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398624 tn?1266273049 If so, how well did it work for you? Also, is it like Lorezapam (Ativan) in which it gets in your system right away and you can feel the effects within 30-45 mins?
Avatar m tn has anyone ever been perscribed Lyrica for cronic pain. If so how much do you take, and how long did it take to notice any results. I started taking 50MG's 3X's a day. I started last Tuesday, and haven't noticed any difference in my pain. any feedback would be great.
Avatar f tn I also have Hashimotos Hypothyroidism, Depression, Anxiety and Migraines. I am taking in addition to Lyrica every other day, Levothyroxine 25mcg, Lexapro 20mg and Ativan(as needed only-1 mg to help me sleep, or if I get anxious/panicky. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn I have taken Lyrica this year and just weaned myself off of it. I had too many of the listed side effects from it. I was going to do a study but afterwards was told that I was ineligible because I was already taking the med.
Avatar f tn ) I desire to get off the NORCO, LYRICA. and manage my fybro thru CHIRO, ACUPUNCTURE ,MASSAGE. Did the herbs help with detox? Anyone else go this route after deciding to get off the mind altering drugs? I started detox today, I have only had 5, NORCO today, YEH! That's real big for me..usually by now 8 hours into my day I'm on 10. Loving a chance at my life again without the drugs. Happy Mommy Day every one!
Avatar m tn Looking for nybody who has tried some or all of these to help the w/d symptoms. Thinking of adding low dose ativan or xanax to the mix and rotating them to help me through the withdrawals. Anyone have any input?
975514 tn?1325001538 DnnTrry- I switched from Lyrica to Topamax completely mostly because of the weight gain and cost. Lyrica and Topamax are both anti-seizure meds and do not have any major interactions, but I understand your apprehension. Also, side effects from Topamax are most crippling usually when you increase too fast. I hope your doctor didn't place you on 50mg right off the bat??? That dosage is sure to give you some discomfort.
881463 tn?1245349249 All I can say is that it makes it bearable but the pain is still there. I dont take Ativan but I have taken, and quit, Cymbalta\Paxil\EffexorCR\Strattera\Lyrica\Prozac. The side effects did not affect me too much but eventually I get to a point where I get tired of taking drugs that are not helping the problem (chest pain). So I think I can live without them. A bit of advice, withdrawl slowly, the withdrawl symtoms can be horrific.
Avatar f tn ) I desire to get off the NORCO, LYRICA. and manage my fybro thru CHIRO, ACUPUNCTURE ,MASSAGE. Anyone else go this route after deciding to get off the mind altering drugs? Did the herbs help with detox? I started detox today, I have only had 5, NORCO today, YEH! That's real big for me..usually by now 8 hours into my day I'm on 10. Loving a chance at my life again without the drugs. Happy Mommy Day every one!
Avatar n tn Was prescribed hydrocodone. One thing led to another and 2 years, 100 thousand dollars and countless broken dreams later I am walking out of rehab after a 90 day stay. I tried methadone, suboxone, tapering, controlling.... it didn't work, rehab did though. I guess I'm just one of those addicts with no control at all over my disease. Anyways, Now I'm out of treatment I need something for depression and anxiety. SSRI's do not work, they give me akathesia. I won't touch a narcotic.
Avatar f tn Just google ,Lyrica w/d or When does Lyrica w/d end and you will find a bunch of forum and ppl going through hell trying to get off it! Most can't handle it! Im soo trying to be strong and deal with it! I have chronic pain already, so Im used to being in constant pain!
Avatar f tn I have been playing around with my Trazodone script (I usually take 150, moving it down, eliminating it, etc.) but it doesn't seem to affect it. I also take Zoloft, Lyrica, and occasionally Ativan. This morning, I woke up at 4:30 after 75 mg of Trazodone, felt ok, but still sleepy. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up, read etc for about an hour and a half. Was able to go back to sleep, but then came the bad dreams. I still feel out of it and I woke up 3 hours or so ago. Any advice???
722310 tn?1234765737 in May 2008, I worked myself off of all the meds (oxycodone, hydrocodone, ativan, tramadol) except Lyrica and Soma. Last month I went back to the dr. and he put me on tramadol. I just stop taking lyrica because of the side effects (swelling, blurry vision). My pain level is out of control still, and I don't know what to do. I feel extremely hopeless. I am really struggling on this. It has been off and on for so long and it has been a long time since I have had a reprieve from pain.
282760 tn?1213331284 I am now off the tegretol and on lyrica for the neuralgia and so far so good with pain from neuralgia i have been off tegretol now for 2 weeks.. But i still find myself having anxiety attacks and having to take ativan 0.5mg every day to take the edge off . I am also starting a new hpb med called tenormin and im very nervous about that as well . Does any one have any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Hi lou yes burning skin and burning in the head and chest pain and numbness and tingling starts in my face and continues through my body. My psy said give the medicine time 6 wks but I can't continue on this way it has to not be the right one for me. Been on it 3wks but weaned off of paxil and wasn't sure if it were paxil withdrawl or the lexapro affects.
