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595417 tn?1222823046 It will give you a true reading throughout the day and night. As far as the dr that will prescribe armour, you can go to stop the thyroid madness website and check their physician locator for armour prescribing drs. I think the armour website has the same type of locator. Also on one last note: Did you have all the tests done for autoimmune thyroid disease? Do you have hashi's? Did you have a free t3 and free t4 test done with your last tsh?
178107 tn?1315951230 It does take some time to get your dose adjusted correctly but I also did a lot of reading on levothyroxine versus Armour and I went on the Armour website and found a doctor in my area that works with Armour. The other doctors do not want to work with it because most of them are involved with the companies that produce Levothroxine and in my opinion probably get kickbacks for prescribing it. Also, Newer doctors have been trained on strictly the newer meds.
Avatar f tn When do you take your meds (time of day)? What thyroid meds are you taking (Armour? Synthroid?) and when was your last thyroid panel test? Are you taking any other prescription, over the counter or herbal meds...including vitamins? When do you take them in relation to your other meds?
895308 tn?1304344582 Oh and also, armour has T3 in it, which if in too high of a dose can cause insomnia and heart racing. or with the 2 combined, may be too much stimulation.
Avatar f tn I am 47 years old and have been on thyroid meds since I was 19 years old. I have just felt terrible since around October oft his year. The worse I ever felt in my life. Can someone help me so I do the right thing? Thanks SO much!
1646889 tn?1301484828 that's in 2 weeks so now i'm playing the waiting game again. i'm on armour and cytomel now - along with vit d3 and b complex.
Avatar n tn In the USA one can try Nature Throid (similar to Armour), the new Acella natural dessicated called PN Thyroid, and you can order the Canadian version online with a faxed Rx, called Thyroid manufactured by Erfa. Erfa is like old Armour.
Avatar f tn Many drs are not that knowledgeable about the thyroid and receive little education unless they have a lot of direct education and experience. You need to google and educate yourself and listen to your body and be your own advocate and listen to your gut instincts when you have thyroid issues.....
Avatar f tn i suggested to my doctor that i wanted to change from levothyroxine to armour thyroid and she tried to very convincingly persuade me to stick with the levo but increase the mcg to suit my body's needs...i pushed for the armour thyroid and she declined to switch it. i now am stuck with taking levothyroxine 100mcg, and i have to go see an endocrine specialist to even get approved to take the armour thyroid. ive read nothing but 100% good things about the armour thyroid...
Avatar f tn I took thyroid for2years, stopped have now heart palpitation and insomnia what can I do
Avatar f tn What suggestion does anybody have on how to space calcium and armour? I have hypoparathyroidism and hypothyroidism, bith from having my thyroid out with a parathyroid transplant. After years of feling lousy on synthyroi, I am taking armour, We're stilll adjusting my dose, and I think it's better to spli my armour into 3 doses, but working in calcium throughout the day is a challenge! Suggestions?
Avatar f tn Fraser et al investigated the correlation between tissue thyroid activity and serum blood tests (TSH, free T4 and T3) and published their results in the British Medical Journal. The study authors concluded that “The serum concentration of thyroid stimulation hormone is unsatisfactory as the thyrotrophs in the anterior pituitary are more sensitive to changes in the concentration of thyroxin in the circulation than other tissues, which rely more on triiodothyronine (T3).
Avatar m tn 2) as well as low progesterone and estrogen levels. I was put on Armour Thyroid (60 mg, told to work my way up to whatever level felt good for me), Medrol (2 mgs, slowly worked my way up to 4 mgs daily), Estrogel and natural progesterone. I was told by my doctor to chew Armour. I've been doing OK; actually, more than OK. I felt pretty good on Armour and that surprised me given all the negative reviews I've been reading.
Avatar f tn Hi, I was recenty switched from Armour thyroid to Synthroid and am experiencing insomnia which in addition tofeeling exhausted from the change (doctor started me on a low dose and said he will probably have to increase it), is making it hard to function. I have been been one that could go without 8 hours of sleep. Is this a common side effect of the medicine, or not enough medicine? Would it pass if the dose is the correct one?
Avatar f tn There are times I will still take 1/2 Xanax if I feel restless. I've taken Armour thyroid for 6 months now. It has made a world of difference for me. (I crush it and take it with a small bit of honey in the morning) I do believe thyroid hormone would help - it takes weeks, months for the body to adjust to thyroid hormone. Hemasubra, with a TSH of 7.5 your pituitary gland is trying to send messages to a ravaged thyroid gland and I suspect your adrenal glands are stressed out too.
