome. Then had a bad asthma spell because of my work (a pet store) moving and we had 25 years of dirt, fur and dust moving around the store as the shelvings were been moved plus a lot of cleaner fumes.
Avatar f tn Ihave been told i have c o p d, the lungs of a seventy five year old, yet im not breathless and no cough or wheezieness, is this bad,and what stage have i got, i take a purple and atrovent inhaler, as my throat gets realy tight, please reply thank you
Avatar f tn I'm hoping someone or many can help with this mystery ailment I've had for four months now that is really getting in the way of my life as I am a singer.  I caught Laryngitis in late May, got over it and afterward had this nagging dry cough left over. I saw a general practitioner after 3 weeks, he said that coughs can sometime last up to 6 weeks. My cough has not stopped since then.
Avatar f tn For the past 6 months I have found myself having a choking cough for no reason then after it is over I sneeze. What is going on? Anyone ever experienced this? If so what is it and why does it happen? Any answers will be appreciated.
Avatar n tn As you can see, there are a number of factors here, some of which may mean that complete resolution may not be likely. For most patients however, the cough can be sufficiently controlled to afford a more active lifestyle. Have yourself re-examined. Prior to the surgery, a visit to a pulmonary doctor may have been done in preparation for the procedure. A return visit may be in order. Stay positive.
Avatar n tn I have been using Combivent for about a month together with Asmanex to treat my cough-variant asthma and have had pretty good results. However, the first inhalation of Combivent always triggers a major coughing spell (sometimes it's so severe I almost vomit or my ribs hurt). Are there other bronchodilators that might be easier to inhale and still be effective? Or would using a nebulizer help? I've heard there can be adverse side effects with a nebulizer.
Avatar n tn I was put on 14 days of antibodics which took away the cough and green phlem that I always have. I have been off the antibodics for a week now and I still have the pain, my cough is coming back, but thats expected. I have a CT Scan scheduled for next week. What could the pain be caused from that an X Ray would not have seen?
Avatar n tn When we ask my son what he feels and why he coughs, he says he feels an itch in his throat and hopes a cough would take the itch away. The cough frequency increases significantly with activity. And the cough frequency definitely increases when unwell where he coughs every 10 seconds and this frequent cough always ultimately turns into upper airway restrictions where he requires his rescue medication.
Avatar f tn I got diagnosed with asthma around 4 months ago after suffering from a reoccurring cough, wheezing, heavy breathing and shortness of breath. spirometry confirmed that it was asthma I had and I got out on the brown preventer inhaler and the blue reliever. after being on the blue Ventolin inhaler I had experienced severe headaches and a jittery feeling in me everytime I took it, the headaches became increasingly worse so I got took off Ventolin and put on Bricanyl Turbohaler.
Avatar m tn It is often treated with a drying nasal spray (like Atrovent) and antihistamines like chlorpheniramine and loratadine are effective. Nasal decongestant drops too relieve congestion. Please consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. Regards.
746512 tn?1388807580 Dry air makes me cough and cough and cough where the symptoms are more itchy lungs that feel swollen and heavy. Now a week or so later of it being a bit colder (most of the grass is covered with snow and the warm spells aren't melting it as much) the symptoms are pretty much gone. There must be a mould that is common later into the fall that pops up whenever the snow starts to melt.
Avatar f tn I have had seasonal allergies along with dust, cat and dog allergies too since 30 years ago. I finally had 5 years of allegy shot ending aroung 2005, This year has been so bad with all the pollen I feel like I'm right back to day one. My eyes are itchy, my nose runs and my palate is so itchy. I take Atrovent for post nasal drip, aerius for the allergies and I'm also on Advair 250 discuss. Why is this happening after all these years? Will it go away or am I supposed to get shots again.
Avatar f tn He prescribed me atrovent but from what I understand it is usually a substitute for ventolin not steroids. He directed me to take both atrovent and ventolin 2 times a day for a month but I don't really have a long term treatment plan. The doctor seemed a bit stumped as to what else to do. I am suffering from some symptoms almost all the time and regularly have fairly bad attacts. I am very glad to have the ventolin but I'm hoping to find long term treatment for the underlying problem.
Avatar n tn is it safe to use spiriva and advair together my sister has had laryngitis for 4 weeks
1344892 tn?1276541735 i am 29 years old and have asthma for which i take 100 mg of qvar 2puffs twice daily. for the last 4 days my heart is beating very very fast, it will not slow down, it is waking me up from my sleep and is really getting me down. i went to a&e and had a chest x-ray, and it was fine. then i had an ecg and that came back fine apart from my high heart race. my blood pressure was high but then was taken again immediately after and was deemed o.k.
