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Avatar n tn I am one of those (rare?) people who do well on Armour thyroid. In many forums, people complain about it being useless since the reformulation and switch to Erfa. However, I briefly tried Erfa as well and did not like it; it tended to make me hyper and I had to multi-dose it, whereas Armour can be taken once in the morning without problems.
Avatar n tn There are several other desiccated type thyroid meds like Armour. We know them as Nature-Throid and Erfa Thyroid. Erfa thyroid is available in Canada. Forum members have reported being able to obtain it from there, with a U. S. doctor's prescription. Perhaps that will work for you as well. I'll try to contact a member that has information about the source for obtaining Erfa.
Avatar n tn I just switched from 75 mcg of synthroid to 60mg of Armour. We played with the synthroid for a little as I was feeling pretty good on 50mcg then the fullness in my neck, fatigue and weight gain came back. She upped my dose to 75 and my heart was racing with palpitations so we started with the Armour 60 mg. My heart was still racing and I couldn't sleep and ALL of my hypo symptoms came back so as of today, she changed my dose to 30 mg on mon wed fri, then 60 on the others days.
432097 tn?1318552340 I, too have heard that Armour works better for women. My doc has me on synthroid. I am having a hard time feeling good and I am treated like I do not know my own body. I think you should hunt around for a doctor who will work with you. Listen to you. I am looking to see a Holistic Practitioner who comes HIGHLY recommended. I am tired of being tired!!
798555 tn?1292791151 NP thyroid by acella (90 days) doubled for me from 33 to 68 US$ from walgreens. Walmart is $35. Local regional grocery store is $90. Target is $125. Walgreen's has a discount club for $20 /yr, which knocks my price to $24 - thats the way to go. Comparable Armour dose is about 95$ at walgreens (Target wants $150 CVS takeover is jacking the price I think). So whatever your dose you can see where to shop. By the way this newer forum format stinks. If I was new, I'd look at another forum.
727481 tn?1231207371 Since then I developed irregular heartbeat (like Morse Code, with the heart jumping around and starting/stopping half of the time, not just once in a while) regardless of how little/much Armour Thyroid I'm taking, and how high/low my TSH is (on 60mg it's 0,09 and on 45mg its 15.1). Looks like I'm unable to tolerate the AT. Does anyone have similar experience and/or any advice? My endo is of no help.
1797743 tn?1389217285 similar to the Armour brand pre-2009 (older formula). Dessicated Thyroid med dissolving in your mouth in 10 minutes is one of the advantages; food and snack time is more flexible. Some of the disadvantages to natural dessicated thyroid med is the possibility of limited availability, limited RX coverage, and daily multi-dosing that some need.
Avatar n tn Why do you have to explain to your PCP every year that statement you made above about TSH and Armour? Doesn't your female endo prescribe Armour to you for your thyroid?
1382889 tn?1505074793 She told me to come back in and retake in about a month. My current lab shows TSH at 6.5 (should be in the .30-5.1) so I have under active thyroid. I am suppose to call tomorrow, but dr's note indicates she will be recommending I go on 50 mcg of Synthroid daily. I know very little about thyroid problems and meds for it. This seems to be a somewhat common thyroid medication (non generic) based on what I have read. What questions do I need to ask before taking this medicine?
Avatar f tn com/b/2004/04/22/is-armour-thyroid-going-off-the-market-whats-the-status-of-thyrolar.htm For More Information on Finding a Doctor Willing to Consider Prescribing Armour or Thyrolar... Consider finding a doctor through the Broda Barnes Foundation, "Finding the Best Doctor Who's Right for YOU!
1175284 tn?1263976683 I have researched armour thyroid and it can adapt to your body better than synthetic med. the only pklace you can get it is in canada at northern pharmacy. it's on the internet and also i would suggest seeing a homeopathic doctor for your bleeding and hormone issues. I don't have insurance either and they are very reasonable and its all natural. good luck.
Avatar f tn and in addition, was taking herbal medicines to promote her thyroid health, as well as the pro-hormone pregnenolone (to increase availability of cortisol). Moreover, she was also taking prescription thyroid medicine, consisting of a T4 / T3 combination, with a small amount of natural desiccated thyroid for completeness. Even with all of this effort, she was not getting good results in terms of symptom relief.
173351 tn?1201217657 300mcg) I wonder if studies were done - if there would be any similarity in dosage between countries for equivalant thyroid conditions? What I'm thinking is maybe in Australia we don't fine tune enough OR vice versa in other countries TOO much fine dosing makes things complicated and prolonged???? It certainly is not an exact science is it???
