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Avatar n tn I have rapid/hard heartbeat, chest pain and headaches from Armour. iIth Levothyroxine, I had fatigue, and anxiety.
Avatar f tn I just felt like I had the spare tire forming around my waist and it was fast weight gain about 15 lb in about 3 months time period , but now that I am on the Armour I am getting these headaches in my right temple. I have never been one to get headaches and they are almost every day. Does it take the Armour a little while before I will see some weight loss? Will the Headaches go away after i have been on it a while? Should I be on 60 mg ?
Avatar f tn So your issues could be that you are on too low of a dose or they could be due to the Armour itself. Thought you should know. If you are going to stick with desiccated thyroid hormone replacement then maybe you should consider Erfa if things don't get better for you.
Avatar f tn I am on 15 grams of Armour thyroid and the only side effect that I have had is a little bit of sweating..I am also in menopause so I am not sure if this is why I am sweating more or the Armour. No other side effects thus far. I was on synthroid and it nearly took all of my hair out. I hated it.I kept asking the doctor about it and he was saying that it was nothing they could do because synthroid was the best medication to take.
Avatar f tn I switched to Armour Thyroid about a month and a half ago. Recently I have been having problems with edema - esp. in my face and feet and ankles. I was wondering if this is normal and if it is, will it go away? I am even having problems breathing because of the amount of excess fluids.
Avatar f tn Don't feel the fatigue but these headaches are lousy - I don't usually have headaches. Could it be adjustment to Armour or perhaps the dose it too high for me?
745975 tn?1258964522 Migraines have kept coming since then, initially a lot auras but not anymore, now it's cluster headaches that can be in any part of my head. Being on Armour has changed nothing so not sure the thyroid is related to my migraines.
Avatar f tn While my doctor is great, I saw his partner this time and he suggested that I stop taking Armour Thyroid because he had another case that the person was breaking out while taking Armour Thyroid. He said that when that person discontinued the Armour Thyroid, that the symptoms went away. The sickly feeling went away when I discontinued Armour Thyroid all together. Unfortunately, the pain that was in my feet eventually went to many more joints in my body. The toes in my right foot shifted.
393685 tn?1425816122 Huge exhaustion and bloating are the biggest symptoms. Also, had a blood test and I'm more hypo again, even though I'm taking armour thyroid. I'm surpirsed my naturopath didn't know about the formula change. Will definitly consider switching to nature-throid. Never thought I'd even think about taking a synthetic, but will consider that too if things don't improve.
Avatar f tn I tried Synthroid and couldn't tolerate it, so we switched to Armour thyroid. I started off at 30 mg, and now about 5 years later I am taking 150 mg. Anti-thyroid antibody levels are incredibly high. The last two adjustments to the thyroid med was because my Free T4 was incredibly low. TSH was normal, but I felt extremely tired and fatigued. I have gained about 50 lbs (total).... ten pounds in the past 3 weeks.
Avatar n tn Its been my experience that nothing helped me either. I found a doctor that put me on ARMOUR thyroid and I became human again. The doc has to take things slow with you due to your age. I am 60 and they rushed me on synthroid and levothyroxine and almost killed me. Once I switched to Armour which is all natural, I became normal with in a few days.
Avatar f tn I am 24 years girl, i have multiple symtoms of hypthyroid ,cold extremities, dizzy spells, constant headaches and migraines,swelling eyes face,legs arms but regular periods.I have prescribed Hashimotos thyroiditis i have been on medication since 2 months.My TSH test came and it was 286, and also i hve done Anti bodies TPO which came as 1300. after having medeceine for 2 months .........
158939 tn?1274918797 I too switched recently from thyroxine to Armour (against my doctors wishes - here in the UK most GPs are pro-Thyroxine) I have been on Armour around 7 weeks now, the weight is slowly going, altho I am eating the same - with thyroxine it slowly increased. My energy levels are returning, feel 100% better and not even at my optimum dose yet. I know I would not go back to thyroxine for anything.
577348 tn?1221751491 I am the Co Leader Stella on the thyroid board and also an Armour patient myself. I willl be happy to help you with questions and whatever you may need to talk about.
Avatar f tn I got scared and wanted to try armour thyroid. 1 gram a day. Well, I started getting pelvic pain, back pain, and digestion issues. Been in it for 8 days. I think the armour might be causing my pain, and messing with my body. I think I should go back to 88 and 2.5 cytomel for 6 weeks. 7.5 was to much. And the loss of muscle tone scarey. But the pelvic ache is not fun, and my ph off causing a discharge. I did get tested for std's nothing has shown up yet. I let dr.
