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Avatar f tn Generic name Anastrozol • Not all women experience the same side effects while using ARIMIDEX. [True] • Side effects are usually predictable as to when they will appear, how long they will last and severity. [Not true] • The side effects are reversible and will disappear when treatment is over.[Not true] • Many options exist to help minimize or prevent the side effects.
Avatar n tn Anastrolzole is just a generic form of Arimidex, so since you have your doctor's blessing to use it, you should be fine. I am glad to hear your mammograms have been good since 2007. Best wishes for continued NED (no evidence of disease) status!!
Avatar n tn I'm back on prednisone for 5 days and Aleve. That's why I'm writing about your arthritis - aleve or the generic sold by Wal Mart as Equate - has been great for my arthritis over the years. Highlyl recommend it for inflammation reduction (and it doesn't hurt the stomach). An MD in CA told me I should use it as often as I needed it (this is after it no longer needed a prescription to get) until the calcium deposits were finalized in my joints. He was right.
Avatar f tn Do you think thyroid could be causing the pains in the right side of my body. Have had bone scan and hip and back x-rays which are okay(ordered by oncologist).
Avatar n tn I had Stage 4 ovarian cancer last year with great results, but I now have a "thickening" that the oncologist is watching she decided to be pro-active and placed me on the generic form of tamoxifin which it turns out I am very sensitive to, as I explained to the doctor, If I continue on this medication I will also need a flea collar. The itching is terrible, I went off of it twice now and tried to restart it again with the same results.
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Avatar f tn I am taking Aromasin,( the generic ) after being taken off Arimidex because of severe side effects. Soon after I had to have cataract surgery, and after 2 months of perfect vision, I had to have laser surgery in the same eye due to deteriorating vision. It's been over a year since my cataract surgery and my vision is getting worse in both eyes and I am experiencing severe pain at times after waking up.
Avatar m tn known as Arimidex. After 1 week of Arimidex, my back, shoulders, arms, neck, chest, and even stomach became covered in acne, and by week 2 I was forced to get off it because my acne grew so severe. I went to the dermatologist (16 year old male) and she prescribed me to Monodox, as well as Cetaphil face wash and CeraVe lotion to hydrate my skin. However, I didn't tell her that I took these legal steroids, so her decision was based of what she thought.
689860 tn?1238721632 I had asled my doctor before the results if cialis will help in getting an erection again and she said let's get blood work. What are my options now? I don't want my marriage to suffer.
Avatar n tn You welcome! Just a suggestion about hormonal therapy to lower estrogen levels. If you are post menopausal,and your bone density test doesn't show you have osteoporosis,you could ask your doctor to prescribe a much less expensive drug,like Femara's generic version "Letrozole" or Arimidex generic version "Anastrazol" If you are pre-menopausal, then Tamoxifen would be also good and I believe it's the least expensive one. I hope this helps...
1162347 tn?1293506770 Generic name Anastrozol • Not all women experience the same side effects while using ARIMIDEX. • Side effects are usually predictable as to when they will appear, how long they will last and severity. • The side effects are reversible and will disappear when treatment is over. • Many options exist to help minimize or prevent the side effects. • There is no relation between the presence and severity of side effects and Arimidex effectiveness.
Avatar f tn Pan Crohn's Colitis with numerous ulcers and crypt abscesses. Had IV steroids and blood transfusions. For the past 7 yrs I have been on mtx, initially orally 25 mg a week, but last 5 yrs self injected mtx, 12.5 mg once a week and doing well. Budesonide does not have the side effects one gets with say prednisone, but I found it didn't work at all for me, probably because I also have Crohn's in the large colon as well as the small intestine.
282804 tn?1236837191 However, they did tell us that there is no ‘generic’ formula for recurrence and it has to be customized for individual patient. As for IP therapy, my mother was not given an option on that – the doctor did not mention that to her. However, while waiting for my mother, I did see some patients having the IP treatment.
Avatar n tn To reverse this, I now take Arimidex .5mg daily and the hCG. I am on my fourth injection. By the way, hCG can also be administered subcutaneously which is how I admister it. Using a 27 guage insulin needle I cannot feel the stick whatsoever. I learned about hCG as a weight loss alternative while investigating the uses of hCG for hypogonadism in men (women can also suffer from hypogonadism). Since I am not taking the hCG in doses as prescribed by Dr.
Avatar n tn I asked my doctor if this means benign or malignant, and he said inbetween. I asked my doctor if I need a lumpectomy or a mastectomy and he said he doesn't know, and referred me to an oncologist. The report also says atypical ductal hyperplasia. Has anyone had the same result from a biopsy report ? Does anyone know if my findings will require surgery?
Avatar n tn I have discussed this with my doctor and he maintains that my number (257) is normal and that no hrt is necessary. I was hoping to find a study or a medical reference or a medical chart that listed normal testosterone levels by age so that I could go back to him with that and convince him to treat me. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn In the case that this is due to some circulation problems amongst most of us, from my research I recommend you all to start taking Omega-3 fish oils and L'arginine ethyl ester (helps increase and improve blood flow) on a daily basis. Further look into Ginko Biloba, but I'm unsure about the effectiveness of this. Also wrap a hot towel around your penis once a day.
Avatar n tn It is very annoying and unpleasant. It has been a few months now and happens several times an hour. It happens outside the ribs where there aren't many thick muscles but it's enough to stop me in the middle of what I am doing. Any news out there?