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Avatar f tn She had an ear infection for 2 weeks had oral, ear and injectable antibiotics and her ear drum ruptured 3 times and then she got a fungal infection. They have painted it and tried lotrim drops which are used for athletes foot. Well it cleared up for 1 day and the dr. said stop all treatments and now it is back and she has a perforated(hole) in her eardrum. I am at my wits end. She has had an infection in her ear for 4 weeks now and she is only 3 yrs old.
15394896 tn?1468598227 Different body parts that have fungal infections are treated with different antifungals. Athletes Foot is a fungal infection of the toes and feet and this would be treated with an antifungal cream that is specifically to treat the feet. As the doctor has examined your ear and there is no pain, no redness or swelling and the doctor cannot see any damage or perforation to the ear drum, then keep the ear dry at all times. Do not allow any water to get into the ear.
Avatar n tn In most cases , it can be handled by OTC anti-fungal creams. tolanaftate (tinactin) Clotmetrizole, etc. (athletes foot creams & similar anti-fungals) It takes a LONG time to clear up. However mine seems to be too chronic for this. I've been using OTC anti-fungals for nearly 2 years, but the infected skin is multi-layered, apparently coiled up and never seems to completely clear. Help!!! Thanks. Peace.
Avatar f tn Ringworm isn't a worm, btw, it's a fungas and easily treatable with over the counter athletes foot cream (yes, really! Read the label, it lists ringworm as a treatable condition). You should get a vet's diagnosis, but you don't need the expensive prescription cream. Lotriman AF, or any brand is fine - apply twice a day very thoroughly, you have to get every affected spot. And stick to the creams, no sprays! Also, it could be a vitamin deficiency.
Avatar f tn (I've never had anything fungus related before, not even athletes foot!) Would I need to get a prescription if it were fungi related? Thank You, DearDaisy p.s -If my symptoms change/grow, I will go to a doctor. I wanted to ask here because I have freaked out over a common problem that wasn't common to me and made a bit of a fool of myself #>.
Avatar f tn You could try using a medication such as Monostat cream, or a cream for athletes foot on the spot for a few days. If it gets better, Great, it was ringworm or other fungal infection. If it doesn't get better, or begins to spread, or worsen, please take your dog to a vet and have a definitive diagnoses made ASAP. Ringworm in dogs usually does not appear as a circle with a ring inside as it does in humans.
Avatar f tn I am a 56 year old women with past history of yeast and ear infections, acne and athletes foot, but I HAVE HAD NO SYMPTOMS since before menopause. Starting on natural remedies, but diet is tough. Need opinions Thanks.
Avatar n tn I mean a bacterial infection in the skin. You may also consider a fungus, such as the one that causes athletes foot. It can grow on your hand. You can try an OTC athlete's foot cream, or get an Rx for diflucan if you think that's what it is. Sometimes you have to be persistent with your Dr. to get results. Sad but true.
Avatar m tn U can get it over the counter. Its an antifungal cream for athletes foot. I know it sounds strange putting something for a foot fungal on your face and head. But if u do this for seven to fourteen days u will see that it works. My daughter no longer has ringworm. Any Antifungal cream should work. Ringworm is a fungal infection.
Avatar m tn (I never had flaking skin) similar to when you have flaking skin from athletes foot. So far to reduce the itch on my skin I have been rubbing my skin with garlic mixed with oil. I have done this twice when the itch increases and both times it calms down (also helps relieve my penis of the bright red spots quicker). Basically, there is something viral, fungal, or bacterial inside of me and I can't be tested for it.
Avatar m tn It has not spread to upper areas of my head nor to my lower neck or shoulders. However, it is in my very outer upper ear around the cartiledge clefts. I know its there bc it itches like the neck/scalp. My wife reports that there is no visible signs of the itch, however if i scratch it, rub it, etc. I am sure that aggravates it. Sometimes the rash is more raised than others. I suffer from no other skin allergies. I do not want to cut my hair. Any ideas? Can you point me to possible causes.
Avatar f tn I have a weak immune system and poor circulation. I’ve been susceptible to infections all my life. Ear infections as a kid. I developed athletes foot at age 10. Toenail fungus at age 14. I get a viral infection in my nose kind of like cold sores since I was 18. At 23 I developed consistent migraines. At 24 I developed a rash, cellulitis, on my ring finger. At 29 I had pneumonia. I’m now 30 and continually have: worsening nail fungus, spread to over half of my toes. I’m constantly cold.
288415 tn?1231634102 I rummaged around in the medicine cabinet and found some Ketoderm cream 2% that was prescribed to me 2 years ago for athlete's foot. I figured if it could stop the itch of athletes foot (which is a form of fungus) then maybe it would work on my ears. I know I shouldn't be self prescribing like this, but doctors don't seem to have the answer. I checked on the internet for possible side effects and there were none.
Avatar f tn A candida overgrowth can cause your symptoms, and the athletes foot (fungus overgrowth) is a good sign that you may have the fungus elsewhere, like in your stomach. Google candida and I am pretty confident that your symptoms will be what you find. Not saying that is your problem for sure, but it is a very good start to look at.
Avatar f tn Commercial hand sanitizers are basically alcohol in a glycerin base, effective against bacteria but not fungi. There are anti-fungal shampoos and dips or you can use or OTC treatments for athletes foot (lotrimin, tinactin, etc.). The bad news is that it is persistent. The good news is that it is usually pretty self limiting and rarely results in serious illness, except as a secondary infection when other chronic immune or skin disorders are present.
