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302488 tn?1337551241 so at one of my jobs, as Ive said, I have the arm bands on the counter...Ive had some great conversations with people about Hep C.....but there are the few...."Hep C? Lets get outta here before we catch something" or "Hep".....Im human so some of the comments hurt alittle and remind me why I remained quiet about it for so long.....
Avatar f tn Usually, it begins with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and the application of heat, followed by gentle stretching exercises. These stretching exercises, which may be performed in the home with the help of a physical massage or occupational therapist, are the treatment of choice. In some cases, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) with a small battery-operated unit may be used to reduce pain by blocking nerve impulses.
Avatar f tn You can do the early rehab exercises with light ankle weights or resistance bands, and you can ride a stationary bike at varying degrees of resistance to strengthen your muscles and work on your range of motion at the same time. Consider taking yoga or tai chi classes. Both are recommended by the Arthritis Foundation as effective range-of-motion exercises, and both focus on slow, controlled movements.
Avatar f tn They are also many exercises you can do without even touching weights or resistance bands! Good luck, you got this! You can always pm me to talk more.
1551655 tn?1294260921 Jogging, walking, race-walking, exercising at home (I use books with callisthenics and weight bearing exercises) are all free. Books can be found low cost at bookstores or used bookstores and even on eBay. A jumprope is a helpful way to get QUICK cardio exercise, but work up slowly. Using your arms and legs during arm circles leg lifts provides weight "resistance" training without investing in dumbells.
Avatar f tn I have an entire range of indoor exercises. Yoga. Cardio salsa. I work with resistance bands. Squats. And other exercises.
Avatar f tn Have you ever tried self-massage with one of those foam rollers? That helps my glutes, IT bands, and calves. You have to be able to hold yourself up to do the rolling, so it requires some arm strength.
Avatar f tn CPK is Creatinine Phospho-Kinase - There are 3 common fractions. BB band which are considered Brain Bands. MB bands which are Cardiac Bands and MM bands which are muscle bands. Weight lifters or people with rhabdomyolysis can knock the MM bands way out of whack. Muscle breakdown will throw the MM band quite high.
Avatar n tn The most likely exercises to help repair and rehabilitate the shoulders are rotator cuff exercises usually with cable or band. You can also do later raise with a light band as well.
266539 tn?1281402152 Lots of squats, lunges, pushups, situps etc. There are a million exercises you can do with bands just make sure the resistance of the band is right for you. There are many exercises you can do wit a ball etc. The choices are endless.
Avatar f tn There are a lot of exercises that can help eliminate arm fat. Check out YouTube for free videos. Google something like "exercise to lose arm fat" or something like that.
Avatar f tn Can anyone give me some super toning leg (thigh) exercises? Most of my body is absolutely fine but my upper/inner thighs are still a little flabby and I can't stand it!! I run 3-4 times a week but I find it difficult, I can jog 4km and that's a bit difficult and I can run for 2km. I know that's pretty bad but it's also getting a bit too warm to be running, so ANY toning thigh exercises would be appreciated!
Avatar f tn i recommend calf stretching exercises to help loosen the bands. there is a great stretching exercises located on go to the foot care instruction tab and then click on the tab for plantar fasciitis/heel pain. this should make your foot better after 1 week. if the pain continues, see a podiatrist to rule out a fascial tear. you may need orthotics to help support the arches.
Avatar f tn You should try some exercises to strengthen the muscles around your hips and it should help!
Avatar f tn Trying to understand . . . you hurt your elbow when picking a pimple by your breast, correct? So, when you squeezed, it hurt, correct? Okay, true thing about me. I have a place that I'd describe as the top of my forearm that gets tight. If I massage that, I swear I feel a twinge in my neck on the same side. Our body actually has 'bands' that run along it.
Avatar f tn I have found that the stretch bands are great for resistance training. There are many (as in, almost too many) DVDs and other inexpensive guides for using the bands. I have one that looks like a rubber band on steroids and a couple more that have handles on them. I am able to use them for certain body areas (especially my legs) by looping them over door handles. My treadmill is a cross trainer so I get some arm resistance training on that too. Your problem may be finding too much information!
Avatar m tn I had 5 surgeries in 2011 after the first three I developed sever pain in my left buttock and leg down to knee the pain got to the extent I was taking 80 mg of OXY to be able to get around and about three weeks after surgery 3 I lost all feeling in my right arm .
Avatar m tn The leaflet says to do these exercises for 5 minutes 5 times a day. Allow the arm to swing with its own weight and don't for the movements. You will be able to find how to do these on the web. If your shoulder is painful when lying down, try sleeping on your back with a soft pillow behind, supporting the arm and shoulder; or lying on the uninjured side with a soft pillow under the injured arm to support the shoulder.
302488 tn?1337551241 at work and have the arm bands on the counter...this guy comes in and says hes had hep c for about 20 years. then continues to tell me hep c is caused by partying and bodily fluids.....i had to stop him and give him correct info...its amazing how even some of the people with hep c have mis info....lets continue to spread the word....lets slay this dragon!!!!!!!
5597711 tn?1370821338 m not very good at reading bloodworkresultspeak, but I see that there were 2 o-bands found in your CSF. I did not see any mention of o-bands found in your serum (blood). For o-bands to be relevant to MS, they should be unique to your CSF. This means that there are more in your CSF than in your blood. I had non in my blood and >5 in my CSF. Is there any mention of O-bands in your serum anywhere in your results?
11079760 tn?1483386130 I have been reading all of your excellent info on O-bands - thank you! I just picked up my LP results and see that theO-Banding has come back as abnormal. My Serum IgG was within the reference range, but the IgG CSF (9.0), IgG Index (1.85), IgG/Albumin Ratio (0.5), CSF O-Bands number (14), and IgG Synthesis rate (30) are all high. The O-Banding result says Positive even though the reference says Negative (notes state no bands in the serum).
Avatar m tn So I thought of giving up the exercises of upper body for some time and I resorted to cardio exercises. To compensate for the upper body workouts, I did heavy workouts on treadmill, bicycle etc and I sweated a lot ( normally, I sweat very less)! I also started adding some extra protein to my normal diet ( eggs, soya beans, cheese etc.) to recover the calorie loss...To my amazement, I started to experience bloating and pain in my abdomen after few days.
Business woman1 i am curious and desperate to know how I can tone up my lower arm area. The arms are apparently lacking muscle tone and hanging quite loosely. my arms look like flag posts with flapping flags. Help me. Excercise,workout,equipment.? I am willing to do whatever it takes.
Avatar m tn You should really go to an occupational therapist to get specific exercises. Good luck.