Avatar f tn I just happen to browse the net since my toddler son is temporarily getting albuterol nebulizer treatment for his cough and it does make his heart rate increase up to 160 bpm. I can’t imagine having to deal with it long term. I would try to seek more options if you haven’t already because you don’t deserve to just settle with side effects and discomfort to address your asthma. Good luck to you and prayers coming your way.
Avatar m tn Your hypertension may not be related to the Duonase spray, as they are usually locally acting and do not have systemic effects. You can try Atrovent spray for your symptoms. Discuss these options with your consulting doctor. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn yet last pft relatively normal with midflows decreased at 64% of predicted and airway resistance slightly increased- signifying mild obstructive airway disease with no change with ventolin/atrovent. I am confused. Is it normal for the cat scans to be so varied? Is it normal for sleep apnea to cause daytime hypoxia? I have episodes with cough, wheezing, flushing and high blood pressure..putting me in hospital....multiple times. Have you ever seen anything like this before?
212161 tn?1599427282 Hello... I have asthma and take Flovent 2xday and used to take Combivent as needed. My Dr switched me from Combivent to Atrovent. With Atrovent, I find that it doesn't cause my heart to race as much as it did when using the Combivent.
Avatar n tn I also have the cough and it does not subside for several days after exposure. The asthma specialist suggested doing the Provocholine Challenge test, but I felt as though this might be dangerous for me due to reactions to the medications utilized in the procedure and declined. Consequently, Dr. bumped up my Advair to 250/50 and then to 500/50, which I am currently taking along with Singulair, Claritin and Naxonex.
Avatar n tn do NOT give the baby albuterol or pulmicort! my son is on atrovent as needed when he has his breathing spells. i have done HOURS upon HOURS of research on this and been through the ringer trying to get him thoroughly checked out. thank god we now have a good general dr, ent dr, and lung dr. he will need to have a ct scan of his chest, see a cardiologist and lung dr. my son also had a severe innominate artery compression of trachea upon ct scan. need ANY help let me know.
Avatar n tn my 6 yo son has been sniffling constantly for the last three months. He is allergic to dust and tree pollens. He has been to the allergy doctor who has prescribed fluticasone and certrizine. He has seen a pediatrician who has said maybe a sinus infection and given antibiotics. He also had an x-ray at the allergy doctor's office. We are going to see the ENT in two days. I don't know if it's a tic? He says he can't breathe well.
Avatar f tn I have been having this cough/wheeze and congestion for a week now. I have Eosinophilic Esophagitis and GERD. I just had an Endoscopy yesterday, the doc said it looked good, but I do have a small Hiatal Hernia and they took biopsies but those will take weeks to come in. The doc just increased my Omeprazole to taking two 40mg twice a day. They tell me the cough/wheezing can last for months, as it will take time for my increased meds to help the situation.
Avatar f tn I usually suffer because I do not accept the fact that I am asthmatic, but as I have been wheezy and gasping for air, I found my Atrovent that I had not used for a while, so much so, that I had to phone the surgery to remind me the how many puffs and how many times during the day I should take it. I trust that there are no feather items in her bedroom as well as any woollen items (my daughter is allergic to wool). Keep any books and toys away from her bedroom too as they gather dust.
Avatar n tn I have had a persistant dry cough for many years. I have had varoius bouts of bronchitis, but the cough I have is just a dry cough. When i say many years, I am talking about a good 25 years. I am now 56. It wasnt until about 10 years ago that I finally got "some help. I was coughing for 14 months nonstop, day and night. I had to take time off work because I could not talk on the phone as I would immediately start coughing.
Avatar f tn The best and most affective inhalers are stimulants and will cause your heart to race. Anticholenergics like atrovent and Spireva have mild broncho dilating affects, but they are not nearly as good as albuterol or the long-acting beta2 agonists (long acting broncho dilaters). The best thing for you to do is to take controller meds on schedule as directed by your doctor limiting your need for the rescue inhaler. Feel better.
Avatar m tn If it is worsening your symptoms you should consult your doctor for a drying nasal spray (like Atrovent) and antihistamines like chlorpheniramine and loratadine are effective. Please consult him for an evaluation. Regards.