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Avatar m tn CD4 340; CD4% 28%; Viral Load 44000. My test results on May 17/10: CD4 243; CD4% 22%; Viral Load ?? My HIV doctor has started me on Atripla and assures me that my counts will go up once I've started my treatment regimen. I have been taking Atripla since Friday and have had absolutely no side-effects, not even the Vivid Dreams that I was so looking forward to. Does it take some time before side-effects are felt, pleasant or unpleasant?
Avatar n tn Hey, if I have a bad HIV results, will it my status. In addition, I have a white pimple that is on my penis and has not yet to go away , pluse I have rash on my chest, that is there for almost 3 weeks now. I am scared. Please give me your inpute on the status.
Avatar n tn I went to my primary Dr, he gave me an Elisa, that came up negative this week. Before recieving the results, I took an expired home test that came up positive. I took that to a specialist who saw the test, looked me over and gave me Atripla to start to be safe. She also sent me off for more tests, elisa and others. I also now took a PCR DNA thats not back yet. I went to a free clinic that gave me a rapid test that came up negative.
Avatar m tn I wanted to know my risk to exposure and that shout tested negative for STI and HIV two days later as preliminary results and enrolled for PEP atripla pills. I want to know my risk for exposure and that should I stop the PEP or continue with it and that assuming I'm infected can I transmit the virus to another person if I had unprotected sex.
Avatar m tn Feb 8th morning met my primary physician and since was a bit insistent, the physician consulted a specialist and then decided to give a regiment of Atripla for atleast 30 days (he told me to keep taking it until the results are negative 6 weeks from now). I have insurance and picked up the supply today. 1. After coming home with Atripla and reading on the internet about its side effects, I am developing cold feet on whether to take the medicine or not.
936016 tn?1332769204 The bottom line is that our study showed that use of an experimental booster [cobicistat] in this regimen that includes an experiment integrase inhibitor [elivitegravir] achieved similar results to Atripla with improved tolerability.” Dr Elion went on to explain that the experimenta1 booster cobicistat, unlike ritonavir, was amenable to coformulation with other antiretroviral drugs.
Avatar m tn What would you advise regarding the Atripla? Would you guide me to continue or discontinue it? 3. What impact could the Atripla have on the different HIV tests - PCR vs. antibody? 4. Also what about my risk for having contracted HSV2 and what should I do in terms of testing for that? Could the Atripla confound that testing? Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn She gave me an Elisa HIV fulll STD panel Hep ABC, Epstein Barr test and a prescription for Atripla didnt fill til after the test. All tests came up negative, Took Atripla for 5 days and when neg test I stopped. I took a DNA PCR HIV test at time, negative but after 5 days of Atripla. My Epstein Barr was active high so possible. But not new or acute infection. Symptoms now have continued for a month, very severe, very painful. Going to take my 2 month Elisa and DNA test next week 7/17.
Avatar m tn I had neuro syphilis (rash, lost some hearing stage 2 i believe it was) about 2 years ago and went on atripla at that time. There was a few months (from December 2012 until about June 2013) i was off the meds due to my insurance/cost etc. Back in October 2012 i had all my blood was negative for syphilis and all numbers were great.
Avatar m tn The following day I went to the doctor and told him that the guy gave a blowjob without me having a condom on my penis. I'm so worried about HIV that I asked the doctor for PEP and he gave me Atripla for 30 days. I'm so scared! I keep reading that it's a low risk almost zero to get HIV from getting a blow job. Is this still true?
1470597 tn?1286872687 I find this interesting because if he truly had HepB,wouldn't the doctor have given him something else considering that something in Atripla exacerbates HepB to the point of liver failure?)I do not believe he has HIV,even the most recent tests were considered FP/WBi by the lab...
Avatar n tn I went 30 hrs after my exposure to the hospital and they gave me PEP (1 combivir and 2 kaletra twice per day) coming back to my country after 3 days i forgot the pills that i bought in switzerland and the doctor here suggested i take 1 atripla pill instead every night !!! do you think this is feasible ( what is your assessment to the situation?!
Avatar m tn hello there,we're on thesame regimen.i recently changed from sustiva to norvir,truvada and reyetaz.i've been on this for 8months now but no s/e.i had uti once,but that's about it.what was ur cd4 count before u got on the meds?
1470597 tn?1286872687 ,based on the info he gave me on symptoms of his illness and the questionable test results due to having a poss. autoimmune disease as well as being over-vaccinated for 14yrs by the military.I insisted he be retested after I put him on a high-fiber diet (only) and took him off Atripla.After not taking Atripla for approx. 3mths his VL went down by 300,which has confused his "doctor".MY QUESTION: What are the similarities/differences between Anti-HIV1,0.2+p24-Ag Abbott,4.Genaratio(pos.
Avatar m tn What are my chances of contracting HIV if there was menstrual blood on my penis following unprotected sex with a middle-aged white female from Vermont, USA who tested negative 3 months prior (still waiting on her recent results). I did not notice because I was too drunk until 2 hours afterwards (dried blood). Is there a very high likelihood of catching HIV because of the presence menstrual blood. I am circumcised, no STDs on my end and sex only lasted about 3 minutes before I was oh crap.
