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Avatar f tn Recently he had an attack where he grabbed his head due to severe pain and collapsed, started having what we thought to be seizure like activity. Doctor said his eyes were not reacting, they intubated him and flew him to another hospital thinking possible aneurism. While in the hospital he was fine although very sedated from pain medication they were giving him. My mom and I have noticed that since that hospitalization, his eyes don't quite look right.
Avatar n tn He asked us to video our son and after seeing the video, ordered an EEG to rule out atonic seizures. The result of the test was abnormal intermittent spiking in the frontal lobes. The Dr wanted to prescribe anti-seizure meds but my husband and I wanted to research them first. We saw another Ped/Neuro for a second opinion, and were told seizures were a possibility as were childhood tics and maybe Tourettes.
887324 tn?1241733637 absence szs at first then tonic, then months later, atonic, myoclonic when he had a high temp one day. sometimes many a day, sometimes none for weeks. one eeg during prolonged postictal and still normal eeg. Mti shows bilateral temporal horn prominence and decreased white matter bilaterally. Normal developmental issues, talkes alot, but does not connect two words together yet. Wanting to know if these szs can cause brain damage and do they out grow them?
887324 tn?1241733637 He is 21 months old has absence seizures, tonic, and atonic also! When he has a temp he will also have myoclonic and very LONG absence type...With a very long postictal period. {The later is only with high temp!} he has blue sclera and also spooned shaped toe nails......other than this he is developing normally and is a very joyful child! We first noticed and video taped his seizures at just a few months of age....
Avatar n tn A 24 hr VEEG does not always tell you whether or not this was a seizure. If the patient does not have a seizure during this test it says nothing. If there is a seizure but the EEG does not pick it up, there are a couple of possibilities that it could be. If the seizure is in the frontal lobe, or deep in the brain, the abnormal brain waves are not always picked up. The second issue that I find to be frustrating as a parent is that she shouldn't have any trouble on a medication.
Avatar n tn Our 5 yo son is in a special education class (8 children in class) since he needs the extra attention. He seems to have some learning disabilities when it covers letters, numbers and reading, but subjects he's interested in he grasps and memorizes brilliantly. He has difficulty following directions, lack of respect for authority ie. parents and teachers, understanding the consequences of his actions and he is very stubborn.
Avatar n tn A tonic-clonic seizure is the new name for a grand mal seizure. It would not explain all my strange symptoms but is just another sign or symptom I think. The fatigue and left sided weakness are the most bothersome at the moment. I am still having the waves pretty well daily, but they are not as incapacitating as a few months ago. I had some whopper headaches this week, but have gone to the chiropractor and took Tyl #3 and it is now minimal.