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Avatar f tn I was put on remoron last tuesday night for anxiety depression and sleep,Im also on Risperdal and the dr is tapering me off the ativan i have been on,,,im feeling very confused and trouble remembering is this normal amd will it past,I had a bottle of pills on my dining table they r gone and i dont know where i put them or if i might have thrown them away..
Avatar n tn hello all i am new to the boards i have a question for those who have been on remeron i was on remeron and cymbalta for some time for depression and anxiety and my doctor took me off both because my blood work came back with elavated liver enzymes it has been 2 months now and i am still having the same problem with my liver and he has decided to send me to a specialist..
Avatar f tn I was put on 15 mg of remeron last tuesday night for anxiety depression and sleep,,,im feeling kinda confused and forgetful im also on risperdal and tapering off ativan,,,any one out there have good luck with remeron,,will this feeling i have go away,,sometimes i feel like i getting forgetful and im scared i have also recently misplaced a bottle of pills and i cant tfind it its driving me over the edge i have searched my house someone either came in and stole it or i threw it away
Avatar m tn i have weaned off remeron from 45,30,15, and for the last 3 days no remeron but in my legs amd arms i feel weakness this is very bothrersome is this a side affect from coming off remeron and how long does this last i am on klonopin as needed and this seems to take the remeron side affects away if this is from remeron that is all i take is 3xs a day as needed .5 mg klonopin 5am 10am and then if i need any more,i did today because of the weakness in the legs and arms.
Avatar n tn I am currently taking Remeron and Ativan (1 -1/2 mg) - it has worked awesome for me with my anxiety and my sleep. This week however has been tough - I am going to sleep by 10:30 but getting up at 4AM unable to get back to sleep. I think with the holidays around the corner and the fact that I am recently separated have added to my stress.
Avatar m tn I am not having panic attacks anymore and am tired of this rollercoaster ride. I want off the Ativan and the 45 mg Remeron that I am on - I have a wonderful life, have reduced my stress considerably and am in a loving relationship. But this part of my life is awful!! Please help!
Avatar f tn I have been on Ativan since (don't yell at me people) 2003. I was put on Klonopin, Seroquel, Ambien, Remeron, and Lexapro all at one time (by a Psychiatrist they made me go to last year). This was a no-no. While in the hospital in March, they took me off the first three cold turkey (that hurt bad - migraines from a non earthly place with fire) The docs there drugged me through them). I was/am happy I got off all of them.
Avatar m tn I have been on Zoloft 150mg for about a week and feel more agitated, nervous, anxiety and still depressed so my psychiatrist just added Abilify (5mg) and Remeron along with a thyroid RX to my Zoloft 150mg. I feel this is way too much as I was hoping to change to a different SSRI instead but he didn't feel that would help. I've been taking Ativan .
Avatar f tn I experienced my first panic attack like 6 years ago, when my mother passed away, i was treated with remeron and deanxit, this worked a lot for me, i never had any panic attacks since and i stopped my treatment like 2 years ago. and never had a panic attacks the past years. I have an active social life But the thing is that i fear going on long trips and vacations, so i've been avoiding them, coz i feel more secure in my safety zone , wich is like 1 hour from home.
Avatar n tn Yes ativan is addictive, and bad ****. My doctor put me on it knowing i am an addict. She prescibed too much for me, anyway i took some and ended up doing some grazy stuff and just about dying. Please dont take it. Take care.
Avatar f tn One time my doc and I were trying other types of tranquilizers to see how well they worked, and ativan was one. I simply cannot recall what dose I took, but it kept my anxiety down about the same as the klonopin. You can do a general search online for the drug, just type in the name in the search rectangle, and you can find dosage info and advice as to how much a person should take and how often. But whenever you feel the anxiety building, take the medicine, tho.
Avatar n tn I have been seeing a pysch doc and it got better for about 2 weeks and then my son had a fever and that seemed to trigger the anxiety again.The nausea is so bad I asked doc for something for the anxiety.She gave me remeron.I know its supposed to stimulate appetite.I took it the other night for 1st time and scared to take it again.It made me feel really out of it the next day.Doc said I need to get used to it.Has anyone had this experience and then gotten used to meds.
Avatar f tn Hi. I have been taking 30 mg. Remeron for GAD for approximately 7 months and it has greatly helped with my anxiety. After being on the med for about 3 months I started experiencing upper back pain that radiates around to the right side of my chest. Also, about the same time I started have pain and stiffness in a couple of fingers (usually in the morning but sometimes in the day if I have had not bent them in awhile). I am 44 years old and have never had any kind of arthritis or anything.
358304 tn?1409713092 I ended up having these adrenaline surges 3 nights in a row, not allowing me to fall asleep. I caved in and started Remeron up for a bit, and did a SLOWER ween. I took my last dose 6 days ago. At first, it wasnt HORRIBLE... but I did FEEL a difference. I remember a few days of feeling easily moved to tears... emotional... but OKAY. But the last 2 days have been rough. The night before last, I took 1.
233616 tn?1312790796 and just think, after getting off the Ativan, I've still got the remeron and the Ambien to go!!! (and Ambien works on Gaba the same as the benzos....remeron like the none of this stuff is easy to get back off of. I like the way the Oxford doc in my link decribes withdrawal...she says the sides can be so bad that this causes its own Post traumatic stress syndrome....pretty funny....or not.
