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Avatar m tn Generally morning phlegm is caused by acid reflux (GERD). Many asthmatics have a form of asthma callerd laryngeal-pharayngeal reflux where they do not experience the typical symptoms associated with acid reflux. Instead, the acid is refluxed higher and can be aspirated causing worsened asthma (or in some people this is the sole cause of their asthma like symptoms), sinus infections, laryngitis and a host of other uppre respiratory issues.
Avatar n tn However, there is quite of bit of effidence and documentation that some asthmatics can experience an itching chin as a very subtle, rare and precursory symptom of a pending asthma attack. So the most direct answer is yes if you are talking about an itching chin. I hope that helps.
Avatar f tn They often get worse as you get older and this is a bad time of year for them. You may want to see an asthma and allergy specialist who can test you for allergies and asthma and treat you appropriately :) Best wishes for you. Please know that even with allergies AND asthma, you can still run. There have been Olympic champions who have asthma and still win medals.
Avatar m tn Well, if you can exercise without any problems, then good odds are that your lungs are good and healthy. Asthma also is a disorder where certain air born triggers will set off an asthma attack, such as cigarette smoke, cat dander or pollen allergy. Exercise is also commonly a problem for many asthmatics, as it is often the first sign that asthma is out of control.
Avatar f tn Still at this point he takes an allergy medications occasionally, he is on an emergency inhaler of albuterol. He has also been to an asthma/allergy Dr whom tested him and said that he could find nothing that he was allergic to. I have already had him to the Dr.'s office twice in the last month due to a chronic cough and runny nose, yet they continue to do nothing or they just don't know what to do. I am so tired of seeing my child suffer and there is nothing I can do for him.
Avatar m tn Failure to consider and diagnose VCD may result in misleading assumptions about asthma control, and result in unnecessary adjustments of asthma medications. The high prevalence of GERD raises the question of the role of acid reflux in the pathogenesis of VCD in asthmatics.
Avatar f tn Does anyone else have asthma problems after eating foods with Red Chilli peppers in it? I keep meeting more and more asthmatics with this capsaicin allergy and wonder why there is not more information on how certain foods can cause inflammation in lungs. One tenth of a teaspoon of chilli pepper sent me into an anaphylactic asthma attck that nearly killed me. Now that its out of my diet completely I have a 70% reduction in symptoms for the first time in 25 years.
323551 tn?1255174750 I did a major house cleaning yesterday and some of the other symptoms lessened and assume (hope?) that the congestion will also lessen but in terms of long term exposure my concern remains...any input would be appreciated!
Avatar f tn On Monday I took him to see his Asthma/Allergy doctor. He said that he must have gotten some sort of virus and it triggered his asthma. He told me to continue his Singulair, Pulmicort Respules one time a day, Xopenex in the nebulizer every four hours, and he prescribed Prednisone two times per day (dr. said to start the steroid only if the cough does not slow down). So on Wednesday morning, my son woke up at 6:30am coughing non-stop....coughing so much that he vomited!
Avatar f tn 1x a week is what is reccomended for asthmatics. Also I found (I have adult onset asthma and similar complaints with chest tightness at night) that mine gets worse if I don't have my might/dust/allergy guards on my bed and pillow. It also helped when I used HEPA air filters in my heater and bought a HEPA vacume. Good luck!
Avatar f tn ve been prescribed a steroid inhaler to control your symptoms. Asthmatics have died due to badly out of control asthma, where they have over relied on their rescue inhalers. I would not recommend that you do this. The problem is that due to the presence of excess inflammation, the airways tend to get get hypersensitive and constrict the muscles around them, which in turn reduces the airflow even further.
990597 tn?1296392926 I had an asthma attack last night. Until last year i am a severe asthma girl having regular attack need to use 6 to 12 inhaler puffs. After taking steriod inhaler dont have that big attack. But last night had one i cant breathe use my inhaler several times. It was like a fish out of water. I am suffocating and wheezing. My friends are try to calm me. I cant breathe.they call ambulance. I am hospitalised. I am ok now. I think steroids are also not helping me. I am feared.
Avatar m tn I always had asthma as kid, but it restricts me from doing so many things I like to do today. I can't run around without having to stop for air immediately, I can't laugh very hard/sneeze or I start wheezing and I can't even enjoy my favorite summer ice cold snacks. I know there is no cure besides the puffer and too much of that isn't good either. Is there a was can reduce the effects of asthma?
Avatar n tn I occasionally get lightheaded and have also been extremely thirsty in the past couple of days. I do have asthma and allergies, but none of the allergy medicine I have taken has helped much. Also, I’ve have cold spells, usually after eating lunch, that makes it worse. Is it just my asthma? Or is it something else? And should I be concerned? Is there anything I can take to relieve my symptoms?
Avatar n tn I've had asthma since I was little, and as far as I've gathered, expectorant is for non-asthmatic cough sufferers while mucolytics are for asthmatics. Is this true? What's confusing me though is why "guaifenesin", a component in one asthma pill I used to take, is used as an "expectorant", and the only OTC drug available for the purpose of easing the removal of phlegm here in the U.S.
1491252 tn?1297450771 Soccor tryouts are in february and i wanna tryout, but im not sure if my asthma will act up, In track i had to use my inhaler more and whenever i cry, my asthma acts up really bad, and its gotten worse, my chest hurts and my back and stomach, i have headaches for days. im also worried if this will affect my heart in any way. can anyone help me with my asthma and help me out with the other stuff too, tell me what i can do about these headaches and chest pain. thanks.
Avatar n tn I, too, am an asthmatic and have a nebulizer machine at home. I was diagnosed with my asthma at age 18 (I'm now 47), and "back then", it wasn't as common to have a neb machine at home unless your asthma was not very well controlled (mine wasn't).
Avatar m tn for about a year, I have shortness of breath very easily and get wheezy and tight chested very quickly. If I sleep on my back I get wheezy very quickly. I do have phlegm, though not a lot just enough to have to 'clear' the top of lungs or bottom of throat area. Also react if I drink cold water or sudden change of temp from warm to cold - stopped having anything aerosol months ago. I have had asthma, mildly and due to allergies over the years.
Avatar m tn Obese people suffer asthma at double the rate of their normal-weight counterparts, and account for 75 percent of all asthma-related emergency room visits. Secondly, speak with an experienced allergist or immunologist willing to give you the extensive tests you need to determine your allergies. While it’s widely recognized that environmental allergens can bring on attacks, food allergies can also play a huge role–even if many in the mainstream won’t acknowledge it.
Avatar n tn t get the huge diurnal swings that most severe asthmatics have, but I do produce an excessive amount of mucous everyday. My asthma is in control for the most part, not many episodes per week of shortness of breath. But I have a chronic cough because every morning i have to clear my lungs of the excess mucous and often later on in the day too. And because I have a huge set of lungs for my body size, wheezing is never heard in my lungs till my peak flows drop 50%.
Avatar n tn The nasonex takes care of the stuffy nose and i take claritin at nights so i dont wake up with symptoms, however i still have the cough and mucus (apparently it wasn't bronchitis). I am currently on medicine for a sinus infection. could a sinus infection be the cause of the wheezing? also i have began to develop allergy's to foods but have not been tested for dust, pollen, etc.
Avatar f tn s odd to me because I have had this problem all of my life but never really knew it till about 20 years ago and ever since I have tried to get a better hold on this. Prevention wrote about a study years ago about the connection of low blood sugar and asthma. The book is called " the Encyclopedia of Common Diseases" Special Deluxe Edition, 1976 by rodale Press, Inc. It's a blue hard covered book and I wish they would publish it again.