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Avatar n tn What has caused the exteme anx lately is the fact that every week or so i go into a state where my cog functioning and memory are kind of blocked ot some degree. i have researched numbersous things and think it may be due to me taking ativan for several years now, 5+. anyone ever experience this. i saw a website that said cog dis. can be caused by long term ativ use but of course youc can find a website on anything.
Avatar f tn Vicki gave you some good advice about speaking with our Dr. The memory loss and confusion is very understandable taking ativan and going through wd. actually the ativan should be tapered. it is notorious for memory loss complete wipe out. usually through drinking with them but if you are dehydrated and coming off opiates it is very probable. Congratulations on getting clean and learning about your addiction and the meds that feed it. Take good care of yourself.
Avatar n tn Johns Hopkins researchers who have been at the forefront of this field reviewed the evidence on short-term and long-term mental changes after bypass surgery. They found that short-term confusion, memory loss, and poorer problem solving and information processing are common after bypass surgery, but are usually temporary and reversible. Most people return to their pre-bypass level of function between 3 and 12 weeks after surgery.
Avatar f tn The short term and long term memory loss will get better. It is normal to have memory problems during ECT and 6 months after ECT treatment are done. You will likely forget what I just told you, i know people after they had ECT a year later, They seem to be fine, but some do not remember me, althoufh I look pretty familiar to them. They are only acquaintances, so that would b expected. I wouldn't know they had ECT if I didn't know anything about them.
Avatar m tn of Valiun(diazepam) 4 times a day and have never had a problem with memory loss. I'm also sure that there are other medications that will not cause memory loss. Talk with your psychiatrist about some alternatives.
Avatar m tn 75MG once daily), but I have been worrying about my memory loss issues ever since my new doctor brought up that Lorazepam can cause memory loss. I did some research, and the problem I have, is with recalling of names of people, movies, businesses, etc. It's like I am blocked from thinking of it, or it's on the tip of my tongue. When the day comes when I stop these medications, would my memory back to the way it was?
433485 tn?1321816990 ativan and Klonopin. Thanks. I am seeing my pdoc on Nov. 11th and need to talk (again, so frustrating) about my meds. Prior to last week, I was feeling pretty good. I am also in pain management ( arthritis in back) and prescribed 10 mg. oxycodone ( 1 in am and 1 in pm). Please help as I need to know....thanks.
Avatar n tn antidepressants such as Setraline, Fluoxetine and Escitalopram have the least potential for causing cognitive disturbances, including memory loss. There are some studies which have shown that the memory loss caused by antidepressants is clinically insignificant. And we have to consider the depressive symptoms, too. Memory loss is a part of depressive disorders. I hope you find answers to your questions soon.
Avatar n tn yes. best of luck to you and her! Memory loss is a common side effect. Like nuclear waste, the drugs have a half life, depending on your flavor it is a different half life. You should look at the half lives, and also help her advocate how slowly to do the withdrawal. I recommend a span of months.
Avatar n tn I, too have been on Lexapro for a long time and suffer from brain fog and short term memory loss. Finding words can be difficult especially as I am in the mental health field myself and am always going to seminars and learning new things and retaining information is so important. I definitely believe it is the medication, which is very helpful in other ways. It's a really difficult tradeoff to have to make!
Avatar m tn I shrugged it off as stress until this burning fever came on, it wasnt like a normal fever, it was only burning in my neck and spine and chest and it only happened when I laid down. Went to emerg where they gave me an occipital nerve injection to deal with the pain, they did no blood work and my temp was slightly elevated. Over the next week or so the symtoms changed.
Avatar f tn I came home and decided to google Ambian and memory loss and what a shock! I don't know if my memory is going to get any better but I can tell you one thing. I am going to flush down the toilet the remainder of my pills. If my doctor would of told me Ambian would effect my memory, I would never and I do repeat never taken a one.
Avatar f tn 5 ativan 3 times a day an 100 mg zoloft for over 2 years, I am having short term memory loss, and pain in my side, I get dizzy and stagger if I'm late taking a pill in the afternoon. The ativan, cause I only take zoloft once a day , in the morning. I am scared and don't know how to stop this.
154927 tn?1205246451 I could probably take six xanax and they have NO effect. I have tried 3. Ativan knocks me out! My shrink gave me some and it is great when the anxiety is so bad you just want to pass out for awhile. It is funny, because he told me xanax is the strongest one! Ativan isn't. Valium, I haven't taken since back in the day, so I am afraid to go there again, but it works. The only thing that seems to work for me (besides the ativan) is a big glass of chocolate milk.
Avatar n tn i was noticing more and more hair loss, and just a little weight loss. I called my pharmacist who said that hair loss isn't really common with topamax and should go away in a few weeks when my body get used to it. i just couldnt lose anymore, i had extremely thick hair and now i can see my scalp which i hate. i use nioxin which helps grow hair (shampoo, conditioner, scalp treatment, and follicle booster) and just continued to lose it.
