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Avatar n tn I was also wondering about herbal remedy I hope this works for you. I have no Idea what everyone is talking about. I need to be educated badly. been trying to look things up. I was tested in May and didnt get my results until I asked about them. Had been to the PCP several times.They forgot to tell me. I did get in to see a gastrologist last week. he is going to do a colonostomy sept 19 and they took some more blood for liver panel and other things.
1551642 tn?1294355534 Well, I have to admit I'm feeling less happy about being on an antibiotic after reading your responses. Actually, I wasn't really happy about it in the first place, but I thought it was a low-risk thing to try. Oddly enough, since I started taking them (about a week and a half ago), my old, old incisions that I thought were completely closed up have started weeping some yellow junk (pus?)--not a ton, but over the last few days it's been happening.
Avatar f tn Here is a remedy that gave me almost instant relief from my torn meniscus; plus the arthritis; all in my left knee... of course I'm a cyclist which has helped tremendously... Here's my story: Castor Oil & Pain??? Call it what you wish, Voodoo, Witchcraft, ‘BS’, whatever….but it DID work for me and my Sports Ortho can't believe it... Having recently torn the cartilage in my left knee and simultaneously diagnosed ‘with a little arthritis’ in the same, and with swelling behind the knee.
220965 tn?1189759423 It seems down south you get more lortabs or lowertabs, in the east you get more percocets or vicodins. I finally complained to my VA doctor and got oxycodones. WHY WHY WHY. I wish I endured my mild knee and back pain.
Avatar m tn In the meantime, there may be a natural remedy for relief; it's helped my torn cartilage and arthritis in my left knee... no pain, no swelling... Here's my story: Castor Oil & Pain??? Call it what you wish, Voodoo, Witchcraft, ‘BS’, whatever….but it DID work for me. Having recently torn the cartilage in my left knee and simultaneously diagnosed ‘with a little arthritis’ in the same, and with swelling behind the knee.
Avatar n tn Rheumatoid Arthritis is common with HepC. I had it in my elbows, knees. But it went away on iy's own after two months.
Avatar n tn This is a cartilage problem ,usually associated with arthritis and athletes/runners, with a profound sensation of crackling/grading (and possibly audible) of the knee joint (in your case) Abstaining from any activities that could risk aggravating further your knee, for the time being,would be the sensible thing to do, till you know exactly what is the exact nature of your problem. Hopefully the CT scan will shed some more light.
Avatar m tn The other possibility is that what you have is a simple case of arthritis. Though gout normally affects small joints, the possibility of it isolated affecting the knee joint cannot be totally ruled out. An X-ray of the knee joint followed by MRI of the joint may be required. Please consult an orthopedic specialist. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn If you have severe valgus deformity, it will give rise to arthritis and you would need total knee replacement in later part of your life. For minor deformity control your weight and you should always be below your BMI and wear proper shoes and avoid any severe forms of exercise. A corrective osteotomy may be recommended to straighten the legs. This however is more of a cosmetic remedy. Visit an orthopaedician for examination and with a latest X-rays discuss all the pros and cons. Take care!
Avatar f tn who showed me the x-ray film, pointing out two little bone spurs on either side of the knee cap, an indication of arthritis. (I had gone online when I started getting pains in my toes and found that gout often follows diabetes.) The P.A. wrote me a prescription for 500mg of Nabumetone, a pain killer. When I asked what the side effects were, she said upset stomach was the most common.
Avatar n tn hi my mother in law is suffering from severe lower back pain along with knee pain since last two to three years she also has low count of haemoglobin.she is not able to resist any kind of medicine her daily diet is also very low.Iis there any kind of home treatment or remedy to solve this problem plz let me know...
Avatar f tn 1 week later whilst crossing the road my knee popped like and elastic band twanging and i experienced a hot pain in the BACK of the knee area i was rendered lame as i couldnt put any pressure on my leg at all I was refered to an surgeon whom operated on my left knee (cleaning it out of debris) he said i had severe arthritis which would only get worse and that i needed a knee replacement now the problem has again reared its ugly head and affected my right knee this pain is the same but i am now
Avatar n tn My leg, knee and ankle swelled to gigantic proportions. My doctor has said only that I have arthritis in my knee and I have to be patient. On at least three occasions, I have been in tears in his office and asking what to do about it. He still tells me be patient. This is surely not normal.
Avatar n tn I don't know what the issue is with the shooting knee pain, but my 85 year old father has arthritis and this same knee pain periodically and some time ago his orthopedic dr prescribed voltaren gel because he cannot take oral pan relievers - it works very well!
Avatar m tn Almost two years ago, the Food and Drug Administration ignored the advice of its scientists and approved a knee implant after being lobbied by members of Congress. On Thursday, the agency issued an unprecedented "mea culpa," saying the device should not have been approved. The agency said it is taking steps to revoke approval of the Menaflex implant, made by ReGen Biologics.
1655526 tn?1330659229 I had a surgery for a torn meniscus 9 days ago and arthritis cleaned up under my knee. I had a partial medial menisectomy. I was told after surgery that 50% of the meniscus was torn. The knee gets a little better each day, but is still very tight and swollen but the pain is tolerable so I've weaned myself off of the crutches. My problem is my calf. If I'm on it very long at all, it starts burning. I would be concerned about a blood clot, but I've had issues with that calf for years off and on.
