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Avatar n tn I recently had a mastectomy and then the surgeon sent me to his colleague, an oncologist. I told him I did not want to take Tam- oxifan and he gave me a prescription for Arimidex. I've been taking it for 2-3 weeks and have had no side effects at all, except for a few hot flashes, which don't bother me.
Avatar f tn My friend has been taking Arimidex for two years and has all the usual side effects--hot flashes, muscle aches, lack of sleep but, in spite of all her exercising and walking and careful eating, all of the weight gain has been in her stomach and she is at a loss of what to do to lose it. Nothing seems to work and she's very unhappy with that particular location? Anyone else know of weight gain from the drug at that spot specifically?
Avatar f tn * Back pain** * Cough * Difficulty breathing** * Osteoporosis [ I already have it]** * Accidental injury * Broken bones** * Insomnia (see Arimidex and Insomnia) * Swelling or water retention in the arms or legs [Lymphedema type]** * Abdominal pain (stomach pain) * Constipation * Diarrhea * High cholesterol (see Arimidex and High Cholesterol) * Infections * Weight gain (see Arimidex and Weight Gain) * Breast pain * Dizziness** *
Avatar n tn Are there any reports on weight gain, vaginal discharge, hair loss, hot flashes and sore legs and feet? (I have all of those symptoms - and I blame them on Tamoxifen - and I feel it's affecting my quality of life). I have been on Tamoxifen since April 2001. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I do get a lot of bone and joint pain from the meds I am taking (arimidex) but I need to lose this weight and try to get back as close to my "pre-cancer" body as I can. I am very upset about all these changes. I know that my priority is survival but it still does not change the fact that I am upset about this new look of added weight. What can you suggest for someone who is in menopause to help with the weight loss?
Avatar n tn chemo, radiotherapy and hormone treatment. I chose allopathic medicine, and am on Arimidex to prevent a bc recurrence (I had an invasive tumour, lymph node involvement as well as DCIS, so wanted to do whatever my surgeon and Oncologist suggested.) Your diagnosis/prognosis is very good compared to a lot of people dx with bc, and you probably will not need chemo or radiotherapy.
562511 tn?1285907760 Is there something else she can take to increase her bone density besides the commonly used drugs now marketed for increasing bone density? I am at a loss because the Arimidex can cause further bone loss, but without it she would be without benefit of an estrogen blocker. Help!
Avatar n tn two years ago and, and in FEb of 2006, I finished 9 cycles of Gemzar and carboplatin. Disease appears stable now but CA 125 has risen slightly. I expect to be in treatment soon within a few months. MDs just started me on Airmidex. Any info about any success with Arimidex would be appreciated as well as any infor on bothersome side effects and do these side effects lessen? I was already on Tamxoxifen sevral years ago after treatment for breast cancer and recall the hot flashes.... Thanks!
Avatar n tn What are the benefits and risks of taking arimidex as adjuvant treatment for ER+ breast cancer tumors?
Avatar f tn I cannot stand the pressure of the gas and the water weight makes it impossible to wear any of my clothing in comfort. I understood that the gain would be initially and not now. Also, I have alot of gastrointestenal problems on this drug, night sweats are terrible, discharge and so much more. What is the percent of this drug helping to insure not getting another breast problem regarding cancer again?
Avatar n tn Bone mass is greatest in women's 20s and 30s; it stabilizes between 30 and 40, and over 40 there is slow loss of bone strength. After menopause, there is a five- to seven-year period of accelerated bone loss; then the rate slows and returns to an age-related rate. The aging process has a greater effect on bone loss than the presence or absence of estrogen.
Avatar f tn The only side effects that I noticed lately is that I feel a little depressed ( I don't know if this is due because of the Arimidex) and loss of appetite.Maybe if I start eating a bit more I could gain some weight.My sister who is a bit older than me, has gained about 5 pounds in almost 2 years with Tamoxifen; soon she will start Arimidex too and we'll see what side effects she'll have.The only good thing I can say for now is that I don't have any hot flashes, but unfortunately my sister does.
Avatar m tn I have read about GABA and that it may be helpful in weight loss. I have been given a clean bill of health but had breast ca a year and a half ago. I am on Arimidex because my cancer was progesterone/estrogen sensitive. I am gaining weight, and although I watch what I eat and walk 2.5 miles per day, the weight just continues to add on. Can you tell me if GABA interferes with Arimidex, and does it produce or effect the production of estrogn and progesterone?
Avatar f tn Take up a relaxing, perhaps mildly active hobby too--yoga, deep breathing, biking. Yes, you'll go through patches of dropping weight and feeling miserable (like last month and maybe right now), but medicines, hobbies, friends, family, and your own motivation will pick you back up.
Avatar m tn Weight loss is often especially difficult if you are postmenopausal, but If you are doing all the exercise you can manage (it takes about 60 min./day to maintain weight, and 90 min./day to lose weight), and you are truly taking in fewer calories than you are burning off (not just believing that you are eating less than ever) and still not losing weight, the answer may lie in WHEN and WHAT you are eating, not how much.
