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Avatar n tn I learned that some weman experienced elevated blood pressure and blood clots while on Arimidex. And Arimidex is known to cause high blood pressure and blood clots. How do know for sure that Arimidex is the cause of my high blood pressure?
Avatar m tn My DH was prescribed Clomid for similar reasons. I also know another woman on this forum whose husband was prescribed Clomid. Both my DH and her husband are now going off of the Clomid for the side effects (moodiness, vision issues) - so I might check into other alternatives. Your dosage seems a bit high - my DH was on 25 mg. Most women are first on 50 mg. Clomid does not start to take effect for 3 mos. There is not much info out there on this, so it is frustrating.
520777 tn?1214022201 Thanks, I sure hope it works..Dh was on clomid so I guess now we are just going to wait and see what happens..thanks so much for answering back..first time on this forum!
Avatar n tn ve recently started Arimidex 5 days ago and again noticed dry eyes and my vision does not seem as clear once again. I have to believe that it's the Arimidex and Tamoxifin.
495055 tn?1259700950 Well, his last test had a significantly lower count. He is on arimidex (sp?), lost significant weight (30+ lbs) with a low fat diet, and doing acupuncture. I really think it may have been the stress of the day and a bad lab. Anyone have similar stories that ended well? Or any guidance on what else we can do. Diet? Meditation? We have never talked Clomid b/c he had been responding so well up until now. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn Estrogen and progesterone positive. If anyone can tell me something about Arimidex and the above side effects and osteopenia and whether or not I need to start a bisphosphonates please let me know.
Avatar f tn I have been on Arimidex for 3 years and I have the exact same problem with the weight gain in my stomach. I don't know if it will ever come off but all I can do is hope. I am cancer free since my surgery and the pills and hope to remain so. My oncologist seems to think every thing is going very well at this time. After all this is the most important part of it, remaining cancer free. I wish all well and hope you continue to remain cancer free.
Avatar f tn I learned that Aromasin and Arimidex are quite different. Aromasin permanently binds to the Aromatase and Arimidex is temporary. I'll have to do more research about what that means chemically.
1415174 tn?1453243103 Has anyone experienced a full face full of acne for a prolonged period after starting Arimidex? It is my friend who had breast cancer and she is blind and wants to write for her. She also has Lupus but she has seen a dermatologist and rheumatologist and they dismiss it as acne. She knows she is out of remission with discoid lupus. But they assured her the 'acne" is not lupus breakout.
Avatar n tn I hate to tell you but I am on Arimidex and I have joint pain in my hips and knees and my fingers are stiff and swollen -- It started two weeks after I started the Arimidex --- It may be gentler than Femara but for me it hasn't been a walk in the part either -- Sorry your mom is feeling so poorly -- I hope they help her quickly -- maybe she should be taking Calcium with Vitamin D in the meantime
486867 tn?1307139011 We have male infertility issues. The RE is going to put me on Clomid and do the trigger shot. So, A few months ago DH was put on Clomid to try and help increase his SA. It actually made his SA worse. Our RE said that he believes DH's SA will go back to normal quickly once his hormone levels get back to normal. I am just so nervous that his SA isn't back to normal and were just going to waste money doing an IUI.
Avatar n tn For the past five weeks, I have been bleeding and appear to be having a period. Does anyone relate to this? I am overweight, stressed, and too busy to exercise in case there is a connection. Any experience out there with this?
Avatar f tn Hi, I found this information for you.I am also taking Arimidex and of course I am very interested in knowing more about this medication.My breast surgeon told me also that by taking Arimidex reduces the development of new breast cancers by 50 per cent. ----------------------------------------- Arimidex most effective in breast cancer study.
Avatar m tn Does Arimidex effect hair growth? I finished chemotherapy on August 24 and my hair has not quite grown in yet.
Avatar f tn Hi, I too was taking Tamoxifen and then was switched to Arimidex and then Aromasen. I am now back on Tamoxifen. I had so many problems with the other meds. I am very sensative to meds and the later 2 did not work. I have a few problems with Tamoxifen but it is better than the others for me. My Dr. said that it is not a problem being in "forced" menopause and the fact that I had a hysterectomy as well. One thing we always have to remember is that we are our own advocate...
Avatar n tn I am thinking of adding a supplement with the arimidex (broccoli seed extract - a natural aromatase inhibitor) and monitoring estradiol/estrone with blood tests after starting the supplement. If there were a negative interaction between the arimidex and the broccoli seed extract, how accurate would the blood test's estrogen results be?
384464 tn?1217899843 DH also has low sperm count. He is on Clomid and Arimidex - with some positive results. Diet and Accupuncture can also help, as well as staying away from Alcohol and caffeine. I agree with Bree08, he should definitely see a Uroligust.
Avatar n tn A Web site to visit for information about the side effects of Arimidex and the various chemotherapies is Best wishes...
Avatar n tn Been on Arimidex 26 months. Having numbness in hands and feet. Oncologist doesn't think it's related to Arimidex. Anyone have this problem while on this drug?
Avatar f tn I just completed 5 years on arimidex and have been asked to be part of a study and go on it for another 5 years. Has cancer reoccurred in patients while they have been on arimidex, not due to the drug, but due to the cancer. In other words, does taking arimidex prevent cancer from reoccurring while a patient is on it?
Avatar f tn When I say that I tried Arimidex, Tamoxifin, and Femera..... Arimidex made my joints so stiff and sore that I couldn't even walk without extreme pain. So I was put on Tamoxifin and within 3 months my WBC dropped to 1.3 which is one of the rare side effects. At that time I was changed to Femera, shortly after that I had vaginal bleeding so they did a D/C and 2 weeks later I started bleeding again.
Avatar n tn Does Arimidex have to actually kill you vs. maiming you for life, in order to be pulled off the market? At 58, I may need a hip replacement because I took Arimidex for two years! DeeDee This discussion is related to <a href=''>Arimidex Long Term Side Effects</a>.
Avatar n tn I am 42 and have been on Arimidex since Feb. 20, 2009. I have had a hysterectomy in May to remove my ovaries. I have gained 15 pounds. I am on a 1600 calorie/day diet and walk six miles a day, four days a week. I would like to know if there is any thing else I can do to battle this weight gain. I will be on Arimidex for another four years.
Avatar n tn Though there is a good theoretical basis for the use of arimidex on endometriosis, I believe that this is still an off-label indication for the drug and the clinical basis for its use is still from phase II clinical trials (studies with still low number of patients). Until such time that the indication of endometriosis can be demonstrated in large phase III clinical trials, the use of arimidex for endometriosis is still controversial.
Avatar f tn I saw a Professor of Endocrinology in Feb 2008, referred by my bc surgeon, as this guy has an academic interest in side effects of Arimidex. He suggested I continue with Arimidex and Fosamax to prevent further bone loss, but I cannot stand the pain and disturbance to my sleep. Does anyone have any experience of stopping Arimidex and getting a different med that does not have the side effect of bone pain?