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Avatar n tn A Web site to visit for information about the side effects of Arimidex and the various chemotherapies is Best wishes...
562511 tn?1285907760 Karen, thank you. I'll ask my oncologist about it. I had a modified radical mastectomy in Oct. '03 - followed by chemo & radiation - but, not with any follow-up med since the cancer was not hormone related. I recently had a sub-aerole duct excision. The growth removed was benign but the lab results came up with LCIS, a marker for possible future breast cancer. My oncologist wants me on meds. She checked, and found my last liver-function test was fine.
Avatar n tn Diseases like hepatitis, or medications can have an effect on the liver function. The only medication you mention is Zometa, elevation of liver enzymes is not a noted side effect of this medication. Your other symptoms (fatigue, loss of appetite, constipation) also can be related to a number of things such as medications, decreased activity, what your disease is doing, it is impossible to say anything more specific based only on the above information.
Avatar f tn At consultation today he has ordered fecal calprotectin assay test on stool,blood panel (wbc, renal, liver and bone, c-reactive protein) and is scheduling a small bowel endoscopy as he feels the problem with explosive diarrhea, severe lower abdominal pain, significant weight loss (some 20 lbs in last 5 months)and extreme fatigue may be caused by inflammation in small bowel. It is some 14 yrs since I have had any investigations in the small bowel. Problem now is what to do next?
Avatar n tn The tamoxifen and Arimidex gave me joint and bone pain so bad that I had to cease taking....see what the onc recommends for pain...if it doesn't get better, or if it continues to get worse, talk to the onc about switching to one of the other meds.....
Avatar n tn As long as your blood counts are good, your kidney and liver function are normal, and you are not having any trouble with bowel obstructions, I do recommend other therapy. There are no wrong answers. I completely agree with the choices of treatment that you have received so far. In general, our approach is to choose an agent. As long as the CA 125 is stable or dropping, that particular agent is continued.
Avatar m tn I am due to have a breast expander to implant exchange in about two months time, which means I will have had the expander in for ten months, would this have put pressure on my kidney, and will the anaesthetic damage my kidney anymore and will it affect the other one. Does anaesthetic make the kidney shrink??? Does Arimidex give the kidney problems, and if so, what sort of problems.
Avatar n tn My multidisciplinary team have been very good and given me time to think through the option of surgery or no surgery, but they are not sure what to do, because normally people do not have the response I have had. My liver function has never been affected by the mets and is normal too. I feel great in myself and always have, it was only the chemo drugs that made me feel ill and I didn't have any signs of the cancer until there was a slight discolouration in my nipple area.
Avatar f tn labs - CA 125, please repeat it again liver function tests (abnormal liver function can cause an elevation in CA 125 complete blood count to evalaute for infection exam findings - what exactly is this growth - scar tissue? tumor? constipation?
41502 tn?1223520653 I remember years ago someone saying to my Uncle when he was diagnosed with liver cancer, attitude and positive thinking is a huge part of recovery. I meet someone stage 3C the other night at an Ovarian Cancer awareness function she is 6 years out and her attitude is "who's to say I am not the one to beat this". BUT....I also understand that sometimes it gets you down and you get tired. We are here to help as much as we can.
Avatar n tn do you have ascites? how is your kidney function? The liver? and so on If your last CT scan does not show any tumor, then you have time to thoughtfully see what options are available. We have alot of debate in the gyn-oncology world about whether or not chemotherapy should be given when all you have is an elevated CA 125 but we do not see "measurable disease". Some oncologists would offer a hormonal therapy such as tamoxifen or arimidex in that situation.
135691 tn?1271100723 This is usually left until surgery or chemo kicks in. They can do liver resections for contained tumors of the liver, and yes radio ablation does work. Thinking about you, positive energy being sent.
Avatar f tn I have regular monthly blood tests with my PCP's nurse (WBC, renal, liver and bone) but gastro has now ordered three extra tests. Difficult to read his writing but one is, I think, haematocrit and I can't decipher the other two; second looks something like ?LIT, last one being Cardom...Cortisol. He has also ordered a DEXA bone test as I take Arimidex for breast cancer. Obviously these tests have nothing to do with my bc, but I am confused as to what they are for.
Avatar n tn 1% (36 – 156) I have already had my liver function looked at, and given I don’t drink alcohol, it has been put down as hepatic steatosis. I am a little over-weight, but not obese, and my gastroenterologist thinks this is the reason for my deranged Liver function. My liver ultrasound was normal. I am wondering if the raised estradiol levels could have any effect on delaying/counteracting my sexual development. I know it is marginal.
