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Avatar f tn So, you should feel confident in the Home Access test... again, any other HIV test that is not Home Access is not FDA approved or home use...
Avatar f tn I recently purchased a homaccess at home HIV test is the only one approved by the fda i long after having unprotected sex should I use the kit? Thank you for any thoughts!
Avatar f tn antibody kits, egens, 3rd generation (home rapid) NR 49th day (7 week) : antibody kits, VIKIA HIV 1/2, 3rd generation (home rapod) NR 1. Is that results give me a 'good' sign for me in 12th weeks ? 2. Is ther possible that CMIA result is flase positive, because when it confirm with another 4th gen (Elfa ab/ag) the result is NR 3. I know that the cdc rules will say it conclusive in 12 weeks, but with all result i have done can it be a good result for me?
Avatar m tn We don't have over the counter test kits for HIV in Australia,we don't even have rapid tests except for a few clinics in sydney.
Avatar n tn OK, first things first - home testing kits are not a good idea. There is only ONE home testing kit approved in the US, I don't know about the Philippines. What you need to do is to go and and get a regular HIV blood test done. If for whatever reason you cannot afford to do so, the only reliable home testing kit that I know of is the Home Access Kit. I wish you the best of luck, it sounds like you'll need it.
Avatar m tn Does anyone have information about Home access HIV test Kit. How reliable are these kits? What are the chances of false negative when the test taken after 3 months?
Avatar n tn the only consequence is that you may never know whether these kits are properly working or not..
Avatar n tn I gather from the forums that the current thinking is that 99 percent of people test positive at 6 weeks..can I rely on this test that Im negative?. Thanks again for a great site, and apologies if some of my questions may have already been answered in the past. Yours..
Avatar n tn hi had un protected sex with 3 girls 27 months ago! have never had a hiv test apart from the home testing kits which i have done 3 over the last 3 months and all have come up negative. supplied by in holland. have read numerous articles regarding them and spoke to them directly re accuracy and they said they are 99.6 accurate and the fact i have done 3 multiplies this! i am with my girl friend now for 2 years and she was tested 5 and 7 months ago at the doctors and all is well.
Avatar m tn Are there any home test kits for NGU, Gon, Syph, Herpes 1/2? I know that there is Home Access for HIV = $60.
Avatar m tn I then received a reply from Dutch Health Inspectorate which is even more worrying not reassuring me that you could get infected with HIV from test!......... "The MiraTes HIV home test does not comply with these strict European regulations and does not contain a CE-mark. Therefore, it is not allowed to be sold in Europe. We simply cannot ascertain if the device gives a correct result, is effective, accurate, safe, etc. I think it is very unlikely that you get infected by a test.
Avatar m tn The only approved test is the Home Access, the other test they offer is not FDA approved. They even state which test is FDA approved.
Avatar n tn Teak, I understand there are no "home test kits" approved, but the FDA does approve the Home Access Express HIV-1 Test System in which you sample at home and send in for results. I was inquiring about this one. Any help would be appreciated. I can't find anything on the web.
Avatar f tn Hi. I know this home kits. it used over 90 country includ uk au and nzland.but it's only can be used in lab. so if you order an one step rapid kit ,it sure can give you a over 99.9% accurate results. fda ufda cfda and other fda something.they are all appoved this one step kit(drop 3-4 blood, wait 10mins see one line or two line ). it is accurate rate same like elisa . but only can be used for lad . ok know you know that.
Avatar n tn I realize Home Access is the only approved home test kit. I'm curious if there is any personal experiences or knowledge of the "other" kits.
Avatar f tn so why did the Dutch Health Inspectorate say this about Mirates "Dear Madam/Sir, As I wrote in my previous e-mail, it is highly unlikely that you get infected by a test. Mostly they use parts of the dead virus or antibodies which are a product of the immune system.