Avatar n tn Recently, my natural doctor suggested me to try Armour Thyroid. I went back to my MD and she perscribed me Armour. I am taking 75mcg Levothyroid now, and she perscribed me 90mg Armour Thyroid. From my reserach in Armout Thyroid official site, conversion should be 100mcg T4 to 60mg Armour, which means 75mcg T4 to 45mg Armour. Does anyone has advice for me ?
Avatar f tn Hi I was wondering if anyone was switched to levothyroxine because of the shortage and had sucess with the transition. I was switched to levothyroxine 150 from being on Armour Thyroid 105 for about 2 years and had hyper symptoms and was was switched to levothyroxine 125 and still had hyper symptoms and labs. So the doctor decreased me to 100 and after 3 weeks was very tired, depressed, anxious and weak.
1962394 tn?1325362525 Dear Doctor, I have recently gone back on my Armour thyroid medication 90mg once daily. I stopped taking it for over 6 months and was forced to get back on it because of high THS and antibody levels. I have Hashimoto's. I noticed that since I have been back on it the migraines that I get occasionally have (once a month or less) been increased to about 3 times a week. These headaches are terrible and often last for two days solid. Could this be from the Armour?
Avatar f tn I always felt tired, moody, sad, anxious, and mentally was not functioning at a level before my thyroid problem started, even though my blood work was always right on target. My boyfriend's mom who also has hypothyroidism urged me to take Armour Thyroid saying it made her feel better. Within a week I had more energy and felt much less anxious. The first few days I noticed an abundance of was a little scary but boyfriend's mom said just enjoy the ride.
581310 tn?1253033150 Jo, I had the headaches before going on the armour and they actually went away when I started the Armour. I don't think it's the Armour but just that my dose isn't where I need to be. What are you taking now and is it working well?
Avatar f tn I was on Armour Thyroid for years. In 2008 had heavy bleeding which led to a hysterectomy in April 09 was put on HRT. Then all these weird symptoms started showing up; sinus infections, head pressure, body aches, memory issues, etc. I stopped all HRT June 2010 but still had those symptoms plus Anxiety, Insomnia, sinus infections, headaches overall restlessness. In December GP prescribed Anxiety meds because I wasn't sleeping she felt that was why I had anxiety.
Avatar n tn If you are on to high of a dose it can could cause the anxiety and shaking. I had headaches daily until I got on the correct dose of Armour. I am now on natur-throid. I don't know if you know but Armour recently changed it's formula and I started having heart palp and some of my hypo symtoms on the new Armour so that is why I am on natur-throid now. Post your dose of Armour and how much you started on. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn Taking Armour will not make your symptoms go away just because it is Armour. Armour will make your symptoms go away when your thyroid hormone levels are correct. Trying Armour is fine. It way work well for you. It will not control what your thyroid is doing any better than a synthetic hormone. If your levels are going up and down on Synthroid, they will continue to go up and down on Armour. If your hormone levels continue to shift, you will continue to have symptoms and dosage adjustments.
Avatar f tn I am a 31 year old female and am suffering from all sorts of problems which seem to indicate a thyroid issue. (Horrible weight gain, always cold, dry skin and hair, fatigue, headaches, etc etc.) My blood test results always came back "borderline" when my doctor checked my levels over the past few years, but my symptoms kept progressively getting worse.
Avatar n tn That is usually one of the first signs that Armour is helping you and it is quick to happen - usually within 48 to72 hours new patients on Armour feel the difference. Headaches are common in treatment and usually subside after an increase in about two weeks. Since you just started (15mg) and moved to 30mgs in a week - it may take a bit longer to rid the headache. Your body must have time to adjust to the med. You may try splitting your dosage - taking it twice a day.
1122836 tn?1259596865 Is taking Armour while pregnant and trying to get pregnant safe? My endo told me if I want to get pregnant, I need to go off the Armour beforehand.
Avatar n tn My question is about long term use of both synthroid and armour. Is the need for a constant increase in dosage common? I have been warned away from armour or any T3 supplements due to it being "a short-term fix which wouldn't last". Would someone on armour for more than 2 years please share their dosage and symptom improvments over time?
Avatar f tn Who put you on Armour? Your pharmicist? 2. Why are you using Armour? Is it a PROVEN thyroid issue? 3. What symptoms are you having? Is it just weight? ( if so... no-no) 4.You started on 2 grains.... How long were you one 2 grains - before you increased? - AND - increasing a WHOLE grain is not good... BTW. 5. Did you expect to lose weight right after the increase?