Avatar n tn Er (estrogen), PR (progesterone) and HER2. If she is post menopausal and has ER/PR+ cancer, she should be prescribed Arimidex. If pre-menopausal, tamoxifen. If HER2+ Herceptin witll be prescribed. The type of chemo (there are many) will be decided by the Oncologist for her individual case. After my surgeries (lumpectomy and then total axillary removal) I had a bone scan, liver scan and chest x-ray to make sure there was no spread to these organs. Thankfully it had not.
Avatar m tn It has been tested eg in a trial in 16 eugonadal ( normal testosterone secretion/function) males and was effective in raising free testosterone by 90% and DHT by 200%. Thus far no neg effects on serum safety markers (like LFTs, lipid parameters) were observed. Nobody knows if this would be safe long term and certainly nobody knows if it would additionally harm an HCV affected liver. 300mg is a high dose.
Avatar n tn I worked throughout, although I have to say my employers were extremely good about my not showing up if I felt ill. Am I glad I did it? Overall, yes. I was unable to take Tamoxifen, Arimidex and would not even try Femora. I don't remember all the path info except that I was er positive, stage 2 by size (2.1cm). Anything over 2 cm called for chemo at that time with that onc.
Avatar m tn If this is the case you might want to try and take an medication called Arimidex. You can try .25mg 3 days a week or .5 twice a week. Please get this from your Dr. It is very strong. Also, when you start T replacement there is no middle ground. You either will need to start it full strength or not at all. The reason being is when you start adding to your T externally your body will sense this and shut down its own production.
725998 tn?1258052308 My oncologists recommended 6 more treatments and I completed those treatments in March09. Last ct scan in February09 showed tumors gone from the liver and lymph node was 5mm and cea was down to 1.1. I have a PET scan in the middlle of May.
Avatar n tn 4cm, node negative, ER/PR+, HER2+, lumpectomy, 4 rounds of AC, 34 radiation treatments, herceptin, and now Arimidex for 5 years. No one felt a lump. Microcalcifications on my yearly mammo gave it away. I am 52. I did not disagree with my breast surgeon's recommendation for a lumpectomy vs. masectomy. He has over 30 years experience and has trained at Sloan Kettering. However, I researched BC and all the treatment options until I was blue in the face, books and internet.
Avatar m tn So far, my idea of this is that I tend to think at the heart of this is a circulation issue which leaves the penis abnormally exposed to what normally is the usual hormone function of the sympathetic nervous system and sexual function.
Avatar n tn Free Testosterone and DHT are the most important hormones for penile tissue sensation and flaccid penis size. DHT controls the vascular blood flow and nerve function. DHT is converted from testosterone via the liver and is considered 5 times more powerful than testosterone. DHT can have negative effects on the prostate (PSA is a good gauge for this) and on male pattern baldness (but only if you are genetically prone to this).
Avatar m tn I will be seeing a top hormone doctor next week in the states regarding my on going struggles. I will update everyone on the progress. Can you explain what you mean by getting "thinner" and the pain? Where does the pain come from and what is it like? I do get testicular pain now and again due to the varicocele and sometimes tingling in the penis head/glans which can be painful at times.
Avatar n tn I recently quit cold turkey (despite having to work and be a wife and mom)and am on day 6. The withdrawal has gotten better, but I think that I fear the night time the most. I just can't seem to sleep.....almost at all. Any idea how long this will last? I know that I am strong in that I have made it throught the worst part of this whole thing....having to function normally through most of this, but I cannot keep going with such little sleep.
Avatar n tn I had my testosterone recently checked and it came back at 236, I am 40 years old. I have steatohepatitus (according to liver biopsy done in June) enlarged spleen (mri), enlarged lymph nodes (visually noticable), (hiv neg, had test done several times)(hep a,b,c ..ect came back clean).
Avatar n tn on high blood pressure medicine for 40 years, have gained weight over the last 10 years wondering if that has anything - but then read above that some of you are in great shape. I have had my gall bladder out and have a fatty liver....also on synthyroid for my thyroid and my tummy pill of prilosec...that is all I take...have read recently that taking potassium is dangerous .....I am low on this so eating is the best way....I will try the calcium and B vitamens to see if this helps.