1964826 tn?1326327020 You all know the drill, I'm sure. I left him and self treated with Armour for a while, (yes, bad bad bad, but at least I wasn't in constant pain any longer) and decided to give the practice another shot after the old endo RETIRED (thank God, truly the man was a menace!). Well, now I'm seeing an internist who did openly say he "believes I was being undertreated before. Wow.I restrained myself from the sarcastic "Ya think?
Avatar f tn Anybody have any strong opinion about my lab values in relation to my history, my current Armour dosage, and my escalated itching and insomnia? I want to get this right for my sanity, but also so I'm in the best position possible for my next IVF to be successful. I haven't called my MD back to question him yet, would like to hear from people outside of the equation first.
Avatar f tn As T3 is produced by the pituitary gland its mode of action in terms of development and release is regulated by the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH.) Once thyroid hormones both T3 and T4 reach a certain level in the blood production is decreased as increased levels block TSH from being released; however, once the levels fall TSH is again released and more T3 and T4 is produced.
Avatar f tn I don't hang out with my friends anymore or do fun things. I'm just sitting on my couch watching Netflix and googling on hair loss and thyroid problems. I even went gluten free, which is ok, I feel no need in indulging in great foods anyways, I just keep it simple. When I don't have my kids, I mainly just make curry chicken and cooked spinach, just to get protein and iron. Yea, I have about a third left of my hair compared to how it was earlier this year. My scalp shines through.
Avatar n tn A couple weeks ago I was reading about Armour and learned that there is actually a 1/4 grain and a 1/2 grain. Not knowing if I should just quit cold turkey, I called my doctor's office and had them call in a prescription for 1/2 grain (30 mg), which I started taking a few days ago. So now I have a few questions: could being on 60 mg's have impaired my thyroid even more or cause any permanent changes to my thyroid?
Avatar f tn I stopped the Liothyonine (17mcg) and the Levothyroxine (85 mcg) because of Free T4 is .90 ng/dl and my free T3 is 91 ng/dl, and my TSH is 12.860...I am definitely gaining weight and my cholesterol seems to be going up even though I am vegetarian and pretty careful about fat..I have tried Armour in the past, and it worked for a while and then I switched to the Lio/Levo combination above..That seemed to work for a while until I began to get jittery and bouts of insomnia..
Avatar n tn There are several other desiccated type thyroid meds like Armour. We know them as Nature-Throid and Erfa Thyroid. Erfa thyroid is available in Canada. Forum members have reported being able to obtain it from there, with a U. S. doctor's prescription. Perhaps that will work for you as well. I'll try to contact a member that has information about the source for obtaining Erfa.
Avatar m tn i do not have a lot of confidence in my endo but we are limited in this area and she agreed to armour. so any adivce would be great. i am going to read the book what your doctor may not tell you about hypothyroidism and im thinking starting a low dose of levo would help. i also believe i am at the beginning of TED. the thing that scares me is the endo says my labs are normal and i dont have TED. but i have dry sandy eyes and the right one is a little bigger than the left.
1531157 tn?1294215407 I have prescribed natural dessicated thyroid for your patient (Armour or Nature-Throid). These contain T4 and T3 (40mcg and 9mcg respectively per 60mg). They are more effective than T4 therapy for most patients. Since they provide more T3 than the thyroid gland produces, the well-replaced patient’s free T4 will be around the middle of its range or lower, and the FT3 will be high-“normal” or slightly high before the AM dose.
Avatar f tn Plus I was having such horrible heart palpitations I thought I was having a heart attack, along with terrible anxiety, agitation, mental confusion, memory loss, fatigue, restlessness. I stopped Armour Thyroid April 29th and made an appt with Endo. Couldn't get in to see her till July. Since then she started me out on 25mcg Levoxyl upped to 50mcg in Aug now 75mcg in October.
368844 tn?1262322947 When was the last time they ran your labs and what was your TSH? The anxiety attacks and insomnia could be hyperthyroidism. Have they checked your thyroglobulin level lately? You asked me about my endo so I sent you a note with my endo's name. My sister lives in Roy and said that she can't find a decent endo up there either. This endo is amazing and, although not a huge fan of Armour, he did agree to put me on it without a fight.
Avatar n tn If that is the case, the last thing you want is T3. Your symptoms of insomnia, sugar cravings, and neck and shoulder pain are identical to mine. My doc did not reduce the dose when my TSH was .169 and now my TSH is less tham 0.04. I still feel better than I did hypo, but the dose has now been reduced and I hope to someday just have a nice perfect TSH of about 1.
Avatar f tn ( i hope you feel better, i'm overmedicated on armour thyroid and i am going through the same thing.