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178107 tn?1315951230 It does take some time to get your dose adjusted correctly but I also did a lot of reading on levothyroxine versus Armour and I went on the Armour website and found a doctor in my area that works with Armour. The other doctors do not want to work with it because most of them are involved with the companies that produce Levothroxine and in my opinion probably get kickbacks for prescribing it. Also, Newer doctors have been trained on strictly the newer meds.
Avatar f tn I have recently been diagnosed with hypo thyroid. I have been put on 30mg of armour thyroid medicine. I am overweight and have been trying to lose weight. Since I've been on this medicine, I have hunger pains constantly, can't get enough to eat. I have called my dr. Of course he says it's not the med. I don't know what to do. I have already put on 4 lbs in 7 days. What other meds should I look into. HELP!!!!
Avatar m tn If you are properly medicated, none of those problems is an issue. Armour is desiccated porcine thyroid. They take the thyroid of a pig and dry it and process it. So, you get all the hormones that were in the pig's thyroid. Armour is an animal product. "Generic" only applies to synthetics. To my knowledge, there is no such thing as a generic desiccated; there are several different brands, but they are all brand names. They can prescribe synthetic T3 and T4 separately.
Avatar n tn In my opinion it may be the armour causing some of the problems - the ratio of T3/T4 in armour is not the same as what is naturally made by our bodies. Perhaps a straight T4 med (levothyroxine) plus a separate T3 replacement (like cytomel) would be better so that you can regulate each of them separately. Also, has your doctor tried you on a beta blocker? It's not uncommon for people who are hyper to have racing heart rates (or people who have gone too high on their replacement doses).
215021 tn?1224886057 I knew it was bad, because I had gained 40 pounds in less than 3 months. I went on the armour thyroid *works much better for my body* and a heavy-duty dose of T-3 Cytomel. Guess what? Have already lost 36 of those pounds a month later. I' know that the anti-thyroid antibodies attack the thyroid because they see it as a foreign threat.
Avatar m tn 2) Pharmaceutical FT3 and FT4 are not the same as desiccated thyroid. Got it! 3) There is a practical difference between FDA-approved (Armour), and OTC (Natural Sources) desiccated thyroid. I understand that one is porcine, and the other is bovine; that one is of approved quantity/quality, while the other is not. But is there any other practical difference? 4) (Reasonable, as directed) desiccated thyroid use has drawbacks. This is my primary question and it has not been answered.
393685 tn?1425816122 I found a new doctor, a family practice MD, highly recommended by my compounding pharmacist who is not afraid to deal with her conversion issues head on, and can think beyond the synthroid box! She has been on Armour thyroid for 6 weeks now, and OH THE DIFFERENCE in her attitude, energy level, skin, hair, happiness, body temp., hunger, bloating,constipation, and her ability to function in the morning with a smile! The heart palps are still an issue, but don't seem to happen as often!
Avatar m tn i did a lot of reading on hypothyroidism this past summer and i do feel strongly, based on my own opinion and intelligence, that it is important to ingest T3 as well as T4. ideally i would take Armour Thyroid, but my endo has a bad attitude about Armour, and he has been in the endocrine business for decades.
Avatar m tn Millions of people take thyroid medications like Synthroid®, Levoxyl®, or levothyroxine. These are all forms of the T4 thyroid hormone, i.e., a thyroid hormone molecule containing 4 iodine molecules. Maintaining normal thyroid hormone levels are important for control over metabolic rate and weight control, energy, mood, cholesterol, and many other aspects of health. But I ask them: "Do you feel normal?
Avatar f tn I asked if I could try Armour Thyroid and he seemed to try very hard to change my mind, including stating that most people don’t do well on it and that he can up my levothyroxine dose. I asked him if I could give the armour thyroid a try, so reluctantly he provided me the prescription for NP thyroid, not sure if that's what he prescribed or if they consider it the generic version" I can't really find the answer out to that.
1256167 tn?1269631950 T3 Thyroid drugs that contain T3 -- Cytomel, Thyrolar, and the natural desiccated thyroid drugs like Armour can by used directly by the body within hours. These drugs were not evaluated in the study. Anecdotally, some thyroid patients have reported improvement in symptoms when taking their T3-based thyroid hormone replacement medications in the evening.
Avatar f tn I am a 25 year old female diagnose with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in 2004 after my first child. I am currently taking 112 mcg of Levothyroxine. My TSH has been between 0.6- 3.5 during this last year and a half. Depending on how well I take my medication. I just had another baby in July of 2006 and 3 months post partum my dose was upped from 100 to 112. After starting treatment my symptoms get a little better, but not good.
Avatar f tn 12/16/13 TSH-0.07 (0.04-4.50) FT4-1.1 (0.08-1.8) FT3-71 (76-181) My doctor switched me to 75 mcg Levothyroxine and 15mcg T3 med. I've been getting leg cramps and daily headaches. I'm very tired all the time, my cold intolerance has returned and my hands and feet are always freezing. Will I go through anything if I stop cold turkey? Another factor is that my husband lost his job so if I get off the meds it will relieve the financial burden of chucking out $70. A month. I'm stressed.