Avatar f tn The doc said im on the lowest dose so there is no tapering,but i feel like im going nuts,,,i missed two doses thurs and frid and took 1/2 pill on sat none on sun and a 1/4 pill monday and tues..
Avatar n tn Initially, I was prescribed a combination of Remeron and Ativan to help me sleep. The side effects were fairly severe. I was going through my day very dizzy, and felt like I was in a dream state the whole day. I'm now taking only 30mg. of remeron and have been doing so for about two months. I'm getting some sleep, but my sleep is interrupted and I wake frequently during the night.
Avatar f tn If This klonopin doesn't do the job and the consensus is that I shouldn't take ativan on a daily basis, then I will probably have to go back to the remeron with the occasional ativan and just get used to being an over-weight person. The thing is, I know I will need something that I can take probably for the rest of my life. I'm not being negative here, I'm just being realistic. I'm going for quality of life..
429209 tn?1224170189 Once I got with a Psych doc I was taking 25 pills a day, what with what he himself prescribed (Seroquel, Klonopin, Lexapro, Ambien, Remeron - an he took over the Ativan) and my PCP for my regular health issue meds (Soma -Fibromyalgia med, Lovastatin - Cholesterol med, Levothyroxine - thyroid med, aspirin - cuz I had a stroke, Mirapex - for restless leg, Ativan up to 4/day) Now I take the aspirin, thyroid and 1 Mirapex in a.m.
Avatar f tn Im also on rispredal 1/2 mg at night and ativan 2 mg a day.I have been using Tiazac for heartrate but was only on it for 7 days and i stopped it last week thinking it was causing the dizziness,but since im still dizy i am thinking it wasn tthe tiazac.
358304 tn?1409713092 LOL. He has also agreed to taper me slowly off the ativan with using the Remeron, and in about 2 weeks crossing a tiny bit of klonopin in the mix to help with the w/drawal as well. I'm SUPER excited! I FINALLY FEEL LIKE MY LIFE IS GOING TO CHANGE FOR GOOD! I can already feel it! My mom and brother noticed today that I was like the GOOD OL' ME all over again. My psychologist said, after I told him my story... that I will more than likely not have to be on ANY medications ever again!
Avatar f tn I saw the psychiatrist today because after taking 1/8mg of Ativan yesterday and 7.5mg of remeron last night, I didn't sleep a wink, and my anxiety is through the roof. can't barely walk, blurry vision, and sooo dizzy. and ofcourse being without sleep exaggerates everything. I told the doc today all my symptoms, as i'm sitting there crying, and he insists its Ativan withdrawal I am feeling, even though its only been a week and 1/2 on it.
Avatar m tn I got off, and had a rough time for about 6 months up and down. But more ups and downs. I was on ativan for 4 years. Got up to about 2mgs. I have been anxiety and symptom free for 2 years now almost! YOU WILL HEAL!!! I DID!!! How fast did they take you off ativan? I had to SLOWLY wean off. Like 2 months worth of weaning, but I should have taken longer. Get well! If you are having too many issues, ask your Dr. about getting back on it, and doing a slower taper. Good luck!
358304 tn?1409713092 however, the only way I could get off Ativan was with the doc first putting me on Remeron. It made me sleep, and then it took 2 monthes to wean off Ativan. I was 1 1/2 years clean of benzos. Then, because of weight gain from remeron, they just recently did a slow taper off of that. after being off 3 weeks, I started getting the worst anxiety symptoms ever. Stupid GP gave me Ativan and I took it. ughhh. only for 7 days, but 1-2 mg a day. same stuff started happening to me again from it.
Avatar f tn I experienced my first panic attack like 6 years ago, when my mother passed away, i was treated with remeron and deanxit, this worked a lot for me, i never had any panic attacks since and i stopped my treatment like 2 years ago. and never had a panic attacks the past years. I have an active social life But the thing is that i fear going on long trips and vacations, so i've been avoiding them, coz i feel more secure in my safety zone , wich is like 1 hour from home.
Avatar f tn Thank you everyone for all your comments, well after having another attack for the 3rd night in a row I spoke to my shrink this morning and he has taken me off the ativan and the xanax and put me on klonopin .5 2x a day. He had been trying me on Neurontin as well which hasn't been working, so he is weening me off that and we decided I should go back on Prozac which is what I had been on 17 years ago when the panic/anxiety attacks were at this same level that they are now.
Avatar f tn My neurologist saw that I gained 30lbs in that short time, and immediatly swithched me to Trazodone 25mg a night for sleep. He specifically said NOT to taper the remeron, and just to stop and switch right over to the Trazodone. I actually felt fine for 3 days, and now i am feeling anxious, lightheaded, wired and tired, and barely sleeping even 2 hours a night. I'm guessing its because of the half life, that it took a while for the discontiuation symptoms to kick in?
494087 tn?1257796807 what do you think is the best medicaion for this combination of hell. As of now I take remeron 60mg and klonopin2mg at night before I go to bed. Does anyone know of any other alternatives or what is the best. I dont know why my dr prescribed me remeron, maybe it is because I ahve trouble sleepng. Any input would be great.
Avatar f tn I very slowly tapered off ativan while taking the Remeron. I am completely off the ativan 2 months now, and have gained ALOT of weight from the remeron. Therefore, doc has decided it may be wise to stop that too. I just dropped it from the original 15mg a night, to half that. I cannot sleep at all now. How long should it take for the extreme insomnia to dissapear so I can get atleast SOME sleep?