Avatar m tn I still wake up with anxiety in the morning. I would take a fourth of a pill before work. I also take hydrocodone and 50mg of lyrica in the morning because of 4 back surgeries. They seem to help to settle me down. It's awful waking up every morning and feeling so uneasy and bad. It takes me awhile in the mornings after I take my medication before I feel like getting ready for work. During the day I really don't have anxiety as much as I have awful pressure in my head and headaches.
164435 tn?1377105856 Anyway, she has learned to tolerate the dentist by taking 1 or 2 mg of Ativan an hour before the appt, and by making the dentist give her double the novacaine shots. And she wears a headset with music cd's on loud volume to drown out the noise of the drill. With all those things in place, she is able to get her teeth fixed. So some suggestions for you after you get some funds. Have you ever looked into the dental clinic at OHSU?? Maybe their rates are more reasonable.
Avatar n tn Had many problems and medical conditions, such as the jerky legs and arms and aches, as well as arthritis and a back problem with every gastro problem there is-never thought they were related till I matched EVERY symptom doing research plus every precursor (like hypothyroidism), and have family history.
Avatar f tn I sometimes feel as if no one really understands this pain and since they can't see anything, I wonder if they think I make it up just to be lazy and sit in front of the tv. I do take vicodin, ativan, trazodone, lunesta and a couple of blood pressure meds. I've had 4 different counselors, 2 for over 2 years each all to no avail. My mind is so fogged up I just realized I forgot why I was writing this. So, I'll stop with the question I see I did remember to ask. Thank goodness for the title!
874238 tn?1240925928 I also grew up in an unstable home which I am now realizing caused me alot of anxiety and anger. The dizzy part my doc. has said is for sure anxiety. I can take ativan. That doesn't cut it for me because ativan makes you very lethargic and I HAVE FIVE KIDS! Life is difficult. My family has turned on me because they don't understand my husband ex's illness and think we mucst be provoking her. She called in a kidnapping when my father had the boys for a visit and he wants no part of us.
1468406 tn?1286492742 They would be treated with different meds, i.e., something like baclofen for spasms and something like lyrica for parathesia. Did you tell your neuro?
Avatar m tn My neck and lower back are the worst. I have reduce my tegretol dosage where the tension headache is better and now only on 75mg of lyrica and 0.5mg of ativan to help my pain but they are not helping much. All neurologist said mine is not a MS base on just physical examination without any further test. Help!
230948 tn?1235847929 But I figure if the doseage hasn't been increased and its working why change it. I take ativan at night to sleep its on the same line as the diazapan. Now for the shy question,yes it could be from all you stated movement ,position and so forth.
Avatar f tn and my rheumatologist told me it was part of my fibro and to expect my face and neck to swell at times , when i asked why he shrugged and said it just seems to happen i don,t know why!!he also said sometimes you will also get pains when breathing !!and don,t be suprised to wake up and not be able to move ,not even your head!! all of wich have happened,,,,, i love my rheumatologist he is so honest,, allthough at the time{8yrs ago} i thought he was nuts !! how can you get all those things?
1697690 tn?1329127238 I have been using a lot lately, maybe 400mg of oxycontin and then add in the heroin and it just is killing me. I am so miserable lately. I didnt really notice it til a few weeks ago, but i know i am not hte person i once was. I am so depressed all day, i dont want to do anything, i isolate from all the people who care about me, my thoughts are so impulsive, i am literally self destructing and bringing everything down around me.
574118 tn?1305138884 it's wayyyy more potent. It's sold in the states as Lyrica and I gave it a try; it made me very dizzy and very clumsy. Plus, it made my depression worse. Give the Neurontin a try first.
335728 tn?1331418012 the thing is, I am on 1200mg Gabapentin/day and 900mg/Tegretol/day and 75mg/Lyrica/day and IT IS STILL EXCRUTIATING!!! But what I was asking was is that the sort of pain you have with MS? I have been diagnosed with MS but the "Power's that Be" don't think that this is MS but they have no other answers! I am soooooooo frustrated and in so much pain today that it's killing me I am sure!!! I have an appointment with my g.p. this after noon and I am thinking...WHY?
Avatar n tn Sometimes ( a lot of the time) the neuros don't know what is causing these symptoms and symptom management (Lyrica, Neurontin, anti-depressants) is all you can do as well as watch and wait for progression or regression. I hope I have helped. I have been so helped by so many posters on this site!
Avatar n tn My 66 year old mother-in-law was taking large amounts of Ultram, Ativan, Ambien and Amitriptaline. We put her in a detox facility where she stayed 2 weeks. It has now been 4 weeks and her new doctor has put her on Lyrcia for pain. I think this is still pain from her body detoxing but she insist she has to have it. How are you supposed to detox your body if you subsitute one pill for another one.