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Avatar m tn We tried everything to keep him there, as he was barely able to walk, but he kept trying. So we looked to the hospice kit for help and gave him haldol. The very next day he was extremely restless, screaming out so I looked to the kit again and called my mother and asked if the anxiety drug would work better. So then we gave him Ativan. After awhile he became unresponsive and died two days after.
419309 tn?1326506891 Shortly after 5am this morning he started thrashing and groaning in terrible discomfort, gasping for breath, struggling as if fighting an unseen enemy. Hospice nurses recommended we double his pain and anxiety medication... ten minutes later, holding his hand, I looked into my husband's eyes and heard him take his last two breaths just before 6am today. And just like that. He's gone. They filled out a death certificate... Feb 3, 2012 at 6:15am.
Avatar f tn I would just sit down and be Honest with her and tell her of your fears and concerns.. That you love her and you do not want her to waste the life she has left in a drug induced stupor.. The last few days of my mom's life she was on so much morphine she was not with us I do not hold this against her as the multiple myeloma was so painful but it never hurts for your mom to hear the concern and love.. I will say a prayer and want to say I'm so sorry you are going through this..
Avatar n tn Hi I am a hospice nurse and I am looking for information about medicatons that can be inhaled. recently my triage nurse who is a NP sent me to see a hospice patient who was having severe respiratory distress, choking coughing etc. The small 0.5 ml of MSO4 and 0.5ml of Haldol were exacerbating the choking symptoms, the family refused to send the patient to the hospital and we were out of options at 3am. The triage nurse told the family to give Roxanol 10 mg and Haldol 1 mg via the neb.
Avatar f tn Now, she has been taken to hospice care where they have stopped all medication she was taking and now they are talking about reducing her nutrition via feeding tube. I have a feeling that hospice is ending her life with Ativan and Morphine to relive her of pain and suffering. I don't know if her prognosis was terminal in the first place. If it wasn't terminal in the first place, day to day it seems to be terminal after starting the hospice care. What can I do to clear all these doubts?
Avatar f tn Morphine (2 reasons it helps to slow respirations down if they are working hard to breathe and it facilitatates better oxygen exchange and of course helps with pain if there are issues) lorazepam ( again not being able to breathe can cause anxiety and Ativan helps with the anixiety and restlessness) Atropine eye drops (given orally can decrease the amount of secretions being coughed up and decrease any gurgling). Other comfort meds such as something for nausea and fever are also used.
Avatar f tn My Mom is in end stage COPD and CHF and it has been a battle of "wills" and "won'ts" between my sisters and my mothers care....My Mom is on Hospice care and I believe in there "mission" for "comfort care" but my sisters think that my Mom is/will become a "drug addict" (my Mom can be given Morphine and Ativan if her respirations get too high... (and my Mom has been having respirations up into the 40's - normal is between 18 to 20....
Avatar f tn Our Dad was killed by haldol and risperidone! Doctors, nurses and hospice are all liars! They kept telling us that the drugs are not causing his unresponsiveness, but we found out too late, after he was already dead! The psych hospital just drugged him and sent him back to the nursing home. He did not even need the psych hospital. He said the nurses and the aides were the devil and they were trying to kill him. He was right! and I let them do it, because I trusted them all.
Avatar n tn Apparently the government had lost his records and he was advised to go to Hospice. He refused. I left my home and family and made camp in his tiny trailer where I found him half dead already. I contacted hospice and they came to me. They came every day and trained me on giving the morphine injections every four hours 'round the clock. I, like you wanted to spend more time with him awake but in a very short time I realized how much he needed the morphine.
Avatar f tn I went to my GP, who I actually once worked with as a Hospice RN, and couldn't even talk. I'd call it more like stilted stuttering. I felt so embarrassed, but he has seen me at my best and worst, so whatever. Still, when your brain doesn't wok right it's terribly frustrating.
Avatar n tn Although he was physically blunt, he was still mentally able and felt (He managed to lift his spirits, gather the last of his strength and give my sister and I a hug before he left for hospice). When he arrived at the hospice center, he was relatively in the same state, except he was shedding tears all day and night when my mother was there to comfort his last hours (My father was a man who never showed his emotions, let alone talk about them.
Avatar n tn I was in the hospital for about a week and was on death row..I finally gained strength enough to go home with hospice care..I still have a very hard time breathing with out the use of Ativan..My question is I feel as though my diaphram is pushing against my lungs making it hard to breathe..Also my stomach is very tight..I had to take three seperate regiments of steroids and gained 45 pounds..Is there any truth to the way I feel or could this be something else?
Avatar f tn My 13 year old daughter has been sick for 10 months (continuously) and we can't solve the mystery. Background info.: She was diagnosed with salmonila poisoning at age 4 and had stomach problems ever since. She "may" have celiac disease (we took her off wheat/gluten 2 yrs. ago and made a huge improvement on growth, stomach pain, chronic sinus infections and need for abx. No one wanted to do endoscopy - so we just changed the diet. Blood tests are inconclusive.
Avatar m tn We talked to a few hospice places and it's the general consensus to return her to her home, with hospice and die with dignity. Hospice explained they would come every other day to check on her, keep her hydrated and proper supplements through IVs but most important they will keep her comfortable with necessary medications. And then it's in the hands of our Higher Power. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and time with me.
Avatar n tn They have me on propranolol 20 mg bid and I was just recently prescribed Celexa 20 mg 1 a day and .5 Ativan PRN. I don't want to start taking the anti-anxiety meds again, I took them for 2 years and was able to get off of them 4 years ago :-). Oh, and I'm only 30 years old, most of this started 6 years ago but it got really bad in 2006 when I was pregnant with my son. I've tried physical therapy, on my second round.
