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Avatar f tn Sounds to me like he didn't do a very good job explaining to you what you would be going through while you waited for the Zoloft to kick in. How long were you on the Ativan? You say you started the Zoloft just three weeks ago, is that also when you started the Ativan? If it was, then you really shouldn't be feeling much in the way of w/d from it. (But....
Avatar f tn How is ativan different than Xanax,I am to take 1 mg ativan 3 times aday was making it 8 hours between doses now because of my early wake up time or teh med not working as well im taking it like ever 5 to 6 hours''''''Could i be double dosing this way.....i can feel when the pills wears off its like the side of my head starts feeling wierd but im also being more dizzy lately....
Avatar f tn How safe is ativan really. I have a prescription to take when I'm anxious. But when I take it I get freaked out about side effects and it makes me feel worse.
400350 tn?1201715282 I take Ativan, but very rarely. I got a little dizzy and wobbly the first time I took it. After that, I've been fine. I do get very sleepy and the effects (feeling calm and in control) lasts about two to three days. I only take it when I know I'm going to be confronted with something huge (ex: public speech, workshop, or etc). It's not meant to be taken everyday; only when necessary. If you take it as directed, then you won't have any problems.
Avatar f tn They are both very addictive along with every other benzodiazepine(valium,klonopin,ativan, librium,xanax) with xanax the one thing that can make it worse is the fact that if you abruptly stop using it you can have a siezure depening on your dose and how long you've been taking it. But in the end ativan and xanax basically rank about the same in my opinion, but you should really contact your prescribing doctor to get their opinion.
Avatar f tn These are some very potent medications, and everyone reacts differently to them. The biggest reason is because, depending on how long you would take one of these meds, you will have to deal with rebound insomnia when you stop taking them. The rebound insomnia is often bad enough that it makes the initial insomnia look like a walk in the park. Insomnia meds should be limited to the shortest course possible, to avoid dependency, and the rebound insomnia issues.
Avatar n tn After about a week of the distraction/realization tactic I no longer needed to take the ativan and was able to go to sleep without help. Be Happy!
1744083 tn?1311269041 my doctor says, to take an ativan as a trial sort of thing so that I know it works.. eg take one on a night I am with someone and see what it does. Thing is, I only want to try it when Im having an attack. my main fear is that it will bring more fear on.
Avatar n tn They have had to adjust it slowly though When my Daughterr messed up her doses, we had to go back to the start though. The bluriness went away too!
346570 tn?1267503627 cali, yes i take ativan but not for everyday use,they are only good for now and than . if you are having them all the time and nned something everyday . i would ask for klonopin, it worjks great for me . i took it .25 in morning and .25 at night it reaches steady state after two weeks and it really helped me out .
Avatar f tn Maria- I think what you're doing is fine but some do switch to Valium because of it's long acting effect. It's up to you. Personally,I'd do what you're doing now...and as long as your doctor is aware it's all good. Yes,as long as you're tapering down it's great! It doesn't matter how long it takes;just keep going down. You can ask the doctor about taking it every other day,as well. Sometimes that helps...
Avatar f tn Also Lorazepam has such a short 1/2 life so I have these symptoms more often. Do you have any helpful ideas of how to reduce the anxiety or how to do the taper? Cut out a part of the afternoon dose, or both am and afternoon equally in small doses? I could take 1/4 -1/2 of the bedtime dose and add to the afternoon, but then would I be able to sleep? I am using 25 mg. trazadone for the past 2 weeks to help with that since the med only gives me 3-4 hrs. now.
Avatar n tn How long does anxiety symptoms last without taking the benzoes. I had one for a half hour last night then it when away only to return for an hour. After that it was time for ativan.
Avatar n tn If I need a little more to get over the hump I will take a very small dose of ativan. It helps to take the edge off. I don't seem to have the same fondness for other drugs so taking Ativan or anything to take the edge off doesn't seem to affect me.
Avatar n tn Today I wake up with that breathing problem that stays all day. How long should it take for lexapro to really make a difference or is there anything else physical that I should check out??
1499861 tn?1289184123 My doctor just prescribed Paxil to me today and I was wondering how long it will be before I can expect to feel the results. I was also given some Ativan to take the edge off and it seems to help. I look forward to any replies.
