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1352944 tn?1286226656 They have been suspected to be atonic seizures, but yesterday in the ER the doctor said that my CK level was at a level of 29 and was actually *low* when it would be high if it was an actual seizure. My question is, if it was an atonic seizure and there was a lack of muscle tone during these episodes, should the CK level actually be high? This doesn't make sense to me.
Avatar f tn im 19 years old i think Ive bin having absence or atonic seizure and some other weird symptoms..i don't know what is going on with me.. i feel a weird tingling in my head and really skared n anxious, then my body feels really heavy n i cant move. my mom also says i stare straight into nothing and after i feal really hot n sweaty n tired. they don't last that long probably like a minute or so..
Avatar n tn since then he has myclonic seizure and atonic seizures almost every 5 minutes although yesterday they slowed way down he is still having them. we are on our second neurologist.
Avatar n tn The recent episode that you have described could well be an atonic seizure. In an atonic seizure, all the body muscles lose their tone. Had your son been older and sitting or standing, he would have fallen on the spot. The neck muscles lost tone. But the eyes were turned to left as this is a normal "doll's eye" reflex. You should convey this information to the pediatrician. Atonic seizures may continue for a few years. You will have to watch for further episodes.
Avatar m tn absence seizures only last about 10-30 seconds. They are a form of generalized seizure. They are in the same catagory as atonic, tonic, myoclonic and they are real seizures. Short duration, not always eye movement....But they are a real thing! I am not saying t hat either of these sweeet babies have epilepsy, obviously, I DO NOT KNOW!! I am just passing this info on so that you will know that not all seizures are the clonic tonic kind that most people identify as epilepsy!
Avatar n tn Back in Sept my 11month old had a seizure as he went rigid with a completely glazed expression and no response, was also dribbling we called an ambulance - his breathing also became shallow. (Have a 4yr old who has had febrile convulsions - this was different). Ambulance arrived within 4minutes by which time he had returned to 'normal'! His temperature was taken and found to be 37.8 he was taken to a&e as a precaution.
1817046 tn?1361238740 My daughter is 7 years old and what you have just described is spitting image of her type of seizure! Atonic seizures is when you lost all muscle tone for seconds up to a a few hours, basically paralyzed. most people stay coherent during these seizures. When my daughter first started walking she would always fall more than other children but one thing I really noticed was she was not catching herself and was not tripping over anything.
Avatar n tn One of the side effects of dilantin is ataxia, that may elicit falling just because of the ataxia and not atonic seizure events. What is his level of dilantin? Does he have any other side effects such as nystagmus, double vision, nausea, etc? Myoclonic jerks seem to be enhanced upon arising from sleep or a nap. Valproate is a good medications to get the myoclonic jerks under control. Since he is having break throughs, maybe you ought to talk to your physician about valoproate levels.
Avatar n tn My daughter who is now 4yrs old. Had a seizure when she was 2 and a half. She had an eeg done at her first doctor visit. Her eeg was normal. Almost 2 yrs later she starts haveing black out spells. She has had four of them in the last three months. She has had an eeg(normal), an mri(normal), and blood work done(normal). My wife had epelepsy as a child, which started at about the same age as my daughter. It kind of sounds like atonic seizures to me.
Avatar n tn this one lasted 2 hours before they could get him out of it.since then he has myclonic seizure and atonic seizures almost every 5 minutes although yesterday they slowed way down he is still having them. we are on our second neurologist.
Avatar f tn Hi, and welcome to the forum! Your episodes are VERY concerning and need to be worked up immediately and until an answer is found! This kind of falling may be fatal if it happens in the wrong place. Are you still driving? The first thing that I think of when I read you description is some kind a "atonic" seizure or drop attack. Atonic means without muscle tone. You need to see a neurologist immediately and get an MRI of your head and an EEG.
887324 tn?1241730037 absence szs at first then tonic, then months later, atonic, myoclonic when he had a high temp one day. sometimes many a day, sometimes none for weeks. one eeg during prolonged postictal and still normal eeg. Mti shows bilateral temporal horn prominence and decreased white matter bilaterally. Normal developmental issues, talkes alot, but does not connect two words together yet. Wanting to know if these szs can cause brain damage and do they out grow them?
Avatar n tn Please let me know which are the useful EEG characteristics to distinguish between the different origins of partial seizures in infants and children =========================================================================== I am not completely sure what you mean by the origons of partial seizures, specifically I am not sure whether you mean the part of the brain they arise from or the underlying cause, I will try to answer both parts.
Avatar f tn There is a possibility of a partial seizure. But you should also consider something called as eye tics. These are not so uncommon in infants. You may need to get an EEG done. A video EEG is preferred. It has the advantage of letting us see the brain waves during such an episode or up rolling of eyes. Did he have any significant birth complications?
Avatar n tn there are certain epileptogenic potential that may be reduced with adequate seizure control. Also, in Retts syndrome there are some EEG changes that occur (slowing and disorganization) as the disease progresses. I would talk to the patients doctor regarding the optimum dose. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn I'm 56 yrs old, I thought I was in good health until after a few bladder infections and taking antibiotics my bladder stops working. Now I can't completely empty without self cathing. I have an atonic bladder. Apparently my bladder can really stretch. I have had 2 MRIs but they didn't find anything. I can force a couple of ounces of urine out but I can't completely empty.
Avatar n tn What causes "shuddering syndrome" in infants? I know it is a ped neuro issue. What are the implications?
Avatar n tn My daughter Alexa is a little over 7 and a half months old and just went through her second sudden partial awakening tonight. Her first one was one month ago. We rushed her to a well respected pediatric hospital in the middle of the night last time. No one there really knew what it was, they thought possibly a seizure, or night terrors but felt most strongly that it was a reaction to triaminic she was taking for her congestion.
Avatar n tn Thanks Dear KC, The ketogenic diet is one that is high in fats and low in carbohydrates which results in ketosis and acidosis similar to those observed in starvation, which for centuries have been known to have anticonvulsant effects. a ketogenic diet consists of a daily regimen of 1g/kg protein, enought fat to make up the desired caloric requirements, and a very small amount of carbohydrate. The ratio of fat to carbohydrate is more important than the total amount of fat.
Avatar m tn m a woman 65 years old who recently had hemorhoids banded, would a change in the rectal area amplify my problem The urinary sensation loss began some time ago but I seem now to be retaining more urine and passing it with a bowel movement. Any doctor have comments, all would be appreciated.