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Avatar m tn I'm on Armour, I cut mine in 1/2 and they kind of fall apart, I also chew whats left, I'm really happy with Armour, kind of curious about NP If it has less fillers, that would even be better, I wish we could get Thyroid by Urfa from Canada, it has very few fillers and binders. but its hard to get a perscription here in the US.
219522 tn?1251764229 I believe the same is true for over-treatment with any type of thyroid hormone. That being said, I do have patients on appropriate doses of armour or other T4/T3 combination strategies (I prefer synthroid type meds and adding cytomel which is synthetic T3 -- this gives more ability to adjust the T4 and T3 independently).
Avatar f tn Would you ask for blood levels to be drawn ASAP and adjust Armour, or just increase slightly to see if it helps, or would you ask for a mixture of meds, based on symptoms rather than blood work. I'm reading about the fact that Armour has about 80% T4 and 20% T3 where as my prior meds likely only had T4. I'm thinking I just don't have enough T4 and that's why I'm getting symptoms. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn Got mine tested and confirmed low in the range. Doctor switched me to Armour Thyroid. Now I am on the new Armour Thyroid and after some tweaking of the dose (now 3 grains), my Free T3 is 3.9 (range of 2.3 - 4.2) and Free T4 is .84 (range of .60 - 1.50), and I feel best ever. The only change being considered is adding some T4 to increase my free T4 level to the middle of the range.
Avatar n tn We often see people on Armour with a very low FT4 and high FT3. You might need to cut back on the Armour and add a small dose of T4 med to bring up your FT4. Do you know what your actual vitamin D level is? Have you had vitamin B12 tested? Vitamin D deficiency can cause some hypo like symptoms. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause the fatigue and foggy head. Left untreated B12 deficiency can cause numbing/tingling in the hands/feet.
499534 tn?1328707778 I do not feel any hypo symptoms which is great and I even went out yesterday and window shopped for awhile. My husband says that since I have been on Armour I have been getting my sense of humor back again. I think my body must be liking the magnesium too!! :) Is everyone else feeling okay? Sounds like you guys are doing good right now too!!!
Avatar f tn So, your doctor is on the right track in starting you on Armour Thyroid, which contains both T3 and T4. Looks like the doctor is on top of your need for most other supplements as well. I am puzzled by the need for iodine. What was the reason given for that? Also, I noticed iron supplement. What were the results for any iron related tests? I also don't see a B12 test. That should be done and your B12 should be in the upper end of its range. Vitamin D should be around 55 - 60.
803938 tn?1403751853 There is a shortage b/c patients on Armour are very upset over the reformulization of the drug. Since Feb 2009 when the new Armour came on the market - patients have been complaining to their doctors and directly to the Forest Pharmacutical company about how the new Armour is failing them after year of being thyroid optimal.
214901 tn?1227571155 My doctor has had me on Synthroid all this time, moving me from 75 mcg to 88 mcg and back and forward, and back and forward....I am losing my patience with all of this. I am also on .5 mg of Estradiol. I had a complete hysterectomy at 35, oh, I am 44 now. I cannot lose any weight, just keep gaining. I am very active. I am a licensed massage therapist and on my feet all day. I really want to go natural, if there is such a thing.
1401696 tn?1280842216 well a small solid nodule was found. Decided to go to an endo. which allowed to try the Armour, put me on 90 mg (1 1/2) grains....I switched from one day to another and it was ok, I started getting some feelings of hypo tired fatugue cranky? so began taking 1/4 grain more. I got worse. Three weeks later do my labs and my tsh is now free t3 was a little high too. So it seems I am now Hyper with the armour. I stopped the 1/4 extra. The doctor told me to remain on 90 and retest.
Avatar f tn Many people feel much when taking both T-4 and T-3 and are low on T-3 as well. There are many T-4/T-3 drugs on the market. Armour, I believe is on backorder but not discontinued. But there are others such as Westhroid and Naturethroid available which I know you can get.I hope that help a little. Take care.
Avatar n tn up, so now I am weaning myself off of T3. My question is will I be put back on my synthroid for my hashimoto disease and on some T3 to keep my temp. at bay. I'm not feeling quite up to par and I have read that taking some T4 and some T3 will usually help you feel better.I'm not working because I want to hopefully feel much better before I go back and who would hire some one who has good days and bad days?
Avatar n tn If you go to a Naturopath, they might be able to help you with some supplements, but I h ave been to one and they even prescribed Armour thyroid which is a natural form of thyroid derived from pig thyroid. You should go get your blood drawn first and read by your MD or ND to know for sure if you have a thyroid problem. Treating symptoms of thyroid if you don't have a thyroid problem will only cause problems.
988694 tn?1332363079 I have been on thyroid in two forms, the animal derived version and now I use iodine drops. I also started the bio hormones in around 43. I have been using them,and they stopped many bad PMS,and the rest of the problems,but it needs adjusting i just added estrogen but that was cause i flatlines,and became a robot,and my personality required a boost. the estogen prevented early menopause,i also started my period at age 16. so i bloomed late. i did not treat thryoid till late 30's. so i suffered.