Avatar m tn Hello! I'm HIV positive, on therapy "Atripla". undetectable viral load, CD4 - 410. I have a problem with my throat, i have streptococcus, some purulent plug in the gaps and chronic tonsillitis. Antibiotics help, but not for long. The question is whether it makes sense to remove tonsils to get rid of this problem? How can this affect me in the future and whether it is possible to do this with my results?
Avatar m tn i was exposed to menstrual hiv blood, and ve a small cut on penis,the unprotected penetration was for 3 second, than directly washed my penis, that was on the 24th of dec. i started pep ( atripla) after 9 hours. january 24th had a negative p24 antigen and a cd4 of 357. april 24th( 3 months post pep) had a negative elisa 4th gen duo and cd4 of 773. may 7th had a negative antibody test. Can i take theses negative results as conclusive results or do i need further testing?
Avatar n tn He has spoken with 2 different doctors and they both agree on the newer technique of starting meds immediately. They want him to begin Atripla right now while his CD4s are still so high. I just wanted to know, what is your opinion on this? Do you know if the side effects of Atripla are too great for him to begin so soon? Thanks for your time. Anyone else who has knowledge on this it would be greatly appreciated, and if I need to post in a different forum, sorry. I will.
Avatar f tn I was so scared my doctor put me on pep atripla one time a day for 28 days for the exposure on the 13th. On the 18th the results were in everything came out negative. I finished my last dose of pep on the 11th of May. I tested via oralquik swab on May 14th (6 weeks after exposure) and May 28th (8 weeks after exposure) both were negative. I've called CDC and they advised me that the window period is the same for people who have taken PEP. I have had no fever or rash.
Avatar m tn Doctor told me it is a weak HIV positive and I was put on ART. after taking 3 days of ART(Atripla). I thought that the PCR RNA TEST may give false positive result. I repeated the PCR RNA test from other reputed Lab which gave negative. only thing is this test was done after taking three days of ART. But I took another 2 days ART(recovir M) for scariness. Then I stopped ART.
Avatar m tn I had no open sores or anything during that time (just a completely healed sore close to the base of my penis, as a result from genital herpes outbreak) The next morning she insisted that we both get tested As you would expect, the result came out she was positive and i was negative. i was put on Atripla by my doctor (30 pills). I later found out that the girl knew all along that she was HIV+ and that the blood test was just her way of telling me.
Avatar m tn I am a 46 year old male recently (Nov 29) diagnosed with HIV and started treatment on Atripla on 12 Dec 2014. CD4 4 VL 100,950, have not updated these yet. What led to the diagnosis is a severe case of travelers diarrhea (shigella) which my body just couldn't deal with resulting in severe dehydration. I was hospitalised for 2 weeks to put some water back in my body, while there they picked up my RBC and WBC were severely low and suggested an HIV test.
Avatar m tn Thanks so much for looking at my question. My other results are HepB surface antigen negative HepB surface antibody negative HepB core Ab positive 2.4x10 (to the power of one) viral loads negative I am on atripla I asked my consultant if my chronic HepB infection (which has had undetectable HepB DNA for nearly 3 years) had reactivated and he said its unlikely, but I have read some sources on the internet that it is possible?
Avatar n tn 1) Two days of PEP would have no effect on HIV test results. Your negative results -- all of them -- are reliable. 2) Testing at 3 months applies when only the antibody tests are done. Even there, with the standard (3rd generation) tests, 6 weeks in fact is sufficient. With combination tests like you had, 4 weeks is conclusive. 3,4) There are NO medications or health problems known to interfere with HIV testing. That's an urban myth.
Avatar m tn My ELISA came back negative but my P24 had a positive reation but was considered 'indeterminate'. I have since had another series of blood tests and am waiting for the results. I am going insane with worry while I wait. 1- Can someone please tell me why I have shown a positive reaction in my P24 test even though I was protected (unless it broke of course)? 2 - If I was sick with another type of virus at the time, could this throw out or confuse the P24 test? Extremely worried!
Avatar m tn I got tested a week ago, and had an appointment Friday to discuss the results. but instead they called me in today. they told me i was positive, i said are you sure and the doctor replied "we even double checked it ".
Avatar m tn Tenofovir (Viread, also in the Truvada, Atripla, Complera, and Stribild coformulations) is among the most widely used antiretroviral drugs, as it is highly effective and generally regarded as safe and well-tolerated. However, it can cause kidney toxicity in susceptible individuals and is associated with bone loss that begins soon after starting treatment.
Avatar m tn Tests Done -western blot at 24 days post exposure- negative -PCR RNA at 44 days post exposure- positive with 225 copies/ml- believed to be false positive -western blot at 44 days post exposure- negative - HIV ab/ag combo by CMIA at 47days post exposure- negative - PCR RNA after taking 3 days of ART (ATRIPLA)- negative - HIV ab/ag combo by CMIA at 60, 74, 80, 86 and 94 days post exposure- all negative - HAV, HBV, HCV VDRL AND HSV1 &2 at 94 days post exposure and all came non-reactive.
Avatar m tn - bottom of the page I really just need to talk about some of this but I don't want to hurt friends and family by expressing just how profoundly distressed I am. I have a feeling that I'm not going to be around a whole lot longer.