Avatar f tn I have had shingles that flaired up years ago to the point that my thigh was swolen, had fever, pain, and rash. Now I have had knee surgery on May 3rd. I have been having stabbing pain in my right side as well and have been through cat scans and numerous x rays with nothing showing up to explain the cause. My queistion is: could the shingles be causing the excessive pain.
Avatar m tn I don't know why my knee pain is still lingering on. I have been babying my knee for about 2 years now to no avail. I have gone through physical rehab to strengthen my hip and my knee. Every time I bend my knee passed a certain depth I feel it catch and pop in its groove. It is a very light feeling, but it causes pain in the anterior region of my knee. I used to be able to squat, jump, run and everything but now I cant really do much and it is super depressing.
Avatar f tn MSM is an herbal remedy. Methylsulfonylmethane. It is for joint pain/support, but it also helps regrow hair and is good for asthma, arthritis, allergies and Fibromyalgia. Some people claim that it helps with headaches and heartburn. Doesn't help my heartburn - but does help me with the inflammation from Fibromyalgia.
Avatar n tn however, recently my arthritis is really flaring. my hands and feet were recently x-rayed and both show arthritis. i have pain in the big joint of both feet--not gout--but it spreads up into the arch of my foot. my knees ache almost unbearably at times and i have to wear those tight sleeve things over them almost all the time. i started out almost 12 years ago with only daily headaches and neck pain. i could take one darvocet with an excedrine and be good for the rest of the day.
Avatar n tn The pain starts in my ankle joint and if I don't stop moving immediately, it spreads to my knee and then eventually to my hip making it impossible to walk. I can feel the pain a bit in my muscles, but the main centers are the joints. My folks would always give me a tylenol and tell me they were growing pains really painful growing pains, but now I'm turning 30 and the pain is really bad when these episodes hit about twice a week.
Avatar f tn The best prognosis for the prevention of arthritis in the future would be surgery if the knee is unstable, though. I will try to give you some options that hopefully may help your dog in lieu of surgery as follows: 1. Acupuncture is very helpful for the knees and would be far less costly than surgery. 2. Chinese herbal formulas: Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang and Bu Qi Zi Yin Tang. Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang is a holistic pain reliever and is available online at various herbal web sites.
1110049 tn?1409405744 Apple cider vinegar, organic and unfiltered, has proven to be a great remedy for arthritis, as it improves PH balance-more alkaline- and increases digestive function. It also is one of the best sources of Malic Acid, to counteract the damaging effects of Tartaric Acid, a tissue toxin.
Avatar n tn He sent me for an X-Ray which showed early arthritis changes. He sent for a course of Physiotherapy which I attended for 6months. In the end I stopped going because after the initial mild improvement in pain there was no further improvement. I am taking 1500mg Glucosamine Sulphate + 1200mg Marine Chondroitin + 1000mg Omega 3 fish oil daily. Despite this the symptoms have now spread to my right hip, right shoulder and slight symptoms in my right knee.
518798 tn?1295215879 Any pains in your back? I have a problem with my knee, arthritis and a problem with my back which causes my knee to hurt..not arthritic. Go see a doctor and maybe a cordisone shot could help. Be careful that you don't take a fall because of walking funny due to the knee, and end up with more problems.
4390099 tn?1353875179 I can't bend my feet upwards and legs are very stiff and my knee cracks or makes that sound when I turn leg sideways, and my new problem is my ankles and feet, I have been walking on the outside of my left foot so much I have a corn the size of a grape next to my small toe and my toes have curled inward like Hammer toes.
Avatar n tn My husband who's 50 and a serious runner, sometimes is a little stiff when he first rises, but nothing like what I am. There is arthritis in my family, a great aunt whose life was actually very limited by it. Is this really normal for my age? Should I see a specialist? If so, who? Is there something else I could be doing to try to alleviate this. I can't imagine what I'll be like when I am 85 or even ten years from now.
996946 tn?1503252712 knees are bone, not muscle. I've seen a lot of people mention knee pain and I tend to wonder if they have arthritis, I have arthritis in some of my joints which include my knees but I never consider that pain as my Fibro pain. That always hits me hard in the thighs and hip areas. Just to sit on a toilet can be very painful. The siatica nerve can cause a very sharp pain in the back and down the leg, but that is a different type of pain as opposed to Fibro pain.
Avatar m tn Having recently torn the cartilage in my left knee and simultaneously diagnosed ‘with a little arthritis’ in the same, and swelling behind the knee. My Sport’s Ortho said that the swelling was common with the torn cartilage but should go down in time. I began searching on the Web for a magical pain relief remedy (other than my already supplementation of Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondrotin, Taurine, Collagen, HA, Cats Claw, Bromelain, MSM, etc., etc., etc….
Avatar n tn I have moderate arthritis in both my knees due to 15 years of running on hard and irregular surfaces, which wore cartilege away, allowing arthritis to settle in. For the past 5 years, I've been on Hydrocodone and Tramadol(2 a day) to help with the knee pain. For the first few years, it really helped alleviate the pain, but for the past year and one half or so, I've noticed a decrease in the help the meds used to offer, so I've decided to slowly wean myself off them.