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577348 tn?1221751491 I take 60mg first thing in the morning and then I drink about 1-2 cups of coffee. Coffee is not an issue for me and it is not affecting the strength of the Armour medication. My labwork is looking pretty good. In fact, I just had my dose reduced about 10 days ago because I had a little too much Armour. Hope that helps a bit.
Avatar f tn So your issues could be that you are on too low of a dose or they could be due to the Armour itself. Thought you should know. If you are going to stick with desiccated thyroid hormone replacement then maybe you should consider Erfa if things don't get better for you.
Avatar f tn I switched to Armour Thyroid about a month and a half ago. Recently I have been having problems with edema - esp. in my face and feet and ankles. I was wondering if this is normal and if it is, will it go away? I am even having problems breathing because of the amount of excess fluids.
Avatar f tn Is there a difference in Armour vs Nature Thyroid. I have been on Armour 1 gr. and my hands are trembling so I wondered if I should switch to Nature Thryoid? Would that make a difference?
Avatar n tn Armour isn't the only natural thyroid med. I have, too, heard that Armour levels can be unreliable, but only from endos, and not from actual Armour patients. I haven't heard anything negative about Armour on this forum, except that they recently changed their formula and some people were reacting to the fillers. Compounding pharmacies can mix the amount you need, so if she's getting too much of one or the other, she can adjust.
Avatar m tn If this is the case, you would need to supplement your current T4 med with a T3 Med like Cytomel, or a Combination Med such as Armour Thyroid, Then increase the T4 a little. Most Hypothyroid sufferers do well with Free T4 about 50% of Range and Free T3 at around 66% and the TSH supressed under 1.0, with a T3 supplement, you would bring that up and it will supress your TSH, which is higher than you would want it.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if it is okay to take homeopathic OTC drugs while taking Armour? I am not talking about homeopathic to aide in Thyroid function, but for other reasons, like anxiety, cough, headache or whatever the problem may be at the the time. I just bought some "nerve tonic" for my PMS. Are there any herbs or homeopathic remedies I need to stay away from while on Armour Thyroid?
1401696 tn?1280842216 30 in the am. I drink strong coffee around 5:30-6:00 and I need my thyroid med to be completely gone by then. I also want to be sure I take it on an empty stomach. I do feel the armour "wakes me up" within 2 hrs. the synthroid was not like that, as it is so slow acting.
Avatar n tn I just realized I took my regular dose of Armour thyroid medication at 4:30 a.m. as usual, then took another one when I got up at 8, because I'd forgotten I'd taken the first. I'd just refilled the pill case, and I had at 4:30 taken the dose for the wrong day. I'm worried--waiting for an "on call" doctor to call back. I'm drinking coffee with milk to try to absorb the second dose--couldn't throw it up. What should I do?
Avatar n tn Hi. I have been on Armour thyroid for about 8 months. My numbers were within normal limits but I found a Dr that would put me on armour thyoid because I had many low thyroid symptoms. I started taking the very lowest dose and I split it in half for about four months....then I went up to a whole one. I started noticing that when I was pushed to the limit I felt like I was jumping out of my skin and my heart would pound out of my chest. I became more anxious.....
Avatar n tn Hi, I am currently taking 90mg of Armour Thyroid. My TSH is 2.73... But,I am gaining weight! I heard to switch Armour to Cytomel taken with Synthroid. Since Cyomel is more steady mixed with Synthroid for the T4. My doctor never heard of that and does not know how to convert 90mg of Armour to Cytomel and Synthroid taken together. Can you please help me?
Avatar f tn I have always woke up and drank a couple of cups of coffee and than about and hour later that my 150mg of armour and than wait 30min to eat. I am on my second day of doing the same but taking 65mcg of levothroid. I am started out small and than have to raise it to 125mcg. Well I am really nervous in the mornings since taking the levothroid and I am not sure why. It is just a small dosage. Should I be concern? Could it be that I am not taking my armour and not taking enough of the levethroid?
Avatar m tn In my case, no need for coffee anymore. The 'new' Nature Throid and Armour formulations when taken sublingually did not 'melt', they required chewing and still did not absorb very quickly in the mouth. In my case, the effects were obvious return of hypo symptoms, so I did not try these long enough taken sublingually to warrant a blood test, then went back to ingesting. In some people the new formulas do not absorb well even taken orally, T3 will be over range with FT4 at the very bottom.