168732 tn?1311715679 Pharmacist said to start with Clotrimazole - Lotramin - anti-fungus, same as used for athletes's foot, etc. I guess I have "athletes mouth"! (Better than jock mouth....
Avatar n tn I started to think maybe the infection was fungal and remembered I had tea tree oil, which is an antifungal. Tea tree oil is used in treating nail fungus, athletes foot, etc.... So I thought it was worth trying. I would put several drops into boiling water and inhale the steam twice a day. I also used cotton swabs to swab the inside of my nose with the oil.
Avatar n tn A swollen gland in your groin could be due to STD but it could also reflect skin infection in your leg on that side, athletes’, foot (really) or any number of other sources of inflammation. A single swollen gland as you describe is in no way suggestive of HIV. 4. No 5. No. but you should get it sorted out as suggested.
Avatar m tn Ok guys, OCD, anxiety and stress can cause a swollen lymph node by my ear, burning feet sensation and a MP rash on my back?? What's the anxiety forum going to do for that?! How about thrush, athletes foot and jock itch? Not a sign of a weakened immune system??? Is a MP rash not a sign of a VIRUS infection?? Yes I do have anxiety but not all the axiety in the world could cause these symptoms.
Avatar f tn I have had terrible recurrent vaginal yeast infections, recurrent vaginitis, recurrent athletes foot, itchy skin on scalp and everywhere, and cracked lips in corners of my mouth. Changing my diet helped but if I ingested to many carbs I would develop these conditions so I know I have the candida overgowth pretty bad. I am hoping this is all that I have. I am able to control my weight, my blood pressure is 110/60, my cholesterol is in a good range just need to raise the good.
Avatar f tn ), chronic fungal (yeast) infections (behind ears, anal, between my legs and scrotum and the taint region) chronic athletes foot, impaired motor skills, speech complications, brain fog, inhibited short term memory, confusion, pain behind the eyes, dark spots and black floaters in eye, the feeling as if something is in my eye (left), chronic swelling of hands and feet, exhaustion and overall sluggishness, headaches, periodical vision blurriness, chronic diarrhea, feelings of being hot with exces
Avatar f tn My parotid glands became swollenSwollen glands and uncomfortable. The doctors have tried lamisilLamisil at athletes foot Lamisil at jock itch Lamisil topical, 2gm/day Valtrex and OmnicefOmnicef Omnicef omni-pac with zero result. My immuneImmune globulin intramuscular Immune globulin intravenous Immune globulin subcutaneous results look normal apart from low IGg2 and very low IGg4.
Avatar f tn Two weeks prior to the painless sore I had extreme itching and I started to think it was a fungal infection so I decided to put neosporin and athletes foot cream on it which may of causes the small sore but I highly doubt it. Herpes could cause a single painless tiny sore that appears 11 weeks later though right? I never had one of these in my life and all a long I been stressing out over catching herpes and this little sore pops up. So you truly believe this isn't herpes and why or why not?
Avatar m tn What I would recommend to my fellow sufferers is to apply a steroid cream behind the ear until the infection clears and the skin is restored, then apply 'Lamasil Once' (1% Terbinofine Hydrochloride) to get rid of the behind ear fungus for good. I know it's an athletes foot treatment, in fact it cleared up my athletes foot infection also some years earlier!
1386048 tn?1281015933 at last check she saw only pressure, not infection in my ear...perhaps it's time for an ear/nose/throat specialist? how are you??
Avatar n tn canker sores on cheek gas tons of cold sores weird scars on my legs without any cuts beforehand (gone now) athletes foot stiff neck, sore shoulders gurgling stomach for weeks pealing skin on hands Not all of these symptoms are reguarded as signs of HIV, but I assumed them to be because of anxiety. I only have a negative rapid test at 6 weeks behind me now. I'm not nearly as nervous now, and all my symptoms are gone now.
Avatar n tn I lost considerable hair, which came back gray/white, now have arthritis in many areas, my nails and cuticles grow in strange patterns, and I seem to be prone to fungal infections other than athletes foot. My energy levels are nothing like before the infection and I have trouble maintaining a normal weight. The Bells has been largely in remission except when I'm very tired, until receiving a flu shot a couple weeks ago. It is now back, though not as bad as the initial infection.
Avatar n tn I have just used both items for 2 days and it definitely helps! My doctor says that it seems to be a fungal (like athletes foot..eww). Told her that I practice good hygiene. She laughed and said she wasn't implying i had poor hygiene but that it might have something to do with my bra not being "breathable" and sweat gets trapped under the breasts..etc. She also said it may be because of winter season. Anyway, she did have me get a mammogram...i am still waiting on those results.
1353650 tn?1429466974 Things became even worse during lyme treatment I had an irregular heart rythm along with a strong beat that felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest, insulin resistance, low blood pressure, and low blood sugar (reactive hypoglycemia), headaches, severe migraines, neck tightness, joint pain, severe muscle pain, eye dryness, severe light sensitivity, burning skin on hands and feet, skin dryness, puffy eyes, water retention, all over body nerve pain, terrible feet pain, calf pain, h
Avatar f tn I also got antibiotics from him, It has helped a lot and the itching has almost completely stopped. The bottle says it is for athletes foot and other fungal related things. My doctor has also said it was probably from switching body washes. Now I use Dove men's unscented body wash and Dove unscented deodorant, He had also said if the spots and redness occur again that I should switch to another brand of unscented body wash/deodorant.