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1349026 tn?1276809057 I've recently been to hospital with another flare up and the hospital want to do surgery and remove my whole bowel if my current medication does not work. I'm on 50mg of MP6 (mercaptopurine) and Asacol tablets (currently on steroids as well but weening them down). I know that I mentally would not be able to cope with the surgery and would find it too hard to deal with so this really is not an option for me.
Avatar f tn I hate Asacol and I find it does nothing but cause joint pain especially in my fingers to the point that I can't pick up a glass. I have never felt any benefit from it and I know there are alternative meds out there, but my doctor refuses to give me anything else. My crohns is in the rectum and large intestine.
Avatar f tn And Drs here are very keen on surgery for this type of illness - I know of a half dozen people who've had the surgery - my daughter's 15 yr old bf among them, and his Dr refused to even consider alternatives. So I'm reluctant to subject myself to Drs. I was encouraged to read that the use of probiotics and such still seems to be used. I guess I'm looking for some suggestions for additional options to help me get this under control again. Thanks to all.
Avatar n tn I have notice you have said nothing about diet. If I was in your situation I would find alternatives to the prednisone and valium ASAP. I am 46 also and when I was 38 came down with IBD, very sever with bleeding and terrible pain. The meds worked at first but after another flare up I went to a good naturpath and found alternative methods for controlling bowel troubles.
Avatar n tn and the stomache pain is unberable.i am taking asacol that really helps.i have no pain.i would usually stay constipated and would hurt my stomache when i tried to use the i am regular which i never was before.i will pray for you and hope your doctors get this under control for you.try to hang in there sweetie and dont give up.
211940 tn?1267884866 The second doctor didn't want to hear about alternatives either. I was lucky enough to find a chiropractor who helped me with the carpal tunnel. By abtaining skelatal health it aleviated most of the symptoms. My massage therapist helped tremendously with massage and excercise especially for the affected areas. Then in 2004 I started having pain in my arm between my shoulder and the elbow.