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Avatar n tn How specificallly should a person use ativan to taper off alcohol? There are nine 1mg pills and no instructions.
Avatar n tn Knowing my already addictive personality, would it be wise to try Ativan? Just how addictive has it been in YOUR experience? Can you sleep at ALL without it (Assuming you've been using it for a couple weeks or more)... Thanks for any advise in advance guys!
Avatar f tn Im on 3 mg of xanax and 40 mg of prozac my dr told me i could have occasional beer with these meds....over the years i have been on ativan or klonopin and drank non alkie beer it does have 0.5 percent alchol by volume and had no affect..i also drank it while on abilify,risperdal.and celexa over the past two is it ok to drink it with the xanax and prozac........i had a couple i and i thought i got a buzz..which has never happened when i was on ativan or klonopin.
1696489 tn?1370825574 I have recently begun stepping down from ativan while adding klonopin. For 10 days, I was on .05mg ativan AND klonopin twice a day. I felt the best I have felt in years for that ten days. Now I am down to ativan one a a day while continuing klonopin twice a day. I am not happy with this... i am having severe headaches and sleepiness, with loss of motivation. Is this due to ativan withdrawals or should I ask my doctor for a higher dose of klonopin once i am off ativan?
Avatar n tn You need to know YOUR trading vodka for beer in pill form. If you get your hands on Ativan take it as prescribed, and ween off the Xanax- but the 1/4 a week taper format is for a patient willing to give up Benzos all together. This is why your therapist ***** and this should have been addressed years ago. Ativan is a much slower acting medicine and works slightly different then Xanax- but you'll be doing the same thing in 6 months when you start to become immune.
Avatar f tn never slept, i am a mother of 3 my two older daughter one moved away, one is 19 afraid to leave me alone, but im ruining her life, she goes to college, she is constantly leaving school to take me to emergency rooms, i used to have kaiser but my job cut it off, cause ive supposedly been off work for 6 months, i m addicted to ativan, xanax clonopan does nothing for me, just ativan , now im on ambien, hydrochlordozite for high blood pressure, stopped prozac now im on effexor, i was on disability,
Avatar n tn I have had some clients that take 2mg. That being said, I wouldn't really reccomend taking ativan if you're having trouble sleeping. Ativan is great to take as a PRN (as needed basis) for when you're having acute anxiety. It can make you a little drowsy or a little more mellow, but is generally not used as a sleep aid. Ask your doctor about trazadone. Technically, it's an antidepressant, however it's super effective as a sleep's not all that effective as an antidepressant. Oh...
Avatar n tn so Anyways well i was sound asleep i guess my brother asked nicely for the DR. to give me Ativan because that is what i needed the most so the DR. gave me Ativan. I was in the hospital for 3 days and well on Ativan i did not have another Seizure. I am at home now the DR. wrote me a script for Ativan to take every 8 hours 1mg. I am talking i had 2 serious seizure i don't remember nothing when i fall to the pavement or when i had one laying on my couch.
633403 tn?1281178665 he made me feel really bad. he said i need to get back into aa. he gave a rx for ativan. had be taking xanax all day for the anxiety. i took a total of 3 mg. went out to get scrip filled, saw neibor, with trees down, i stopped to give him the left over beer. i just said forget it i am going to drink.
Avatar f tn I was a heavy beer drinker and stopped totally a week and a half ago. feel great in ways. Im losing weight, taking vitamins and eating healthy. How long does the insomnia last? My Dr prescribed me ativan. I only take it at bedtime now and it helps alittle. Also sometimes I feel so anxious. I need to improve my health. Have a grandbaby coming :) going to make a Dr apt tomorrow for a complete physical and lab work. Also want to quit smoking any advice?
Avatar f tn Yes just a beer and I get started on bus bar ativan and steroids on Monday.
Avatar f tn my dr told me i could have an occasional beer with my xxanax and prozac....i drink non alkie beer which is less than 0,5 percent alchol by volume....
Avatar n tn would drinkin a beer or glass of wine help maybe, im not a big drinker but is it worth a shot. i take xanax but after so many im zombie-ish.
730000 tn?1234747000 went on paxil a few years back,, worked but made me numb,,, the bad thing is i started drinking a few beers a day ,keeps me mellow,,, i havent had an attack in awhile,, i get close to having one,, but somehow i realize now,,, its not going to kill me,,,i know the beer thing isnt a good choice but it works for me,,and i dont feel all numd=b and lifeless, tried theropy ,,, didnt. work,,, tried everything,,, a few beers when im anxious works,,, bad idea right?
Avatar f tn i was on it for 17 years and it worked great till i cold turkeyed it and beer....since then(2007) i have been on klonopin which really derpresses me and the past year i was on ativan it was the cu;lprit to my dizziness..i alos suffer hychrodriacis...thats a tuff one...any one have any suggestions i might to could mention to new dr I want my sex life sure he will take me offf the addrall..does xanx mess with sex drive>maybe after 20 yeras on benzos they just dont work no more.......