Avatar f tn The other thing that is interesting is prior to starting Armour, I had my Thyroid Peroixidase Antibodies tested nad Thyroglobulin Antibodies tested. I didn't have any at the time I started Armour. Now....I was on Armour for about a year and I began to have more problems in Nov of last year because my TSH got high. We ran antibodies and they came back totally abnormal.
Avatar n tn thyroxine plus T3 did not show any clinical benefit of T3 supplementation Armour is harder to regulate in some patients and contains a much higher T3/T4 ratio than most humans need t3/t4 ratio of armour (pig)favors t3 much more than the normal human thyroid ratio. When starting Armour it is possible to have a few good weeks of feel good, then then for it to seem to wear off.
Avatar n tn I have posted my little story a while ago, but here is the extension of it.. I was placed on Armour Thyroid about 2-10 months ago, the initial dose was 60 mg. From TSH of 4.1 to 3.9, than, up to 4.1 again. I was increased the dose to 90 mg about 2 months ago, and my TSH came down to 1.56, and WENT UP AGAIN in one month to unbelievable 3.27!!!! Here is the thing: I am NOT taking any other meds, I am not taking vitamins, and I have cut down on my coffee to 1 cup/day.
Avatar m tn I have hashimotos hypothyroidism, so the medication completely replaces thyroid hormone for me. I asked my doctor to try Armour. He ordered 180mg for me since they dont come in 175's. According to the converstion chart, this is double my former dose. 180mg = 300mcg of Synthorid. Yikes! I'm not looking to have a heart attack here! Needless to say I will not be taking this medication before having my doctor take a closer look at this medication and how much I should actually take.
Avatar n tn I wake up so tired but am reluctant to have a coffee so soon after taking my Armour. Do you agree?
Avatar n tn Hard to have any suggestions without more info from you. What dosage of Armour Thyroid daily? What are these severe symptoms? Please post your thyroid test results and their reference ranges shown on the lab report.
Avatar n tn If not, try switching to a natural thryoid pill like Armour Thryoid or Nature Thyroid. Or better yet, find a new doctor who knows how to properly medicate you. Are you avoiding soy? Sometimes, it interferes with thryoid med consumption. Are you taking your Synthroid on a full glass of water and waiting an hour to eat? No Soy, or at least not within four hours of taking Synthroid - Coffee Creamers! No uncooked cabbage, broccoli within four hours.
Avatar m tn You need the FT3 and FT4, which are the actual thyroid hormones, done every time. You need to have the thyroid antibody tests done; those include Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab) and Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TGab) to test for Hashimoto's, and since you've had bouts of hyper, you should also get Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin (TSI) to test for Graves Disease. What were the actual results of the FT3 and FT4 tests that were done?
Avatar f tn I wrote on the thyroid support forum about personality change, etc. I just can't help but think that switching to Armour would help me feel better and lose the weight (I have been doing EVERYTHING to lose weight and just keep gaining). How do I get my doctor to prescribe Armour. I understand her concerns, but at the same time, I am only 29 and don't want to live forever feeling like ****! Is there something else equivalent to Armour that maybe she would be more comfortable prescribing?
Avatar m tn Magnesium is at bedtime and iron is at dinner. I make sure there's at least 3 hrs between the iron and the Armour (per Stop the Thyroid Madness book - excellent read). If it helps, I just received additional results. Reverse T3 is 7.9 (reference range 10-24). My Ferritin is up to 31. I do feel slightly better - the fatigue isn't as crushing (though I still need my power naps) and sleep is better although I'm still up at 3:00 a.m.
Avatar f tn A year and a half ago, a doctor put me on Armour thyroid because I had a lot of symptoms of hypo but my bloodwork all showed my thyroid to be functioning perfectly. He said sometimes, people have the symptoms but their blood work doesn't show it. Well, I started low and gradually worked my way up. Several months ago, he upped my dose again because of symptoms.
Avatar n tn Several studies have found that having coffee or espresso at the same or shortly after taking levothyroxine drugs can significantly lower the absorption of the thyroid medication. In one study published in the journal Thyroid, the rise of T4 -- a reflection of absorption of the medication -- was reduced by 25%, and drops of as much as 57% were seen in other patients in that study. COFFEE DOES AFFECT THE FUNCTION OF LEVOTHYROXINE MEDS.
Avatar n tn In 1973, I was diagnosed as having Hypothyroidism and put on thyroid medication. Took it through 2 pregnancies, and after birth of 4th son in 1976, was taken off medication because my thyroid "normalized".
Avatar f tn When taking Armour thyroid - do you get your bloodwork about 10 hours later in the afternoon. Or do you wait until the next morning when your levels will be unusually low since you missed your morning dose?