Avatar f tn Now got severe osteoarthritis in both hips, feet and hands and registered disabled. Many flares and bouts of severe rectal bleeding requiring inpatient care on IV prednisolone and nutrition. Dx breast cancer Jan 2003, 2 cm tumour stage and grade 2, 3/18 lymph nodes affected. WLE and total axillary clearance. FEC x 6 chemo and 45 gys rx. Colonoscopy in Florida 1996 showed pan crohn's colitis with crypt abscesses and ulcers.
Avatar f tn I read the posts in this forum every day and always find encouragement. My question particularly applies to the UK ladies. After initial treatment what, if any, advice were you given regarding recurrence and what symptons in particular to look for?
Avatar f tn 6 weeks ago got sudden severe nausea,total loss of appetite ,weight loss 14 lbs,steatorrhea,pain in stomach,and urq/shoulder/neck. Saw gastro (Crohn's for 38+ yrs) 2 weeks ago, px domperidone,omeprazole. Having CT scan tomorrow on pancreas,liver,abdomen, upper GI endoscopy 26th June.Been on 12.5mg methotrexate 7 yrs, LFT results fine,slightly elevated MCV,MCH and C-reactive protein..
394017 tn?1255018132 Both Femara and Arimidex caused intense pain, confusion, dizziness, and nausea. I lasted 6 days on Femara and 4 on Arimidex before being sent to the emergency room on New Year's Eve morning. What a great way to start what I had hoped would be better year! Now my medical oncologist wants me to start on Tamoxifen. Once bitten, twice shy! I know that most people do not have every side effect or even many of the ones listed on the drug insert.
Avatar n tn Lower calorie intake, burning more calories with exercise equals weight loss. It's not fun, it's not easy. And with the menopause that comes on with arimedex or any AI doesn't make it easier. It's like we don't have a choice but to eat better and much less than before and to work out even harder to lose that one pound.
Avatar m tn Took myself off statins last year. I am 75 years old and live alone Yesterday I decided to quit taking the Arimidex. I phoned my oncologist and left a message on the nurse voice mail. No one has returned my call. What are the statistics of recurrance with / without Arimidex treatment? I have been told I am in the 2% range.. which to me is not worth the horrible side effects of Arimidex.
Avatar n tn I was on Tamoxifen for 5 years. Weight gain and painful joints and muscles are side effects. I lost the weight after I quit taking the Tamoxifen. I'm on Femara now and haven't gained any weight in the 2 years I've been on it. In fact, I have lost more weight. As the the muscle and joint pain, I found that strenous exercise, particularly weight bearing, help immensely. As long as I exercised regularly the pain was not bad at all.
Avatar f tn I have been having symptoms of a Crohn's flare, severe nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss of 18 lbs in last 6 weeks,steatorrhea, pain in mid chest and right upper quadrant. Had CT scan 2 weeks ago which showed significant inflammation in terminal ileum and old pancreatitis with calcification. Gastroscopy last week showed oesphagitis.Biopsies taken. MRI scan Nov 2007 showed two strictures in small intestine.
Avatar n tn This sounds exactly like what my husband is going through. Add infrequent hives after running, loss of upper body muscle mass and somewhat low libido and that is him. He also seems to have lost weight without trying. We already went the heart route to eliminate the most serious first which turned out okay and finally got blood test results on Friday that showed an extremely low free testosterone level. His total testosterone level was in normal range..
Avatar f tn Recently saw gastro because of severe abdominal pain, explosive diarrhea and significant weight loss - some 24 lbs, no dieting. He is concerned about my small bowel and ordered small bowel follow through and calprotectin assay test which I had a week ago. See him Oct 4th for results. Is it possible for breast cancer to metastasise to the intestine?
Avatar f tn Appt in clinic for results 7/23. He was quite shocked at my weight loss and general appearance as I have seen him regularly for the past 5 yrs.I had an MRI of my abdomen in Nov 2007, asymptomatic, just general Crohn's monitoring. This showed 2 strictures in my small intestines. No meds or surgery.I am concerned as to the dx - mind in a whirl..... not a Crohn's flare as I have had many of them and I know the symptoms...this is entirely different, as my husband also agrees.
Avatar n tn Also, exercise, particularly if the activities involve lifting even small amounts of weight can retard bone loss. Some studies show lifting small weights can reverse bone loss.
Avatar f tn ER results 80%, PR 10%, Her2hercep test 1+/Negative, P63 Positive They wanted me to get off tomaxacin and go on Arimidex but in order to go on that I had to take something for my bones because I have Osteopenia and Osteoprosis in my right arm. I tried Octonel for four weeks and I could not walk on my feet on the 5th week. Went to a foot Dr.
Avatar m tn Geodon does this to me, too. It's awful, but I have to take it for bipolar 1. More fiber in her diet will only give her gas. Even Miralax does nothing. The only thing that works is a laxative. I get about two hours of exercise a day, so walking or working out is not helpful. I'm going to ask my doctor for a prescription strength laxative. I also have no appetite and eat like a bird; if I don't, I would blow up like a balloon.
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago I suddenly got severe nausea, total loss of appetite, weight loss of some 14 lbs, and pain in my chest. He did a CT scan which showed evidence of inflammation in the terminal ileum (last part of the small intestine, where Crohn's usually starts), and a gastroscopy which showed stage 1 oesophagitis. He prescribed domperidone for the nausea, omeprazole for the oesophagitis, and an elemental diet, Fortijuice, for the weight loss.