Avatar n tn How long have you been taking the Ativan, and what was your "typical" dose that you were taking long term? How long have you been tapering down (hopefully with your doc's help)? It's good to know that you are requiring less of the drug to keep your symptoms under control, that will help with the tolerance issue (which you termed as being "immune"). Tolerance is when you need a higher dose to achieve the same desired effect as the initial dose.
Avatar n tn He has prescribed Fentinyl, a higher dose of Percoset for breakthru pain and Ativan. She has abdominal pain, no passage of gas and few and far between movements. Additionally she is barely eatting. Can anyone tell me approximately how long she will be with us? I am the sole provider for 2 small kids and my husband has been laid off. I do not want her to be alone, but I am unsure when I should be with her on a 24 hour basis since no one is currently assisting her physically.
Avatar n tn My life has changed drastically and I am my Mom's primary caregiver. She has been on ativan for awhile which has helped and a nausea pill everyday. She smoked for 55 yrs and just quit last Thursday. Of course her breathing did not improve much. In fact yesterday she had a spell, for lack of a better word right now, where her breathing was so difficult, her BP was 210/104, pulse ox was 70 and her color was gray. I signed up with a great hospice that can be from your home or their place.
Avatar f tn About two weeks ago she started to have episodes of sweating and nausea and a week later she started what appears to be seizure activity, 3 of these within one week, two in one day within less than two hours time. Right now she is on Ativan drops every four hours, which helps with what the hospice nurse feels is seizures. She has lost a considerable amount of weight since the middle of January.
167426 tn?1254089835 Her four brothers and me and 2 of her 2 daughters and 6 nieces and nephews and her 2 grandchildren. It was a full house, she is going to the Univer of Iowa for one more try, but it looks too late. Leslee is very weak, in a lot of pain, they offered her hospice but she turned it down, we will do it, I do not know how much longer she has , but her family will be with her all the way.
4522800 tn?1470329434 I am going to call Hospice and the Drs office and get on them.. Come on now she has been ready for days..I need her in there so she will eat..They have some good equipment so they can blend her food. My girlfriend got her to do way more then she will do for her daughter here. She kind of orders me and with her she did not..She had A LOT more patience with her then I have right now. She is changing and going down way too fast.
Avatar n tn I asked a friend for advice on your post. She said that your mother needs to speak to her doctor about possible medication to control her depression. She also strongly advised counseling, but your mother does not want that assistance. My friend also said that your family needs counseling as well, and said that even if your mother is not ready for "hospice" type care, the local hospice center could still direct you to someone qualified in this field.
Avatar n tn She pretty much slept for 3 days straight and then we realized that the Hospice nurse added Ativan to her meds morning and night and years ago mom had a bad reaction to Ativan so we think that is what knocked her out for those days so we stopped giving them to her all together. Her last one was last night and today she seemed more alert but now her ankles are starting to swell and the nurse told us that this is the process. I just hope MD Anderson can help her. Thanks for all the info.
Avatar m tn Her temperature occasionally went up and we brought it down with cool washcloths. A hospice nurse came by around 3 p.m. and we learned she had a very rapid heart rate and very low BP. We kept things as normal as possible and ate our Thanksgiving dinner. All my mom's kids, in-laws, grandkids and her new great grandbaby were here. All the adults and teens talked with her, expressing their love and also letting her know it was o.k. to go.
1250417 tn?1280883422 I am in a rut and I cannot seem to get out of it. I just keep digging myself deeper and deeper! I need to quit smoking and I need to lose weight. It is not as if a seriously morbidly obese smoker can pick the lesser of two evils. Being overweight and smoking are extremely dangerous to my health. Both can produce deadly consequences. I was progressing well with my weight loss; then I tried to quit smoking.
184674 tn?1360864093 That was the day all three doctors agreed it was time to stop treatment and resort to only comfort measures and line up hospice. Mom had also said numerous times in her brief moments of reality between Sunday night and Tuesday morning that she was ready to go home. All she wanted anymore was to go home. So it was time to make that happen. I had Brandon bring the boys by the hospital to say goodbye to her, not knowing if she'd survive the night.
Avatar n tn I did it under medical supervision and for the first 3 days w/ Ativan, Ambien, Tylenol, and Sinemet (RLS/Parkinson's Disease medication and my LIFE SAVER). I also had IV fluids for the first few days. It was hellish and all I wanted to do was sleep, but my legs hurt so bad and I couldn't. I got my appetite back after 2 days and energy at about day 5. Sleep remained disrupted for a few weeks and then slowly got better.
Avatar m tn My mom last wish was to be home and not die in the hospital. My family took her home on hospice for the remainder 4 days of her life. At home, she is no longer receiving antibiotics for her opportunistic infections, no more daily platelets therapy and no more lasix to drain her edema. I helped took care of her as best as I can. My mom was unconscious most of the time at home. During the first 2 days at home, she was able to only her eyes slightly at times to recognize family and friends.
Avatar n tn It is imperative that she continue to receive pain control with a morphine drip and ativan for rest. She should be positioned to comfort. If she chooses not to eat or drink that is ok. She will need mouth care and perineal hygeine. Hospice is ok but if you feel she needs more morphine or ativan intravenously and the nurse doesn't speak up. Insist on it. Pallative care is of the utmost importance. Talk to her and if you are comfortable with this tell her it is all right to go.
Avatar m tn . i am a nurse and have worked with cancer and hospice patients so i know A LOT about pain medication which is probably why i'm also an addict. i've given up the vicodins and now i'm legally on the duragesic patch. i have a congenital back disorder and have been told without surgery i'll be on pain meds forever. the patch works! i don't crave pills. i'm on 50mcg. i change them every 3 days. have you ever tried these? they might work for you. hope the best for you. we are here if you need us.