Avatar n tn You found an endo that gave you Armour? Very rare, from what I'm hearing on my other groups! I'm on Armour, too, but had to go to an alternative med doc to get it.....I'm past child-bearing years, but from what I've heard, you need to keep your Free T3 in the top 1/3 of the range and Free T4 at least in the upper half of the range. And that's aprticularly important during pregnancy, because the thyroid hormone has a huge effect on the developing brain of your baby.....
Avatar f tn for 2 weeks in preparation for going back on NatureThroid now that it's back on the market. (We're both leary of Armour since it's back on the market..don't know about the 'reformulation'). They are not helping much...sometimes take the edge off the anxiety from the symptoms but not the symptoms ie palps, etc. They lower my pulse about 10 points but only for a few hours.
535882 tn?1396580285 week 4 on 2.75 compounded natural thyroid. got results back from endo tsh shot up to 5.74 , doctor increased dose up to the equilvelent of 200 armounr compounded or 3.33 grains natural compunded tyroid. still having muscle aches joint pain, tired. gained back another 6 pounds. . so hopefully this helps. doc thinks i've always been undermedicated. thanks original endo! . hopefully see improvements soon. all the other tests came out good. cortisol. dhea. testoterone, fsh and lh t4 freee.
Avatar f tn I don't know if your pain will go away if you continue on the Armour. How long have you been on it? It would really be nice if you could post your most recent thyroid test results; that would help us determine whether or not you may need a higher dose, etc. Be sure to post reference ranges with any lab results, since ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report. Do you know if you have Hashimoto's? If so, swelling/inflammation can cause swallowing issues.
727481 tn?1231207371 T3 and T4 are the actual thyroid hormones and give a much better picture of thyroid status than TSH. Treatment based on TSH alone is a recipe for disaster. It sounds to me like your FT3 and FT4 levels have never been properly adjusted. You may have to shop around for a good thyroid doctor.
865758 tn?1285956504 VIt d2 is nothing more than a vitamin waiting to be converted to Vit D3. Hope this helps, there are quite a few sprays on the market. I am most familiar with Dr. Mercolas Sunshine spray. YOu can get it on amazon or probably any vitamin shoppe except for walmart or target. I get mine at www.mercola.
988694 tn?1332363079 I know one woman who has been on almost every T4-only, T3/T4 combo, and Armour at one time or another. It seems each worked for her for a while and then stiopped working and made her sick. Finally, with the complete support of her endo, who she loves, she got off all meds briefly, then started on T3-only. That's been working for her fo several months now, and she feels good. However, her endo has recently told her he wants to try to introduce some T4 again.
Avatar m tn Now that I have no insurance the Cytomel is out of my tight budget. I was taken off of Armour to go back on synthetic after my thyroid panel showed low T3. After much research, I have come to the conclusion that big pharma and doctors are the only one benefiting from the treatment of a disease gone rampant in this country.
15073429 tn?1515153637 Also very important is resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is very much affected by thyroid levels. Once when my med, Armour Thyroid was taken off the market for close to a year due to issues with the FDA, I had to revert to Synthroid, and I became hypo again due to low Free T3. . In about 8-9 months I gained about 18 pounds, without changing anything else. When Armour was again available, I switched back and in about 8 months I lost all 18 pounds without any other change.
Avatar f tn Brain Fog includes sloppy typing with many mistakes, difficulty operating computer at work.
Avatar m tn Then in August tried the natural thyroid and that just was too stimulating and blew my system out of wack so started on the compouned t4 leveltroxin and as I worked my way up on the meds they just wouldn't convert well so here I am on 100 compounded t4 and my thyroid numbers are 10x worse than they were on the same dosage of synthroid that I took back in April of this year. The old go on how you feel obviously didn't work for me.
798555 tn?1292791151 I am taking armour thyroid for almost 5 years. This is my first thyroid medication and I am so grateful to some doctors who believed in it. A great website for info is http://www.nutri-meds.
Avatar f tn however, I later had to decrease to what I'd been on with the levo. I've been on Tirosint since Aug of 2009 (it only came on the market in May 2009). I've done great on it. In my opinion, most of the people who did not do well on Tirosint, either started at too high doses, or did not give it long enough to alleviate symptoms. It's not unusual for symptoms to worsen or for new ones to appear when changing med/dosages.
Avatar n tn My guess is that my dosage is off. Right after the surgery they put me on the same dosage of thyroid replacement medicine (150 mcg) I was on prior to the surgery. I have 3 weeks to go until I have my levels tested. So, I am 31 and struggling with all the chemical changes in my body. Sometime I feel as if I am going crazy with all the emotional lows I have. I should be elated that I am cancer free and able to move on with life as normal. But I do not feel that way. Help.
Avatar n tn Armour Thyroid use to be a great product from 2003 to the 1970's. My concern is why did they change something that worked for so many patients and also keep it changed when they found patients did not benefit from it. The shortage has nothing to do with them changing it. Why not change it back if there are so many complaints? Many, many, many patients are not the same anymore. They must know this. It is public information.
182884 tn?1259316506 as I did before beng diagnosed with thyroid disease. Part of my problem is that I am on Methadone for back pain, and it is a very powerful opiate, and It can drag you down but if the choice is constant pain that limits everything I do, or being sometimes dragged out, then I guess I will be on the dragged out side. My husband is my Vitamin Mineral Suppliment DR. though, and he helps with the fatigue I usually have.