Avatar f tn T3 Thyroid drugs that contain T3 -- Cytomel, Thyrolar, and the natural desiccated thyroid drugs like Armour can by used directly by the body within hours. These drugs were not evaluated in the study. Anecdotally, some thyroid patients have reported improvement in symptoms when taking their T3-based thyroid hormone replacement medications in the evening.
16428684 tn?1460088684 Asked my PCP to put me on Armour. It is now day #107 on Armour but discovered I need Levothyroxine too. It has been a rolly coaster. Got a bit hyper for the first time in my life and now I know hard to read my symptoms (for example: my purple and tingling toes and hip pain were from being hypo (not aging)). LABS: July. Dose 112 Levothyroxine. Feeling Lousy and depressed. High Blood Pressure. Stroke in eye. Free T4: 1.4 (0.7-1.6) no Free T3 measured TSH: 4.86 (0.358- 3.
Avatar m tn At the time I was taking Armour thyroid- 1 g one day, 1/2 G the next. So the doc switched me to Levothyroxine .88 mg. I retested a week ago and my test was, TSH .05, T4 22.90, T3 1.70 (way low on TSH and way high on T4). So I went and had a ultrasound of my thyroid and they saw multiple colloid nodules in both lobes. So they did a biopsy. I am now waiting for the results which will take 10 days because of holidays (I live in Central america). So...
198187 tn?1190637930 Armour Thyroid Bio-Throid Cytomel Levothroid Levoxyl Levo-T Naturethroid Synthroid Tapazole Thyrogen Thyrolar Unithroid Westhroid Generic Name: Levothyroxine /L-thyroxine (Synthroid, Levoxyl, Unithroid, etc.) Liothyronine (Cytomel/T3) Liotrix (Thyrolar) Methimazole (Tapazole) Propylthiouracil / PTU Natural thyroid (Armour, Naturethroid, Bio-tech) Thyrotropin alfa (Thyrogen) Time-released T3, compounded It is best to stick with the same medication.
Avatar m tn I have a TSH level of 12.610, but all other thyroid readings are normal. What is the best drug to take for this that would just target the TSH level and leave everything else alone?
Avatar f tn All have advantages and disadvantages. Recently, Armour thyroid, the major U.S. supplier of dessicated, reformulated its product. Many people who had been on Armour for years with excellent results found the reformulation just didn't work for them anymore. This sent them scurrying to find a replacement and created a nationwide shortage of other manufacturers' products People just couldn't get ahold of dessicated.
Avatar n tn Well, I had found a website which told all the benefits of natural thyroid versus synthetics so I went in June to an ER in Galveston Texas. I told the Dr. I felt like something was killing me and that I was well learned about thyroid conditions and wanted to try Armour. I was placed on it 30 mg. about six weeks ago and for the first couple of weeks I felt as if a miracle had happend. then the swelling and other problems began to return.
2033435 tn?1329947108 Providing a substantial amount of T3 assures that the patient will get some benefit, even from low doses. Armour® thyroid is dessicated porcine thyroid gland and it contains the prohormone, T4, and the active hormone, T3. Fortunately, the pig's thyroid hormones are identical to ours. Dessicated porcine thyroid has a safety and efficacy track record spanning many decades.
Avatar f tn ( I was originally on 125mcg levothyroxine). He is running additional test on my thyroid and stated that he will inform me as to when I can go forth and order the Cytomel and Levothyroxine. I questioned him about the metabolism issue but didn't receive a good response. I don't know of what else to do as it seems that this is my last option before I go back to the weight loss centers.
Avatar m tn I am taking 200mcg Levothyroxine for thyroid replacement. My thyroid was ablated back in 2001 with radioactive iodine therapy. Since then I have switched to a 2nd endocrinologist who I have currently been seeing for about 7 years. Dilema: I cannot get my weight under 200#. I walk, I run 5k's, I am on a low-carb 1200 calorie diet, I drink well over 100 ounces of water daily, I do not drink soda's, coffee, tea or alcohol. I have never smoked or drank.
Avatar n tn There aren't too many alternatives when it comes to thyroid meds...T4 only drugs (levo), T4 and T3 combinations, T3 only (rare) and Armour thyroid. Aside from brand names, that's about the upshot of it. But, you WILL find a way to do it. I haven't heard of levo having interaction with xanax, but you can google either "levothyroxine + drug interactions" or "xanax + drug interactions" to find out.
Avatar n tn Jan 06 I had my thyroid gland removed due to cancer. I am currently on 150mcg of synthoid but continue to have very cold feet (have them on a heating pad at night), cold hands (not as bad as my feet), brain fog, trouble keeping my train of thought, depression, nervousness, and mood swings (highs and lows), irritability, and my period has started changing its arrival date again. This is causing me anxiety in social situations.
Avatar f tn Hi KS - I sent you a long post then it disappeared because I haven't been on here in so long my password expired - I had the twitching too and thought Parkinsons, ALS, etc.
Avatar n tn Synthroid corrects some people (has t4) but if you are like me, your body cannot convert that T4 to t3. Taking this pill is useless. Armour thyroid is t/4 and t3. This is the active form the body uses for energy. And most people do have adrenal snooze by this time. You shake, quick to anger, excessive moods, heart palps, rashes on skin or rampant private ones :). Cortisol problems. Sleep problems. You feel like you are dying kind of problems.