Avatar n tn I moved to a little island and did it there with lots of weed, beer and love from my girlfriend. But I only jumped off 20mls, if you are doing more than that every day I would advise tapering down to 20 and then quitting. It ain't easy BUT YOU CAN do it.....
Avatar f tn I was switched from ativan to xanax 14 days ago and im feeling kinda more depressed would xanax do that..
1211508 tn?1343083205 I see what you mean about Ativan/Xanax and Klonopin. I asked my psych. to give me Ativan. He staunchly refused. He said Klonopin is much better for daily use--as you pointed out. But I wanted something stronger. He still refused.
Avatar n tn He now mainly drinks alone about a 12 pack of beer a day. He also takes 2 mg of adivan for anxiety. He's probably been consuming this amount of beer for about 15 years. He recently told me his liver count was high but he didn't tell the DR he was a drinker because he didn't want him to stop the RX of adivan. The Dr suggested taking fish oil for his high liver count. He's told me he wants to quit drinking and get back in shape. We used to be very athletic into surfing, etc.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if it's safe to drink O'douls non-alcoholic beer? I think each beer contains less than one-half of 1 percent alcohol by volume. I quit drinking two years ago and I don't miss it but every every now and then I do miss the taste of a beer with a good steak or some sushi. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I go out to bars, and always order a club soda, but i'd like to get a beer. My question is, what are the hazards of drinking in the evening, after having taken 1 mg of clonazepam and 200 mg of zoloft earlier in the day with .5 mg of clonazepam before bed? What sort of negative effects can I expect? I have no intention of binge drinking. Just a beer or two to loosen up. I have heard, but never seen, evidence that the zoloft can induce seizures when used with alcohol. True?
Avatar n tn He is on a variety of medication for his psychiatric problem (including Li, Ativan, and an anti-depressant). He has been in treatment for his addiction four or five times and has had periods of extended sobriety (up to a year or two). After his last treatment five years ago, he began college and attended AA for a few months.
Avatar f tn I'm 9 days off of vicodin, thought all was amazing, but stupid me had 7 ativan and decided to take one or two on wed thurs and fri..I've been taking ativan on an as needed basis since my miscarriage on july 4th...I can honestly say I've never taken more than three a day and it's not something I love or crave ever. This miscarriage threw me for a loop and the anxiety was for real. Anyway, I haven't taken one since Friday, and guess what? I bet you can effing guess.
Avatar m tn Is this telling me that it's in my head and not real - the fact of having a beer/ativan and it goes? Also, is it unlikely that I would have burning that last 10-12 days and no bumps/lesions? I tested neg IGG2 at around 9 wks via Hselect if this matters. All advice appreciated.
Avatar n tn I feel jittery, paranoid, heart palpitations, nausea, and I a FREEZING cold. I do have a perscription for Ativan and started taking1/2 pil in the Am and 1/2 in the evening. I am afraid of seizures??? Any thoughts??? Is cold turkey the way for someone who has been drinking so much for so long???
214481 tn?1189759422 Unfortunately though I found that aspartame was not the core problem, but was just a MAJOR catylist in my battle with anxiety and GAD, as I begun to have panic attacks a few weeks after. I began to use Xanax and Ativan intermittantly as we all usually do, to stop my attacks on an as needed basis. But I grew to use them more and more as the months went on, and doctors continued to supply them to me, little by little over the year.
Avatar f tn hi I have just been put back on Risperdal,I was on it from may 07 till feb 08 and then was stopped i remember i did ok on it but this is my second day back on it and i feel like the right side of my face and neck feel funny maybe its jsut my bad anxiety its out of control i also take ativan..
Avatar n tn My brother is 25 and has literally been drinking around a 12 pack of beer every single night for the past 8 months, never even taking 2-3 days off. Literally every night. I've been reading about people that suddenly just try and quit who have a seizure as a result of their mind not being able to be normalized without the depressant effect of alcohol so that it goes into a hyper mode and a seizure result.
Avatar f tn i know i have asked this before....but when i was on ativan last year and first of this year i felt like i was dizzy and gonna fall and walked wierd now i have been on the xanax nad prozac for over a month i walk very slow and unsteady and my legs are week..
2211548 tn?1517715964 his cousins house. His cousin is a big time drinker of beer, and i also heard thru the grapevine that he uses a little crystal. So that would be a big mess if he's gotten himself into that and its been a few day rampage...he broke up with me about 2 days ago, calls leaving crazy messages on my sisters phone, his sister says he's been calling her talking crazy, as well as the rest of the family...he's a mess. that bugged me a bit. thats when i drank the bottle of chardonnay.