Avatar n tn I was going through those same symptoms and more a couple months ago and I was also getting arrythmias and high blood pressure with numbness and pins and needles in my right leg along with those muscles twiches and weakness and tremors ear ringing and memory loss. I went from doctor to doctor and they wouldnt know the reason got so many scans ,mri's xrays and tests ..... In the end it turned out to be thyroid problem I was going through a thyroxic state ...
Avatar f tn As for the memory, he really needs to see someone about that. I suffered memory loss after stopping a med, and other meds can cause memory loss. Since everyone has different side effects, it's tough to tell what's causing what. But one always has to rule out physiological causes for these things, since no treatment for a mental illness will treat a physiological one. Though you're right, it is up to him, if he's that depressed he's going to have a hard time advocating for himself.
Avatar f tn It caused me to completely black out (total memory loss) and i also acted very violent on it (from what I was told). Try meditation, it worked very well for my nerves. What I do is close my eye's and focus on the black, then look deeper into the black. Its almost as if I can see darker shades of black. It helped me a bit. Give it a try.
Avatar n tn They decided to keep Shane there and switched him back to Ativan and took him off Clonazepam. This is so frustrating, since Ativan only worked a few days 3 weeks ago. So, nothing has been done through the weekend. His parents are both in Phoenix and will talk to the docs tomorrow (Monday morning) to see what they are going to do. One of the doctors said that his original "tic" probably is from Tourettes, and all of this is because he probably gets anxious and depressed.
Avatar n tn Fear of being discovered, fear of loss of income and love, fear of withdrawal, fear, fear, fear. It's paralyzing and is the ultimate enabler. Then there is the fear of coming clean with the docs and not getting an empathetic response. This has happened to me in the past. I was simply written off the doc's list of clients and hung out to dry. Not very encouraging.
424839 tn?1268189846 Signs and symptoms Use of hallucinogens produces different signs and symptoms depending on the drug. The most common hallucinogens are LSD, PCP and ketamine, a so-called "club drug.
Avatar n tn I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Bipolar,PTSD, Borederline Schizophrenic, neurothopy on my left side of my body including my fsce frok Bells Palsy, Hemopleguc Migraines,Short Term Memory Loss and had stomache and pelvic pain for the last 6 months 3 months ago I had a Colonoscopy upoer and lowerand a stool sample done.They found bloode in my stool which turned out to be IBS and inflammation in my upper intestine and they also removes a 6mm polyp.All this in about 3 1/2 yrs.
Avatar n tn My eyes feel heavy like I am sleep deprived all the time and the vertigo and memory issues are so annoying. Since starting the Ativan, the pressure has been relieved as well as the vertigo. I drove 5 times in the past week for the first time in over 2 months.
Avatar m tn Some B12 deficiency symptoms are Anemia Fatigue, sometimes severe Feeling of heaviness in arms, legs and head Muscle weakness Depression and despondency Easy bruising Sleep disturbances and insomnia Hormonal imbalances Diarrhea, constipation or other digestive woes such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and/or bloating Red, swollen tongue Bleeding gums Pale skin “Brain fog,” problems concentrating, memory loss Shortness of breath on even mild exertion Numbness or tingling in extremities (n
997928 tn?1252447837 I can't focus, have short-term memory loss, speak slowly, and have an exceding amount of mucus in my throat. I was taking 300mg. Now I'm at 225mg. It has helped to take down the dose, but it's still very annoying! I take it with 300mg of Effexor XR which I have been taking for several years. Does anyone have a suggestion on a replacement for Lamictal? I've also been diagnosed with Bi-Polar NOS. Lamictal works okay for my mood, but the anxiety is still bothersom.
Avatar f tn I sometimes feel as if no one really understands this pain and since they can't see anything, I wonder if they think I make it up just to be lazy and sit in front of the tv. I do take vicodin, ativan, trazodone, lunesta and a couple of blood pressure meds. I've had 4 different counselors, 2 for over 2 years each all to no avail. My mind is so fogged up I just realized I forgot why I was writing this. So, I'll stop with the question I see I did remember to ask. Thank goodness for the title!
Avatar n tn The racing thoughts and memory loss make it almost impossible to keep him on a steady salt and water regimen but without it all of his symptoms get worse. Do you experience similar symptoms?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Hashimotos about 10 years a go, but I seem to go through phases of hypo where I put on weight, I'm tired, I lose my memory, I'm become unmotivated & depressed, all I want to do is sleep and I feel the cold. Other times I am hyper and I can't stop eating yet I don't put on weight and lose it easily, my muscles ache, I can't sit down to a meal or watch TV without getting up and I have very little sleep etc. I'm go,go,go and I'm full of ideas, enthusiasm and motivation.
Avatar m tn Also horrible insomnia and complete loss of appetite. (Disappointing because the help with school and work it provided was very benificial) Strettera - Increased anxiety, aggression, aggitation, suicidal thoughts Clonazepam - Effective for anxiety, but also caused memory problems...too much of a hinderance on work and school for consistent use. Ultimately, I ended up using Clonazepam as needed for serious bouts of anxiety or full-blown panic attacks.