Avatar n tn It took you a long time to get to this point, so it makes sense that it will take awhile to get back to feeling good, right? Just think, in a few weeks you will be able to enjoy your precious babies without feeling like you're in a fog...congratulations on quitting. You're doing the BEST thing for yourself and your family.
Avatar n tn I told them at the Er that ativan worked the best but still got xanax. So I now refuse to take it only after the third time. Now I'm back to square one. I hope ativan worked for u. It did for me and was able to have a sense of relief for a few days with the ativan. I hope u do to. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I thought I was just feeling more panicky.
Avatar f tn Please know you are not alone. This Forum has really helped me! I''m on day 9 off FENTANYL & day 3 off Darvocet. I used the Darvocet to help with the Fentanyl WD's. Fentanyl is waaaay stronger than Morphine! Anyway, I'm feeling better today. I woke up with a little bit of a craving for the Darvocet, but what I did was EAT! I lost 19 pounds in 2 months on the Fentanyl. I look bad! But, i don't care. Just make the leap & get started!
Avatar f tn 5 mg Ativan for just in case. My question is how long until the Celexa starts working? If I use the Ativan too often will it effect how the Celexa works? How hard are these to come off of?
Avatar f tn I too was concerned about the long term but my doc said she had had patients on it for long term with no ill effect. Everyone acts differently to the drugs as far as how their body processes them. It gets out of my system really fast. It has a quicker onset than klonopin and a shorter half life. I didn't notice any ill effects as far as mood goes but again everyone is different.
986225 tn?1249038221 I was taking 8-16mg per day (alternating). How long does it take for the Sub to release from your receptors? I believe there is a half life of 36 hours, but does that mean that after 36 hours you start to detox from it? The reason for stopping it is this. I broke my hip back in June and had to have a total hip replacement. The hospital D/C me on Fentanyl 50 mcg/h because my Sub Dr. recommended it.
Avatar f tn hi i take lorapam my doc switched me to klonopin but i have dont it yet till tues are wed so i dont know how it works your doc just wants you to stay on what your on so she have to switch.....ask her why she wont do it.
Avatar m tn As a professional myself, I was completely disgusted by her reaction. I continued to take Ativan while figuring out which natural medicine to take. However, I don't like the side effects that goes with it. The naturopathic doctor prescribed GABA and 5htp for me to take. However, the 5htp seems to aggravate my anxiety if taken at full dose at 100 mg. GABA seems to help but I can't take it at a full dose. I take a third of the capsule and mix it with water.
Avatar f tn You can do a general search online for the drug, just type in the name in the search rectangle, and you can find dosage info and advice as to how much a person should take and how often. But whenever you feel the anxiety building, take the medicine, tho. It will make you somewhat sleepy and your mouth will be dry, so drink extra water, and you can drive if that's in the mix, but practice ahead of time so you'll have a handle on how slowed your reaction time is.
Avatar f tn If you've been on the lorazepam (Ativan) for two weeks now, it seems to me that the dizziness should have abated by now. Why it hasn't suggests to me the POSSIBILITY of you having an over-sensitive reaction to this particular med. The first side effect of lorazepam listed under CNS (central nervous system) is dizziness, so it's not to be unexpected.
1538831 tn?1294202802 hey how long have you been taking ativan? benzos are not meant to be taken for long periods of time due to risk of dependence as well as the fact that your body will become accustomed to it and you will need higher doses to get the same effect. you should not be taking ativan for more than a month, i am not a doctor but i am relaying info my general MD and my psychiatrist have given to me.
Avatar f tn One of my dr's said it could be it's happening cause in the mornings, my body is now craving more ativan. I dont want to take more, I really want off those things now. Can someone give me some insight on this?
Avatar m tn A lot of SSRI's have that initial effect. You have to give them longer to get any benefit. They all do that to me for about a week. The SNRI's like Effexor are a little less stimulating and provide better relief for anxiety, in my opinion. I am presently on Celexa because of insomnia with Zoloft and sleep issues with Effexor XR. I have taken Klonopin for a few years and it is a Godsend. My present Doc doesn't like benzos so I have gone from 2mgs a day to less than 1mg a day.