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Avatar n tn Teak, I understand there are no "home test kits" approved, but the FDA does approve the Home Access Express HIV-1 Test System in which you sample at home and send in for results. I was inquiring about this one. Any help would be appreciated. I can't find anything on the web.
Avatar m tn Hey i'm from the UK and I bought a home HIV test online. It says that if they are CE approved then they are official. I took the test and it came back negative. I did this first as the clinic was full and I could not get an appointment to be tested however I'm still going to book into a clinic to double check. Is this right to do?
Avatar n tn the only consequence is that you may never know whether these kits are properly working or not..
Avatar f tn So, you should feel confident in the Home Access test... again, any other HIV test that is not Home Access is not FDA approved or home use...
Avatar m tn Currently, the only over the counter FDA approved home use HIV tests are the OraQuick HIV home test and the Home Access Test. It's much cheaper to just go to your local STD clinic for a free rapid HIV test. They know what they are doing, are using quality FDA approved tests, and can do the follow up confirmatory testing that your will need if the antibody test is reactive.
Avatar m tn Does anyone have information about Home access HIV test Kit. How reliable are these kits? What are the chances of false negative when the test taken after 3 months?
Avatar n tn The HIV Home Access HIV test is an at-home FDA approved doctor recommended test that offers over 99.9% accuracy. Each home test kit comes with collection supplies for collecting and mailing your sample of blood to a certified laboratory for analysis. All shipping is prepaid. Confidential results will be made available in approximately 7-10 business days from the date you mail-back your specimen sample to the laboratory.
Avatar n tn In general the rapid test kits which are often used at home are almost as accurate as the lab based kits. the difference is that the home kits have slightly more false positives. they are just as sensitve as the regular, lab kits.
Avatar m tn home access is a collection kit...not one that you do yourself.
Avatar f tn May I know the is the HIV test kits be affected by the surrounding temperature? i.
Avatar m tn Well, I at least found a legit HIV home test kit: Hope that's useful! I need to re-test twice over the next two months, right?
1330182 tn?1279815900 Hello! Has anyone used the at home test kits for checking thyroid blood levels? I was thinking of purchasing one :) I am not going to be able to get to the doctor for a few weeks so I am hoping that the test kit will give me some peace of mind for now lol! Thanks!
Avatar m tn Hi again, I took a hiv duo test using a home test kit (you take a finger prick sample of blood in a tube and post it to the lab) at 6 weeks and that was negative. I then took the same duo test at 12+ weeks and also tested negative. I was wrong, I felt that all of my symptoms were linked to HIV and it seems they were not. Apologies for my insanity and for my anxiousness feeding into this forum. Somewhere within me I still don't think this is over... I was like 90% sure.
Avatar m tn Hi, I did a self test using rapid home test kit for hiv 1 & 2 after 3 months of last sexual encounter with a csw. It tested negative. Is this result conclusive? & how reliable are the rapid test kits?
Avatar n tn No you cannot get a home test kit in the US. You can get a home collection kit in the US and it's Home Access.
Avatar m tn It is evident that test kits have HIV positive plasma although inactivated but who knows if there is human mistake, following text is present on FDA "HIV-1 Positive Control One black-capped vial containing 0.2 mL of photochemically inactivated human plasma positive for antibodies to HIV-1, diluted in a defibrinated pool of normal human plasma. Preservative: ProClin 5000. Negative for Hepatitis B surface antigen and Hepatitis C antibody." Link http://www.fda.