Atripla and headaches

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Avatar m tn CD4% 22%; Viral Load ?? My HIV doctor has started me on Atripla and assures me that my counts will go up once I've started my treatment regimen. I have been taking Atripla since Friday and have had absolutely no side-effects, not even the Vivid Dreams that I was so looking forward to. Does it take some time before side-effects are felt, pleasant or unpleasant? What happens if my CD4 drops to below 200 before the medication has a chance to properly work?
Avatar n tn She gave me an Elisa HIV fulll STD panel and Epstein Barr test and a prescription for Atripla which I didnt fill til after the test. MY test came up negative, I also got another from a hospital also negative. I took Atripla for 5 days and when I found out my test was negative I stopped. I took a DNA PCR HIV test at this time, also negative but after 5 days of Atripla. My Epstein Barr was active high so possible. But not new or acute infection.
Avatar m tn Also what about my risk for having contracted HSV2 and what should I do in terms of testing for that? Could the Atripla confound that testing? Thank you very much.
Avatar m tn I've had side effects already, headaches, fatigue, queasy feelings. They all come and go. My doctor and pharmacist say that it is normal, and should subside in 2 to 3 weeks after my system adjusts. So I'm being patient, but still keeping my eyes and ears open. I wish you all the best of health and success with your protocols. I pray that there will be a cure for all of us soon! Thanks for this site. Reading the comments here made me feel a lot better about it all today.
Avatar n tn I recently started the Norvir, Reyataz, Truvada combo. This is my first time taking "the meds" after being hiv + for 20 years. I have been on them for only 11 days. I have weird side effects: headaches, queasy stomach, and fatigue/weakness. I told my doctor, and he said, to "tough it out for another week, and he'll see if he needs to change the combination, or switch meds.
Avatar n tn After one month of taking the ATRIPLA my test results have come back and my Viral Load has went undetectable, and my CD4 went up to 400. Starting in the beginning of March I started having sever fatigue, flushed cheeks, and my spine continue to effect me. I feel like I am running fevers but everytime I take my temperature it stays in the 98.6-98.9 range. I am having this sever back pain which starts from my lower back up to the upper back and into my head.