479481 tn?1219712009 Availability of Armour® Thyroid Forest Laboratories, Inc. has been working diligently to resolve the back order of Armour® Thyroid (thyroid tablets, USP), and is pleased to announce that all doses of the product are now available and no longer on back order. Should you have any questions about Armour Thyroid, please call 1-866-927-3260. Statement from Forest Laboratories Re: Availability of Thyrolar: U.S.
Avatar f tn We don't use armour/natural/compounded, etc thyroid products due to inconsistent availability and reliability.
Avatar f tn However, be aware that it can take some time, patience and trial-and-error to adjust properly. Armour Thyroid is not available worldwide, but you may be able to find one of the other desiccated porcine thyroid meds that are equivalent to Armour. I agree that if you don't take your meds, the symptoms you've been experiencing will continue and probably get worse. Take you meds as your doctor prescribed. In 4-6 weeks, retest and re-evaluate symptoms to see if you have to adjust.
1230197 tn?1365011394 - That was my guess when it happened to me, my throat got hoarse and sore too for almost a month. - I felt that when starting new thyroid meds (I switched a few times with the Armour shortage back in '09) I've had the pulse feel to and it went up to my ear, happens every time I increase my thy med for a few days then goes away.
Avatar n tn I had one Endo prescribe the Cytomel which is a T3 only to have heart palpitations and not be able to sleep at night. Stopped taking it. Recently, I became educated about Armour Thyroid. It has literally given me my life back after almost 6 years. I am now on a compounded form of the Armour. It is wonderful and I can't brag on it enough. There is a Nationwide shortage of the Armour Thyroid so you probably won't be able to get it unless you have a compounding pharmacy.
Avatar f tn Yes - gluten and thyroid meds is a big concern. Google up cellulose and gluten. You can find alot of information on that - taking consideration that Armour thyroid bumped up its cellulose ( "to enhance GI function") and many many desiccated thyroid emd users feel extremely ill after the increase in this filler. NT - is told to me by my doctor - "more pure" - it still has cellulose but is not the main binder.
Avatar n tn There IS a difference between Armour and synthetically made thyroid replacement. And some people will never get well nor feel well on the synthetic replacement and will need supplementation with Cytomel (T3). I would suggest reading about thyroid hormone synthesis and secretion at: There you'll find exactly how the body's thyroid hormone functions.
Avatar m tn hey Folks, as you know I was on Synthroid and switched to 30mg of Armour. Now I am starting to feel more hypo, and I don't know if that is related to starting a new med so there is a crash period? Basically my joints hurt, sore hroat, feet are super cold (I stand on the hot road to warm them), super sensitive stomach, headache (which I don't normally get), basically almost like I am coming down with a flu but never really come down with it.
535882 tn?1396580285 I still don't really know how, after lowering the doses ended up hypo and way underweight, but as of today I know Walgreens was giving me Acella NP Thyroid in place of Armour and did not inform me and somehow I did not notice, as it says THYROID at the top of the bottle.
Avatar f tn I think it's about the same as Armour, but available. Following is a recent thread concerning the might want to check it out. Some of the other members might be able to help you also.
Avatar f tn I have been on Prilosec for a number of years, with a dosage of 20 mg twice a day. Last year while trying to switch off of Armour due to lack of availability, I got back into a hypo condition again and had awful acid reflux and bloating whenever I ate. I finally decided to try going back to some Armour that I had left, and in just 2-3 days I no longer had the problems. I concluded that my FT3 level had gotten too low and the T4/T3 Armour quickly raised my FT3.
Avatar n tn Please be aware that just because a doctor is an endo doesn't mean that he is a good thyroid doctor. Many specialize in diabetes, not thyroid. Even those who claim to be thyroid specialists frequently are so rigid that they treat only by TSH, not symptoms. So, I would not wait around for very long without knowing for sure if they are good thyroid doctors.
Avatar n tn I am on the Armour Thyroid. I had to talk my dr. into letting me "try" it before he would write the prescription. I've been on it for many years now. Niko, I would like to know where to get the transdermal magnesium?
Avatar f tn Stress tests, etc have been normal, but do have some athero. Cardiologist has me taking the apirin a day. I had been taking the Armour, but when availability became problem, I was put on levo which did absolutely nothing for my FT3 and didn't make me feel any better. I did try the generic form of Cytomel, but now make sure it is all brand name.