Avatar m tn G'day guys, I just want to get some opinions on the iCare HIV home test kits by Jal Innovation (FDA, WHO and USAiD approved). Are they reliable? I tested with a HIV duo/combo ab/ag test at a clinic in Australia at around 5 and 1/2 weeks and it came back negative.....this site and Dr. Sean Cummings have stated that at 28days or after this test is 99.89% accurate. I've since tested myself at home with the iCare kit at 6.5 weeks and 8.5 weeks just for peace of mind. Both came back negative.
Avatar n tn hi i recently ordered a hiv test kit over the internet from a company called Labpro it came to the uk via malysia, it was a elisa test kit and gave a negative result, how confident should i be of this result?
Avatar m tn hello i had a one off unprotected vaginal encounter with a prostitute in singapore around the 5th of july this year and i bought 3 blood test kits from acon for hiv 1 and 2 i took one 4 weeks after and the test card showed one line which meant by the book that the test was succsesful and the test was negative i took another after 10 weeks which was negative again then i took another just today which was also negative it seems like a simple test and the company seems to be legitimate but ar
Avatar m tn 1. Are OTC "do-it-yourself" at home kits reliable? " std tests 'r' us" 2. I had a single unprotected encounter with a woman I know in the Philippines. It was a few minutes of three-positions coitus. That was six days ago. I don't have any symptoms of STD, but I'd like to have "peace of mind" testing. I have some "use or lose" health care spending account balance. So, I'm not worried about the cost. How long should I wait before testing?
Avatar f tn A week ago, I received a negative by hiv test at a clinic. I regret I ordered the kit. I am really worried about the liquid. I found all of the internet page about HIV infection. However, there was nothing about unapproved home test kit's safety. My concern is what is the liquid and the liquid is a HIV virus or not. the antigen is nonactive I heard. People can make an active antigen? I'm seriosely worried and stressed. I cannot wait more 12 weeks. Please help me.
Avatar f tn Hello. My question is, would a saliva hiv test, (at a life insurance screen), which took saliva from under the tongue, be conclusive at 4 months after possible infection? Are these under the tongue type tests accurate? It was negative i assume, since i did get the insurance. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn If the results are positive, the lab automatically runs a confirmatory test and you are contacted at home by a professional HIV counselor to give you your results. I fear that even if you were able to get your hands on an OraQuick test kit, you wouldn't be able to use it from your country. WARNING: In addition to FDA-approved home-test kits, there are a number of HIV tests available on the Internet that claim to be clinically proven but do not have FDA approval.
Avatar n tn In general the rapid test kits which are often used at home are almost as accurate as the lab based kits. the difference is that the home kits have slightly more false positives. they are just as sensitve as the regular, lab kits.
Avatar m tn As I am in a remote area right now, I had to get a HIV rapid test approved for USAID. I understand these home rapid test kits has the HIV antigen embedded in the capture pad, which then will react if the blood sample is followed by the diluent and an HIV antibody was found in the blood specimen. According from the manufacturer site, this is what it said: "The assay starts with a diluent prepared sample applied to the sample well.
Avatar n tn hi i have had unprotected sex with 3 people 27 momnths ago over the last 3 months ago i have taken 4 hiv home testing kits! blood sample placed on cassete and you wait for the lines to appear! they are from a company in holland call mirates they seem very big and i have done a lot of research into them and there products! all 4 have come up negative?
Avatar m tn i have heard that antibiotics and stress and cause thrush,but i heard it is uncommon usually only affects young (35 yo) that have compromised immune systems i took a home access hiv test after 42 days after exposure #1 and 32 days after exposure exposures were 12 days my extreme relief,the test was negative.i know the 42 day negative is very promising,but how about the 32 days??also,how reliable are the home access test kits??
Avatar f tn At 7 (51 days) weeks I had another Hiv 1/2 p24 negative. I had a Oraquick at home at 81 days and one at 86 days. I've had headaches for the past week, a sore neck, and just got some kind of rash on my bottom 12 weeks after exposure, it may be hemmoroid flare up. I am worried i need to get the full blood tests again and the 12 week Oraquick was too soon. Any advice??