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Avatar m tn Also, I will look for simvastatin and vitamin d, as advised. What's the commercial drug name for simvastatin? Is it something I can walk into any good pharnacy and purchase?
Avatar m tn Demographic, physical exam, and laboratory data from the 2003-04 NHANES survey were combined into a single database using SPSS v.14.0. HCV status was determined using an ELISA, confirmed by RIBA. DM status was classified based on the subject's self-reported medical history. Cases coded as missing or indeterminate for either disorder were censored. Results: The final database included 7,283 persons; 87 (1.2%) had HCV and 486 (6.7%) were diagnosed with DM. Mean age was 35.
Avatar f tn I too have been more skeptical lately. When you take it every single cell in the body requries cholesterol to repair or copy itself, that must be quite an amount. There is also the brain which requires fat to ensure new connections (millions of new ones every day) are kept intact. It's no wonder people get memory problems when their cholesterol is too low and to me this shows there is a minimum that the body can reach before side effects show.