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Avatar n tn Arthrotec 75mg 2 pills a day i have 4 bad discs L1L2S1S2 i have been taking the pill for about a yr they seem to work good also try an inversion table about 3/4 invert for 3 mins twice a day and lots of ice packs
Avatar n tn I made notes for 3months after my 1st surgery and on looking back I only had panadein, and took panadein forte on some days. this time I have endone and panadol. I now take 1 endone most days and panadol 6 hourly. pain management is 100% better this time. I have to say when getting the staples removed I asked for a follow up script for endone and my G.P. was reluctant to give it. habit forming!! who gives a bugger when in pain you are helpless to think and do anything.